Minutes of November 2, 2006 Meeting

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AUL report

Jantz: proposal for campaign funding

title : Capturing, accessing, and preserving the scholarly output of Rutgers University in the institutional repository library to manage faculty research data, and enable reuse. Proposal will go to Cabinet and be part of RU campaign literature from Dr. Fermanski. This proposal will develop our ability to ingest and manage very large files, and to provide both digital curation and preservation.

Palinet conference reports:

for keynote presentation "thinking outside the book" see http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/presentations/2006Amigos/amigos.ppt Keynote by Andrew Pace, North Caroline State University Libraries: "Dis-Integrated Library Systems and the Future of Searching"

For presentation on ERMS see

E-Matrix: Electronic Resources Management presented by Andrew Pace, NCSU Libraries: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/presentations/2006Amigos/ematrix.ppt

conference reports will be continued at the Dec. meeting

secretary per diem
E Calhoun

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