Minutes of December 7, 2006 Meeting

Agnew (chair), Au, Calhoun, Favoro (guest), Gardner (recorder), Gorder, Jantz, Marker, Montanaro, Page, Puniello, Sloan, Smulewitz, Sun (guest), Ward (guest)


1. AUL Report

Grace reported on her recent attendance at the Coalition for Networked Information Fall, 2006 Task Force meeting. There is a lot going on in data curation in the sciences as well as digital humanities projects. Digital work needs to be promoted as "tenure worthy". We need to collaborate more with teaching faculty and with other institutions. Interdependence is key.

Grace learned about Zotero, which is a citation manager similar to RefWorks, except that it is open-source. She will present it to PSC for their information.

A session on LOCKSS, CLOCKSS and Portico described alternatives to publishers sites for archiving journal articles. LOCKSS software is academically oriented. Portico is a subscription service. Initiatives such as these would provide perpetual access to online articles that we've paid for after we cancel the title. In addition, we could potentially be re-routed when one of our current online providers temporarily goes down. A product like this would also provide back up for the electronic journals that are published here at Rutgers. RUL will be looking at these alternatives and choosing one this year.

Updates from PALINET Conference (con't from November TSC meeting):

Sharon shared information from a session titled "Statewide and Regional Collaborative Digitization: Issues and Approaches". RUL is ahead of the curve in this area with projects such as the New Jersey Digital Highway. In fact, several of the slides shown as examples were from the NJDH.

Judit attended a session discussing social software and came back with ideas for RUL that would be fairly easy to implement. RSS feeds of new books by call number is one suggestion. Faculty could subscribe if interested-it would not automatically be sent to everyone. Tables of contents of journals could be another RSS feed. Podcasting for audio reserves might also be a possibility.

Slides of this presentation are available at: http://www.tcnj.edu/~corrado/scholarly/palinet2006corrado-robertson.pdf

Judit also attend a session entitled "Google: More than Meets the Eye"

Presentation links are here:

Information on Google:

Available Google Services:

More Google Services (including Desktop and Beta Services):

RUcore Update:

Ron distributed current release summaries:

Release 4.0 Summary (January, 2007)

Release 5.0 Plan (late Spring or early Summer, 2007)

A. Focus of Release

B. Architecture

C. Features - End User and Administrative

Release 6.0 (Candidates)

ERM (Electronic Resources Management System) Update:

Mary reported that an ERM product from SIRSI is being set up that will pull information from many scattered places all together for easier management and record keeping.


Ann: Federated Searching, which we have nicknamed Searchlight, will be available next semester. Demos are scheduled for Monday, December 18th at 1:30pm and Tuesday, December 19th at 9:30 am in the SCC Lecture Hall.

Grace: Noted retirement next spring of Lynn Mullins. Expressed deep gratitude for Lynn's contributions to RUL. All stated that she will be missed, and wish her well in her retirement.

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