Minutes of July 12, 2007 Meeting

G. Agnew (Chair) ; R. Gardner; E. Gorder; E. Leister; R. Marker; A. Montanaro; M Page, F. Puniello; R. Sewell; G. Smulewitz (Recorder); L. Sun; M. Weber
J. Gardner

New members to the council: Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner and Elizabeth Leister.

AUL report: Grace Agnew


Virginia Tech has approached Rutgers for help in developing a repository to honor the fallen from the recent massacre. Li Sun, Kalaivani Ananthan and Isaiah Beard will be visiting Virginia Tech to work with their staff. Also, Virginia Tech has a NSF grant to store dissertations in the repository using LOCKSS.

Virginia Tech, Penn State, Northwestern and Princeton all have expressed interest in the WMS and working with Rutgers in building repositories. All are Fedora sites except Princeton.

NJVID - Partnering with William Patterson and NJEDge on a grant to provide video resources and services statewide. Will hear about the grant in late July or August. RUL hopes to get free storage for videos from NJEDge.

William Patterson is also partnering with NEH, OIRT will also participate to provide Lectures on Demand, videos for teaching and commercial Videos.

Goals for Technical Services Council will change if grants are accepted.

RUCore is moving forward with faculty submissions as well as MARC display of theses and dissertations.

These and dissertations (ETDs) are submitted by the Graduate School of New Brunswick (GSNB). By October 2007 GSNB will not accept paper format; all dissertations and thesis will be submitted to RU- Core through the digital process. Other RU graduate schools are showing interest and Newark and Camden will join this process rather quickly.


Documents prepared by Jeanne Boyle that charted 5 years of activity in the following areas were distributed:

The council discussed the common inaccuracies of ARL statistic gathering. Statistic gathering is a known problem for most libraries. The definitions for categories and how to measure them are not always clear.

The charts indicated that circulation count is down and the group discussed what role TAS has in improving circulation. Also at question is whether declining circulation is a worry since many items are available online and they are accessed from the desktop at home or from the dorm.

The following suggestions were offered that might impact circulation:

It was also suggested that the collections be analyzed by discipline in conjunction with circulation to determine in what disciplines the circulation activity takes place.

Other recommendations and thoughts:

Standardize the count.

Delivery of books to faculty and users loses the ability to browse the collection and browsing would likely increase circulation.

Report on further reorganization of Cataloging and Metadata Services- Mary Beth Weber

The impetus for reorganization of the cataloging areas is to maintain the workload with less staff.

Monograph cataloging merged with Database Management to become the Monograph Cataloging and Database Maintenance Section

The Serials Cataloging Section has changed its name to the Continuing Resources Cataloging Section. This change is in keeping with the ALCTS Serials Section name change to ALCTS Continuing Resource Section.

Special Formats Cataloging Section will be hiring a tenured track librarian. The Multimedia Catalog and Metadata librarian position will catalog non-book material and will help to develop metadata strategies for data sets. This position will address many of the digital projects.

All who catalog are not working in both MARC and metadata. There are catalogers who are dedicated to MARC because the demand is high.

ETD cataloging will be automated but will still need editing for subject headings and call number stem.

IJS does not catalog anything in IRIS but it is possible that their accession number system can be mapped to MARC. IJS has not been eager to catalog because it would increase use and they cannot support the increase.

Rhonda Marker has become the Repository Collection Manager. She will have broad oversight for building the collections from NJDH to Scholarly output of faculty. She will be coordinating with others, for example she will work with Mary Beth Weber on meta data for data sets. In her new role she will represent the interface to the repository for people who use it and those who will populate it.

Rhonda will help to develop specifications for building out the faculty deposit module and she will guide contributors through the proper channels. This will help to create the presence of RUCore to potential contributors.

Her project management work will include setting deadlines and meeting goals and will be a growth area. This position will report to all of the councils.


The Systems Department has created a more organized broader and professional work environment for programmers. The programmers are meeting regularly and bringing more standards to programming. They are also looking at the Repository and legacy projects at the SCC and Bookroom as well as grant funded projects. Priorities will be established for all work. Ann Montanaro asks that no one approach programmers directly to get things done.

Ann Montanaro, Ron Jantz and Chad Mills will set the calendar for applications implementation and development as well as the projects that emerge from that development. They will develop an open and integrated library system and will synchronize their work with Rhonda Marker.

Goals for TSC

The draft of TAS goals for fiscal year 2008 was discussed and adjustments were recommended. A revised document will be distributed.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/tsc/minutes/tsc_07_07_12.shtml
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