Minutes of May 1, 2008 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Ellen Calhoun, Rebecca Gardner, Ron Jantz (recorder), Rhonda Marker, Mary Page, Cathy Pecoraro, Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Chris Sterback, Li Sun, Mary Beth Weber, Myoung Wilson

AUL Report (also see last section of these minutes)

Grace acknowledged Mary Page's many years of service and many contributions. Mary is leaving RUL to become AUL for technical services at the University of California - Davis. Good luck and congratulations to Mary.

Report on ISAWG Activities

Chris Sterback reported on system-wide inventory activities and noted that a major objective is to standardize across campuses. ISAWG has completed an inventory of the Art Library which has provided data on important metrics such as damaged items and records that are not in IRIS. Chris indicated that approximately 5% of the art collection is not in good condition and that preservation codes are now entered in the item record. These codes (repair, re-bind, box) are basically recommended preservation actions. The next step is to have selectors review these recommended actions. It was also noted that a new preservation code to indicate digital preservation might also be added. Grace indicated that we will investigate possibilities for purchasing a Kirtas book scanner that could provide an efficient means for digitally preserving brittle books. Chris also noted that approximately 1% of the Art Library holding are not in IRIS.

Report on LIS

Chris Sterback reported on the Oracle migration which will occur in about 3 weeks. Workflow capabilities will be unavailable for 3 days. This migration will replace an old database technology with a modern database system which will provide significant performance and feature enhancements. Chris indicated this migration will be transparent to users of IRIS and workflow. Given the experience of many other institutions who have already migrated to Oracle, we expect the migration to go "smoothly". Unicode capability is available and will be incorporated as part of a future release.

Chris also reported on item type changes that are underway. The objective is to provide more granularity in the item that will provide more information and to eliminate obsolete types. Changes to the records will begin in mid-July.

Report on the Counter Project

Cathy Pecoraro reported on the Counter Project. The Counter project helps libraries evaluate the usage and cost of e-resources to optimize the value of electronic collections. The project uses a standard NISO protocol called SUSHI (Standard Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) which standardizes the data format and allows for unambiguous transfer of data between interested parties. Cathy demonstrated a number of the journal and database reporting capabilities. The Counter project will provide us with the capability to generate detailed data quickly and with much more accuracy. Reports can include total searches, total sessions, successful full text article requests and total "turnaways". These data can be organized by vendor, journal, date, and subject categories. Given the flexibility represented in the Counter project, there was also considerable discussion about the many ways this data could be used such as examining success of a journal index by looking at the ratio of searches to number of full text downloads. The annual data might also be archived for later review or for use in information retrieval research.

AUL Report

Grace indicated that we will participate in the Mellon grant-funded Open Library System project. The objective of this project, initiated by Duke University, is to develop detailed specifications for an OLS service oriented architecture. There are two classes of participants: project and advisory. RUL is one of the five institutions that will become advisory participants. The Mellon vision is to develop a comprehensive automated system that includes Sakai, Fedora, and, in the future, an OLS with integrations of these three components.

Regarding the search for the TAS position - Directory of Information Systems , Grace explained that the candidate criteria is being broadened to include the following: a) experience in lieu of a master's degree, b) a master's degree in any field, c) a focus on managing large networks, storage systems, and authorization/authentication and d) consideration of candidates beyond the library job market.

Grace provided an overview of the NJVid IMLS grant-funded project with emphasis on the three types of videos to be provided: a) Lectures on Demand (LOD), e.g. a video that has been annotated for use in the classroom, b) commercial videos that are accessible to participating organizations only, and c) publicly accessible videos, i.e. no access limitations. Grace reviewed a scenario for how LODs would work including access and annotation. Ron Jantz discussed the role of shibboleth and XACML in a typical authentication and authorization scenario with emphasis on how the appropriate access information is represented in the video digital object.

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