Minutes of June 5, 2008 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Ellen Calhoun, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Elizabeth Leister (recorder), Rhonda Marker, Bob Sewell, Mary Beth Weber

AUL Report

As this was the last meeting of the Technical Services Council, Grace reviewed some of the Council's successes - implementation of the MARCIVE government document cataloging service, the transition from RLIN to OCLC, ordering through YBP's GOBI database, the implementation of Sirsi's Director's Station, and the design and development of the Rutgers repository (RUcore). She indicated that filling the position of Director of Integrated Information Services remains a high priority. Grace further noted that though the Council is disbanding, technical services will be well represented on both of the two new councils.

TAS reorganization (Mary Beth Weber and Grace Agnew)

Mary Beth briefed the group on the reorganization of the Cataloging and Metadata Services Dept. and the Acquisitions Dept. into a single Technical Services Dept. under her direction. Grace discussed the integration of the electronic subscriptions unit headed by Cathy Pecoraro into Distributed Technical Services, under Gracemary Smulewitz. This new organization will allow for greater flexibility and avoid duplication of effort. To maximize the effectiveness of the new organization and to ensure economies of scale across both departments, Technical Services and Distributed Technical Services will jointly engage in a year-long workflow analysis to prepare for the increasingly digital workflows of the near future. Both Grace and Mary Beth noted that this new organizational structure reflects current trends in technical services management. Although the Department is now officially constituted, there will be ongoing workflow analysis and cross training as the transition proceeds.

PALINET workshop report (Mary Beth Weber)

Mary Beth provided the group with an overview of the PALINET workshop on the future of cataloging. Issues raised were the shrinking size of technical services departments without a corresponding diminution in the amount of work, the need to focus efforts on more difficult materials, and the need for more collaborative cataloging. The workshop also focused on the recent Library of Congress report on the future of bibliographic control and the development of RDA and FRBR.

Review of FY2008 Strategic Goals and Discussion of FY2009 Strategic Goals

The group reviewed the completed and uncompleted goals from the last fiscal year in order to establish priorities for the coming year. Although most of the uncompleted goals were considered to be of ongoing importance, some tasks, such as Institute of Jazz Studies and Special Collections digital projects, are on hold until current vacancies are filled. Goals determined to be of particularly high importance were implementation of the electronic resources management system, participation in the VALE Open Library System (now a Mellon grant funded OLS development initiated by Duke University, endorsed by VALE) and in the NJVID collaborative grant. New goals for the coming fiscal year include a workflow analysis of technical services operations (Technical Services and Distributed Technical Services) and further development and expansion of open source applications development, including ETD and RUcore.

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