Minutes of SACOTAS October 6, 1994 Meeting

T. Frusciano, R. Marker, R. Gardner, J. Crescenzi, R. Warwick, A. Montanaro, G. Smulewitz, J. Casel, S. Little, M. Page, P. Graham, T. Evans, H. Hemmasi (recorder)(with mods by PG with help from internal notes by RM)

1. AUL/TAS Reports

a. The financial status of Faxon has been resolved by itspurchase by Dawson. Due to state budget cuts, early payment byRUL will no longer be used. To reduce dependence on any onevendor, RUL will split its Faxon subscription list. LSM andbranches (except Math) will order from another vendor. Resultingissues of concern are continuity of subscriptions and changesneeded to Innopac records.

b. Cabinet discussed the possiblity of electronic reservesbut decided that current implementation at RUL is premature.

c. Open library staff positions will be posted andapproximately one-half of the open faculty lines will be posted. d. A pilot project using new cataloging procedures willbegin at TAS in October, 1994. e. Most withdrawn items from the units have been removedfrom IRIS.

2. "Unit Authorization to Make Changes in Cataloging Records" discussion highlights

a. if typo is found on newly or previously cataloged title,should unit correct mistake on IRIS or send item back to TAS

b. various units perform quality control of newly catalogedtitles received: checking call number, label, and title

c. P. Graham announced that TAS will re-inaugurate qualitycontrol checking at point of processing

d. a policy approach was suggested: what level of quality dowe want in the online catalog; what level of expediency ofsupplying materials do we expect (i.e., quality vs. quantity)

e. R. Marker and M. Page were asked to come up with a proposition of agreed-on procedures, beginning with principles. This proposition will be brought to TASC (TAS Catalogers, an internal group) for discussion before going to SACOTAS again.

3. TAS opportunities and priorities summary:

a. data is still being gathered regarding loading LCauthority tapes on GEAC b. RECON is high on the list of goals from Cabinet, and TAS may be able to provide some personpower in a small way. Existing policy calls for the unit to initiate the projects and TAS to help; in the discussion, TAS (Systems/DBMgmt) asked for suggestions from units about projects to initiate, in particular REF collections in certain units. Units were asked to submit written proposals to Ann Montanaro and TAS would discuss what is possible, returning to SACOTAS for discussion.4. At P. Graham's request,

IMG has completed a self-study which resulted in a proposed new name, charge and membership. The document was presented to P. Graham and accepted by SACOTAS. Peter will distribute a revised version of the document to SACOTAS members after Cabinet approval (expected to be pro forma). The group agreed that a new name of "Automated Serials and Acqusitions Work Group" (ASAWG) was appropriate. An annual report and a biannual "sunset" review were agreed upon.5. The IMG document,

Bound Serial Volumes in IRIS, was reviewed and accepted; PG will distribute.6. J. Cassel reported on the progress of the

INFO Advisory Committee: in addition to the current version of INFO, a testversion of Library portion of INFO featuring resources arrangedby subjects will soon be available.Next meetings: 11/3, 1:30, TSB Conference Roomand same time and place on each of these Thursdays:Dec 1, Jan 12, Feb 2 (the day before MidWinter ALA).

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