Minutes of SACOTAS April 6, 1995 Meeting

K. Au, J. Cassel, J. Crescenzi (recorder), T. Frusciano, J. Gardner, R. Gardner, P. Graham (Chair), E. Greenberg, R. Marker, A. Montanaro, M. Page, R. Warwick

1. AGENDA distributed

2. AUL/TNIS Report

a. Last cabinet meeting (March 7, 1995). No Budget news; Frank attempting to convince Seneca to give 5% of student computer fee to library for electronic resources.

Cook/Douglass Science (Foran Hall) Library. Staff (Librarian plus three staff) needed. Which journals will be moved? Mission? - science library or science information center. Equipment ordered. Library may cost $1 mil per year.

b. RLIN upgrades need to meet changes in RLIN configuration; 386s to be exchanged for higher end computers.

3. TAS Departmental Reports

ACQUISITIONS: T. Evans sick. Note send reminding all units with funds remaining to be sure these are spent by June.

CATALOGING: R. Marker reminded Tech Services Librarians that no need to include call nos. on priority slips for direct receipts, these will be checked again anyway.

P. Graham noted that CD ROMs should be sent to be cataloged; not many now being sent.

SYSTEMS (A. Montanaro): Barcode requests now should be sent to M. Storer. Lack of staff - repairs being done slowly, emergencies given priority, delay in running program on 930 tags masked by 966 tags, delay in running extract program to enter new serial titles (for title changes). Phantom records - when message, "unable to talk to Circulation," appears, notify A. Montanaro.

ELF money will give us 170 new microcomputers by December. System has to order, configure (estimated time, 5 hours per computer). Also a number of computers will ordered by unit libraries. P. Graham will bring proposal to Cabinet to have Units pay costs of configuring for computers ordered at Unit. Cost estimate requested by T. Frusciano.


a. SERVER - Sun Unix Sparc Server 100 about to be ordered.

b. DATA BASE selection process - Report due in a few weeks. CD Plus appears favorite.


Revision of 23 January 1995 presented. Discussion followed. M. Price stressed training. Unit will have to decide if staff can handle additional adds; Unit Director will make final commitment.

a. Relocs & Transfers (p.3) - Discussion on shelflist policy; agreement that further clarification necessary. Last sentence changed to read: We urge a clear resolution of this issue.

b. Other Database maintenance activities (p.3) - Units must notify TAS when the last copy or volume is being withdrawn. Is this last copy at Unit or last copy in system?

c. Guidelines and standards (p.5) - Any changes to the guidelines and standards must be authorized by SACOTAS; the AUL/TNIS will issue any necessary revised doumentation to the unit technical services staff.

d. Communication (p.5) - The primary contact person in TAS for questions about added locations should be the Principal Cataloger, who will consult appropriately with the Head of other cataloging agencies. The primary contact person in the unit libraries should be the technical services librarians.

e. Document will be sent to Cabinet for approval after completion.

6. AUTHORITIES: Investigation moving forward.

7. ASAWG - did not meet this morning



Working on guidelines. Draft proposal distributed, "Web Site Management: Tasks, Roles and Proposals" dated 3-24-95. Need for coordinator; does not have to be new position. Comments, suggestions on draft welcome. INFO removed from RUCS and placed under Matt Weismantel from STudent Information Services.


R. Marker - backlog reduced by 700 volumes since Jan 1, 1995

M. Price [Page]- Ref Recon project started at LSM; weeding periodicals, offering to other libraries, NLM, etc. Patent explosion discussed; may be 500 CD-ROMs per year by end of decade. LSM preparing for next cancellation project.

E. Greenberg - Ref Recon at Alex almost completed. Gov Doc serial project starting with International documents.

J. Crescenzi - Robeson candidate offered position. Discussion on barcoding Camden City newspapers. No objections; project will will begin May 1995.

K. Au - Newark Chem Library moved to Dana; Chemistry Reference materials and journals being integrated into Dana collection. TAS notified that Newark Chemistry library no longer in existence and IRIS location should be eliminated. Dana has three collections to integrate: Chemistry, Public administration collections and math journal collection. ELF funds will be used to double number of CD-ROM database.

T. Frusciano - Special Collections received funding for cataloging another special collection and for preserving photograph collection.

10. Demonstration of WWWeb sites.


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