Minutes of SACOTAS July 11, 1996 Meeting

J. Cassel, R. Gardner, T. Evans, P. Graham, T. Haynes, H. Hemmasi (recorder), J. Jeng, R. Marker, A. Montanaro, M. Page, L. Sak, R. Schwartz, R. Warwick

1. Peter Graham: AUL/TNIS

a. in response to questions/requests to upgrade library equipment to Windows 95 or Windows NT, Mike Moyers has done an overview of pros and cons; Peter will arrange for a group of interested volunteers to meet with Mike, and perhaps with a person from RUCS, to discuss related issues

b. Peter, Boyd Collins, Mike Moyers and Catherine Geddis met to discuss possibility of having library-wide sessions for computer training (sessions may be patterned on current sessions at Alexander led B. Collins)

c. Ray Schwartz and Lida Sak were welcomed to SACOTAS as the elected representatives.

2. Tessa Evans: Acquisitions

a. distributed memo from Nancy Hendrickson indicating dates of monographic record deletes and roll-over on Innopac for new fiscal year

b. due to end-of-year shortage of Innopac records, Acquisitions is not placing new orders until end of week, 7/21/96

c. lengthy discussion regarding deletion policy was resolved by reminder that criteria for deletion applies only to monographs

3. Ann Montanaro: Systems

a. indicated two new staff members have been hired:
Mark Witteman - Innopac and database functions
Joe Ross - computer repairs and instruction
Armen Varjabedian - computer repairs and instruction (from 8/12)

b. several students have also been hired; goal is to finish computer installations before fall semester begins

4. Peter Graham: New OPAC -- State of Planning

a. distributed OPAC worksheet, showing 5-year estimate of spending; despite potential savings, figures indicate that the Libraries will require over $400,000 to purchase new system; until financial proposal is settled with University, contract cannot go to vendor

b. distributed chart of existing and proposed terminal distributions

c. distributed OPAC Implementation Planning Chart; training group (Catherine Geddis, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Gracemary Smulewitz) will meet to discuss plans. Issues/considerations raised included:

5. Jeris Cassel: Info Advisory Committee

Group continues to review library and subject home pages as they are submitted

6. Round-robin

Consisted of brief reports from SACOTAS members who attended recent ALA meetings

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