Minutes of SACOTAS August 8, 1996 Meeting

P. Graham (Chair), M. Page, L. Sak, R. Gardner, R. Marker, E. Greenberg, A. Montanaro, H. Hemmasi, T. Haynes, J. Cassel, J. Jeng (recorder)

[minutes kindly supplied by Judy Jeng with slight adds by pg]

1. AUL/TNIS Reports

a. Materials Budget

Materials budget for the fiscal year 1996/97 was discussed at the Cabinet meeting on 7/12. Some serials will have to be cancelled in the 1997 subscriptions to cope with the price increase and the purchasing power loss. Units' unrestricted non-state funds will be pooled. RUL, at President Lawrence's request, will be working with the University to discuss strategies for collections. RUL has to develop a collection that meets the University's instructional and research needs.

b. Copyright

J. Boyle has attended some seminars and meetings and has made a presentation on copyright to Cabinet. A task force will be formed, comprising 5-6 members, to develop strategies and to educate the university community on the fair use of intellectual property.

c. Livingston Pilot

Per the recommendation of the consultants from the Indiana University, RUCS began a pilot project on the Livingston Campus to test out the effectiveness of using a "problem-solving group" to address the computing needs of its users. Financial supports to the group will come from central administration in the first year and gradually absorbed by departments.

d. RU Net 2000

This is a project that RUCS is undertaking to improve the voice, video and data communication infrastructure at Rutgers. An advisory group has been formed, including Acting University Librarian M. Gaunt, Provosts from three campuses, and others. The group is meeting weekly and is prioritizing issues to address in order to gain funding and support.

e. Annex Weeding Project

There are currently some 85,000 duplicate volumes housed in the Annex. A pilot project is being conducted under the direction of R. Sewell to investigate ways to weed duplicate copies from the Annex.

f. Electronic Resources

A sub-group of SACCDM has been formed to look into collection related issues on electronic resources. The technical processing, including acquisitions and cataloging, of electronic resources will be under the direction of AUL/TNIS. Various vendors' databases and prices were discussed at the recent Cabinet meeting. P. Graham is working on a draft of cataloging electronic resources.

2. TAS Departmental Reports

a. Acquisitions -- T. Evans
T. Evans is on vacation. No report.

b. Cataloging -- R. Marker
There are currently two vacant positions at the Cataloging Dept. The job descriptions of these two positions are being revised to accommodate the needs of cross staffing between Acquisitions Dept. and Cataloging Dept.

Catalogers are meeting on a regular basis to discuss various cataloging issues.

A retrospective conversion project on the serials at Special Collections has begun.

c. Systems -- A. Montanaro

M. Moyers will resign in September.

There are currently two vacant positions at the Systems Dept. and will be filled soon.

In the summer, there were 8 FTE students working at the Systems Dept. When the fall semester begins, each student can no longer work more than 15 hours a week. This will have an impact on the service the department can provide.

M. Witteman has begun to work on some GEAC issues to prepare for migration to the next on-line catalog.

3. New OPAC

M. Gaunt, P. Graham, S. Nash, and K. Mulcahy are preparing for a presentation on the new on-line catalog for J. Seneca. The new ideas of funding new technologies, including leasing equipment vs. purchasing, are being explored.

4. INFO Advisory Committee Report

J. Cassel distributed "Guidelines for Developing and Submitting Web Pages for INFO Library" which will be discussed at the next SACOTAS meeting, which will make a recommendation for Cabinet. A number of new Pages have been up and more are under review.

5. Round Robin

M. Page: Began serials cancellation project for the 1997 subscriptions at LSM.

E. Greenberg: The completion date for the Alexander Library Scholarly Communication Center, located on the fourth floor of the Alexander Library, is targeted on December 6, 1996.

T. Haynes: Special Collections recently received funding from the State Library to catalog a number of items in the manuscript collection.

J. Jeng: The serials cancellation project has also begun at the Dana Library.

Next meeting:

Thursday, September 5, 1:30 p.m., TSB Conference Room
[October probably in Newark; November probably in Camden.]

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