Minutes of SACOTAS October 18, 1996 Meeting

P.Graham,conducting; R.Schwartz; H. Hemmasi; T.Evans; R.Marker; A.Montanaro,recorder; A.King; R.Gardner; L.Sak; T.McNally; T.Haynes

1. AUL/TNIS Report.

Preparatory work is being done for the Middle States Accreditation. Committees are being formed. The committee on Information Technology will include libraries as part of scholarly communication. A subcommittee of SACCDM members has been formed which is examining collection data available from Geac for use in the review as well as data desired from the next system.

The Libraries Information System (LIS) is being presented as a gateway to information rather than an OPAC and a demonstration is being planned for the University Academic Standards and Priorities Committee. Emphasis is being placed on getting a consensus on technology commitment.

A proposal is being prepared for the Ameritech/Library of Congress Digital Library Project which would provide access to over 1000 broadsides.

2. Acquisitions.

Tessa announced an internal promotion, an open fulltime position, and need for voucher help in Shipping. If units have gifts and 'approval like" materials to be sent to Acquisitions, Tessa asked that she be notified before they are shipped in order to assure they are processed in a timely manner. She should be notified of records being cancelled so that the Innopac records can be closed. Units were encouraged to urge selectors to adhere to the ordering scheduled issued by Bob Sewell.

3. Cataloging

Rhonda reported that Contact Cataloging has no unsearched receipts in the Annex, but, as a result, the Adaptive Cataloging backlog increased by 60% in September. Individuals are being loaned to Adaptive Cataloging and Database Management to assist with changes in workflow. A review of the cataloging practices and procedures in underway.

4. Systems.

Three fulltime positions in Systems remain open but most repairs and installations are being handled in an acceptable period of time. Systems is defining the elements needed in a problem tracking system which would provide online access to outstanding hardware and software problems. New Ovid databases are being received. ABI has been loaded and Dissertation Abstracts will soon be available. Current Contents is stalled over licensing issues.

5. Rhonda reviewed the instructions in ";Priority Cataloging Allocations" issued October 16, 1996. Because of the workflow in TSB, there has been> significant under reporting of priority cataloging. If an order is marked "notify ..." Acquisitions routinely marks that item a priority one and it receives priority cataloging. There is a need to reduce the number of priorities to true patron requests. At the next meeting, when each unit is represented, the issue of "notifications" will be discussed further.

6. A task force will be established which will review how CD-ROMs are ordered, processed, and handled.

7. A process has begun to establish prototype cataloging for electronic journals not held in print versions. Lida, Rhonda, and Mary Beth Fecko are reviewing examples from other libraries, ways to handle summary holdings, display for holdings in multiple formats, 856 tags, and note fields. They will prepare examples for review.

8. Release 10 of Innopac was installed with only minor changes.

9. Dana has received a large gift of UN documents. They have also received a Sun Sparcserver which they will use as a Web server to support faculty instruction.

The next meeting will be held on November 14 at 10:00 a.m. in the Dana Library.

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