Minutes of SACOTAS November 14, 1996 Meeting

Peter Graham (Chair), G. Smulewitz (Alexander), Lida Sak (TAS), Rebecca Gardner (Kilmer), Judy Jeng (Dana), Al King (SpCol/A), Rhonda Marker (TAS), Mary Page (LSM), Harriette Hemmasi (Music), Ann Montanaro (TAS), Ray Schwartz (Dana)

The following minutes are based on good notes by Mary Page, expanded by further good notes of Rhonda Marker, and doctored a bit by Peter Graham, to whom corrections and criticisms should come. Thank you Mary and Rhonda! --pg
(rev. 11/26/96)


Marianne Gaunt reported on the JSTOR project to Cabinet: retrospective scanning of about 100 journals mainly in hum/soc.sci (and some math) to provide full-text elec access. JSTOR initially viewed by Cabinet as good for RU to be involved with; it is moderately expensive especially in the first year.

NB Reorganization: The transition team's report has been distributed and will be discussed at the [then] upcoming faculty meeting.

Middle States accreditation process: RU to be viewed as one university. MIG and George Laskaris chairing Information Technology committee. Faculty input on collection strategies to be sought through this committee.

LIS (formerly OPAC): RU administration and the Acting UL are meeting with various University bodies to assure support for this as the current RUL priority.

RUL will recruit for a new Libraries Development Officer.

University to allocate $350,000 for multicultural initiatives. RUL has prepared a proposal.

Peter Graham (with assistance from Ron Becker and others) submitted a proposal for Ameritech/LC grant, proposing digitization of New Jersey Broadsides in Special Collections.

CATALOGING (Rhonda Marker)

They are caught up with searching current receipts. Two additional people are assisting with Adaptive Cataloging. Cataloging staff helping out in Acquisitions to do end processing.

SYSTEMS (Ann Montanaro)

Recruiting replacement for Mike Moyers and also an installation person. There have been many disk drive problems with Geac; there are 31 disk drives and almost all are replacements that have been refurbished. No new drives are being manufactured.

There has been lots of RLIN downtime lately. For up-to-date info, bookmark <URL:http://www.rlg.org/status.html>; click on Status. RLG has been very good about posting current downtime info to the Status page.

Inputting holdings on Geac is still causing problems for circ staff. Units should continue to input holdings for multi-volume titles only before 11 a.m. Systems will call unit libraries if they are inputting holdings after 11 am.

There are 9,000 barcodes in Geac that were never linked to bib records. Systems provided lists of unlinked barcodes on currently circulating materials to libraries; individual circulation departments have sent out letters to patrons asking for the return of these items. Unit libraries need to provide TP/verso to TAS for these items as they are returned.

In the Sirsi system, we can't have dupe copy numbers at the same location (e.g., there can't be 2 copy ones at LSM). [Sirsi will automatically renumber the copies.] In most Sirsi systems, the barcode is the unique identifier. Consensus on how to handle this at RUL has not yet been reached.


We indicate "notify" on orders when we want to inform a professor (for example) that a book he/she recommended has been added to the collection. There had been some confusion about whether "notify" books should be processed as Priorities, and we clarified that no, not necessarily. It was agreed that unit libraries should have their own procedures in place for handling "notify" items that are flagged by TAS. PG will bring back proposed documentation of the procedures for the next meeting.


PG will recharge the CD Task Force, previously discussed, to look also at licensing and processing issues for CD's, disks, etc.


We looked at samples of bibliographic records for electronic journals that Lida Sak had prepared. Several important issues were considered. SACOTAS recommends, to maintain bibliographic integrity, separate records for publications in different formats. This has a public service benefit of allowing patrons to isolate electronic journals in a search. R. Marker will take this issue to SACOPS.

However, concern was expressed that the subfield h (General Material Designator, eg, microform, online, etc.) prevents titles from indexing together. This is a problem in Geac. Example: Nature and Nature [microform] would be separated by many screens of other titles. SACOTAS recommends that the GMD not be indexed or considered in sorting, but be displayed on index screens. We decided not to re-index Geac at this time, but to aggressively pursue this option in Sirsi. R. Marker will confirm that this is possible in Sirsi.

It was decided not to put notes about restricted use or access on the bib records for electronic journals. Local notes (eg, avail to Rutgers users only; avail through Rutgers INFO) will be in a LANT field and in the holdings summary statement. L. Sak and M. Page will make recommendations for wording to be used in the 930 field.

For electronic journals that have no "location," "RUL" will be proposed to be a new LOC in our online systems; P. Graham will bring this to Cabinet for approval. The Cataloging department will take on holdings maintenance, including 930 summary holdings statements, for these titles.


TAS will propose the organization of an approval-like "review" shelf for withdrawn items. Items that will be withdrawn from one library could first be examined by other selectors for possible transfer. The procedure would be optional. P. Graham will form a small task force to propose a facilitating role for TAS in offering, transferring and withdrawing materials.

TECHNOLOGY PLANNING: PG distributed a document on centralized vs. decentralized systems support that had been prepared for Cabinet discussion.

LIAC: LIAC has been discharged, with thanks, after three years of effective work on its original charge. SACOPS will take up further activities in this area.

ASAWG:  held a successful MARC tagging workshop conducted by Bob Warwick (TAS).


M. Page: MP and Judy Jeng attended the "Charleston Conference", "Issues in Book and Serial Acquisitions."

R. Schwartz: Dana hosted the second Book Arts Symposium on Nov. 7. The Dana Library home page is near completion.

J. Jeng: work on the 930 sumary holdings project at Dana continues; it is now complete to "D".

R. Gardner: Douglass pulled cards from their shelflist for 800 items lacking a shelflist record in the Annex, to assist the Annex recon project.

Next meetings:

2.30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 16, 1996, TSB (note changed time AND date)
1.30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 9, 1997, TSB

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