Minutes of SACOTAS February 1, 1996 Meeting

K.-N. Au, T.P. Evans, J. Gardner, R. Gardner, P. Graham (Chair), E. Greenberg, T. Haynes, J. Jeng, R. Marker, A. Montanaro, M. Page, L. > Sak, R. Warwick (recorder; some mods by PG)

1. AUL/TNIS Reports

University Librarian: Peter reported that Cabinet met Tuesday with Joe Seneca to discuss the situation related to Frank Polach's decision to step down as university librarian and take a permanent leave of absence for health reasons. The university is expected to conduct a search for a new university librarian but the position may not be filled until at least the fall. Cabinet hopes to be closely involved with this process. In the meantime, library planning and activities should move forward; things should not be put on hold simply awaiting Frank's successor.

Budget: The budget is still unclear at this time.

ELF: Some ELF funds (~$60-80,000) remained to be spent; the deadline is sometime in February. Cabinet has concluded to add hubs to Art, Chem, Physics, Math, and SERC to facilitate getting electronic resources to those libraries. Other conclusions were for Pentiums and projection equipment for Alex's electronic classroom. Some upgrades to Geac dumb terminals will also be made.

ICI: Some ICI money may also be available from the provosts' portion of the funding. The provosts will entertain yearly proposals for library requests. Requests should as usual have a student emphasis and should reflect their interests and should benefit all the campuses. The libraries are looking at some science databases, the Encyclopedia Britannica, and some hardware on each campus. We want to keep a balance between one-time and ongoing costs. Proposals should be ready to submit to the provosts by mid-February.

2. TAS Departmental Reports:

a. Acquisitions -- T.P. Evans

The meeting with Steve Sutton (BNA) was canceled because of the weather and will be rescheduled. In the meantime, SACCDM has decided to look at the RUL/BNA approval plans (both book and slip). Bob Sewell will coordinate a system wide meeting on February 9 (9:30-12:30, Pane Room, Alexander Library) for all selectors to meet before the rescheduled meeting with Steve. They will discuss some of the profile and coordination issues and develop a set of questions for the meeting with Steve.

Acquisitions is flooded with orders right now so please be patient. Tessa will gladly answer any questions about your orders.

b. Cataloging -- P. Graham

We are continuing to do cataloging workflow analysis. Some shifts of people are expected but still need to take place.

We are moving into the RLIN for Windows environment. RLIN has still had some slow time recently.

Michael Joseph will be the new PC Coordinator for Cataloging and Acquisitions. In an earlier reorganization we eliminated the PC Coordinator position for TAS with the idea that the responsibilities could be taken by Systems staff who are in the same building. However, subsequent experience and a changing environment has led to the decision that a PC Coordinator is needed for TAS.

c. Systems -- A. Montanaro

The department is gearing up for the OPAC bids which arrive soon.

Geac has been stable recently.

There is a backlog of PC installations and repairs that is being addressed


3. INFO Advisory Committee Report:

Jeris Cassel was unable to attend SACOTAS and sent an e-mail message outlining the committee's current activities.

Peter recently attended a university web advisory group meeting (for Marianne Gaunt). They are looking at the Rutgers web presentation and want to put up a face to present to people outside of Rutgers. INFO has done a good job of internal information. The Office of Communications will be taking responsibility for this new public face. A subcommittee will be looking at web policy guidelines. The Libraries should also have a presentation page (PR type stuff) off of the Rutgers page in addition to the information pages currently mounted.

4. New OPAC Planning:

The state of affairs is about where it was before the ALA conference. The evaluation committees have been formed and Peter is keeping updated information on his server. The bids are due today and Peter has a 2:30 meeting with Jim Murray to get them. He anticipates getting six copies of each vendor's full proposal. Copies of selected information will be made for the evaluation committees as necessary with the intent to get this information to the committees as soon as possible after we have it here. The full sets of documentation will go to six locations for people to look at as necessary: TAS, LibAdmin/Alex, LSM, Robeson, Dana, and Kilmer. Remember that the proposals are confidential and shouldn't be discussed with colleagues outside of Rutgers.

The schedule has been shifted slightly so that the finalist vendor demos are pushed back a bit.

We need to start thinking about training issues. People who are interested in being involved should talk to Peter. He will start come conversations about the process.


The Automated Serials and Acquisitions Work Group hasn't met in several month due to illness. An IRIS to Innopac tape load was done in January. New loads will be done bimonthly. Systems will begin working on the next Geac extract after February 15.

6. Round Robin:

E. Greenberg: Boyd Collins will join Alexander on March 1 as the Electronic Resources Librarian. He will work with the Scholarly Communications Center.

Alex has been analyzing their claims process over the past six to eight months. Their experience is that they are claiming too soon; 40-55% of claims are for items that are not yet published. We should look at the claims cycle in our new system.

T. Haynes: Theo has learned how to do grievance procedures. She recommends the training.

R. Gardner: Douglass hired a temporary librarian, Irma Hunt, through June 1 to replace Catherine Geddis. Lil Maman is now coordinating instruction.

K.-N. Au: Dana hired a new weekend temp librarian (Saturday and Thursday evening) who comes from the Newark Public Library business center. They have had a problem with their Cisco connections which was fixed yesterday.

J. Jeng: Dana will have a series of six to eight films as a festival for African-American history month. Ray Schwartz is coordinating the festival. They are also considering future Asian and Latino festivals.

Their serials inventory is complete but the IRIS work for new cataloging is only up to "C."

L. Sak: The project to reclassify existing R-PUBS to LC classification is complete.

M. Page

7. Next Meetings:

Thursday, March 7, 1996, 1:30 PM; TSB Conference Room (but may change)
Thursday, April 4, 1996, 1:30 PM; TSB Conference Room
Thursday, May 2, 1:30 PM; TSB Conference Room

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