Minutes of SACOTAS April 3, 1997 Meeting

P. Graham, T. Evans, A Montanaro, J. Jeng, T. Haynes, R. Schwartz (recorder), R. Marker, A. King, G. Smulewitz, F. Tehrani, L. Sak, J. Cassel, R. Gardner, M. Page.


Kathryn Deiss, Program Officer for Training & Development for the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), presented "The Learning Organization" on Thursday, March 13th.

The Committee for Evaluation of Faculty and Administration Relations (CEFAR) has met twice. The first meeting looked backed at the marketing study and reviewed the outcomes of the process on faculty and administration relations. The second meeting focused on the Libraries. M. Gaunt and B. Sewell were present. Funding was among the topics discussed. The teaching faculty stated that they believe that the library collections are in crisis. A summit conference will be convened during the Summer to attempt to come to conclusion on the library issues.

Emily Fabino will be serving as the Libraries' representative to the Continuing Education and Outreach Coordinating Council. The Council is under the direction of Ray Caprio.


Diversity/Multicultural orders should be in by 4/14. Code D has been allocated for this fund.


Bob Warwick and Tracy Meyer have agreed to co-chair the LIS Training Committee.

The Database Maintenance Unit has suspended work on all special projects for several months. Database maintenance cleanup will begin for the LIS implementation.

Two workshops were conducted by TAS. One workshop was on the topic of series. The other was on the topic of name access points. C. Geddis assisted with their organization. L. Sak will conduct a serials cataloging workshop on May 1st.

The Cataloging and Processing Standards and Practices document will be ready by the next SACOTAS meeting. These processing guidelines will include information on the physical processing of special collections


The equipment for the LIS is arriving.

When public WYSE terminals are removed, some of these terminals are being installed in circulation areas.

Systems is interviewing candidates for the two open positions.


Everything is on track. The Implementation Committee met on Friday, March 14th. M Witteman will now be the chair of the committee--he is also the project manager.

The contract is moving forward. The MDS issue is not worked through at this time.

The test system has arrived.

The production server has been ordered. It will have 50 gigabytes of diskspace, 1 gigabyte memory, and lots of I/O capability. A contractor is programming for the system at this time.

A mailing list has been created for anyone to follow the progress of the LIS implementation. It is called RUL_LIS. To subscribe, send mail to majordomo . In the body of the message include:


There was some discussion concerning what communications medium to use for distributing information about the LIS implementation. A request was made to implement a web version of RUL_LIS.

It is anticipated that we will need 30 to 40 people to do training. All technical service areas should begin immediately to assess their training needs.

There was some discussion on how the RUL code represents various kinds of networked materials. Also there was some discussion on OPAC conversion issues--particularly the Annex location codes. There was concern about keeping the library's ownership indicated in Annex records.


A. King: Several new profiles will be appearing in the special collection's database.

F. Tehrani will replace G. Smulewitz has the Alexander library representative to SACOTAS.

R. Gardner: The Douglass library has begun a search for an information services librarian, and the Kilmer library has begun a search for two librarians.

M. Page: The LSM reference area renovation is completed.

The next SACOTAS meetings are scheduled for: Thursday, May 1, 1997, Hughes Room, Alexander Library & Thursday, June 6, 1997, LSM. Both meetings are at 1:30pm.

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