Minutes of SACOTAS May 1, 1997 Meeting

Rebecca Gardner, Peter Graham - chair, Theo Haynes, Judy Jeng, Al King, Rhonda Marker, Ray Schwartz, Farideh Tehrani. Visitor: Tracey Meyer.

Peter reported on Cabinet:
Fact finding is proceeding. It is nonbinding. It is of the university's financial status and what is available. President is pressing for funding for salary increases.

SROA: Strategic Resources Opportunities Analysis
Libraries are cooperating in submission of proposal to create an animal science image gallery on the Internet.

Virtual Library for NJ:
President of William Patterson College is pushing it. It is based on Georgia's Galileo.

Summit Meeting on the Libraries - May 9:

Library Designations:
Annex is approved as a Library in SIRSI (known in RLIN/Geac as a Location)
RU-ONLINE (in SIRSI) or RU (in Geac) approved as a Library for system-wide electronic resources.

Seneca Update:
He is hoping for a demo of the new LIS this summer.
Summit is seen as a time for leadership by the library.
Pension plan - he expects a resolution in the election
Appointments to be made soon are Foundation President and Dean of Engineering.

Rhonda for Cataloging reported:


We are planning to use "Item Category1" and Item Category2" to collect and compile cataloging statistics and ARL statistics, respectively.

If heading does not match authority file the LIS will create provisional authority records. Since our authority module will come up later, we will suppress this feature in the beginning.

The keyword index will include all standard number lists. They propose to add some 500's tags to this index: performers, summary credits, thesis note, reproduction kind, ie, microfilm

The browse index will offer author, title, subject.

We will not index some local tags never used. Not GMD's because it causes a sort and display problem, and there are other ways to access non-book items.

We will index 490 as transcribed until authority files are there.

Rhonda distributed the tables of contents of the SIRSI Catalog Access Manual and the Cataloging Manual, asking unit representatives to give her committee (LIS-Cataloging Implementation) feedback on what needs to be included in staff training (i.e., what tasks/activities/functions) and how many people or who in the units, need to receive that training. This is in the context of having each implementation commitee guide the training for their modules.

Tracey on training:

PG on LIS:

Terminal Allocation:

PG on TAS Mission Statements:

These were affirmed as rewritten with almost no discussion.

Rhonda pointed out:

Round Robin:

JJ - Au and Bobbi have been doing DOS and Windows training for all staff at Newark Libraries.

RM - A new person has been hired for Adaptive Cataloging.

Next meeting is WEDNESDAY, June 4, at 9:30 a.m. because of major conflict with usual Thursday date, and because a.m. seemed generally more convenient, especially to Newark and Camden people. Meeting date for July to be decided closer to that time.

Theo Haynes, Recorder

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