Minutes of SACOTAS June 3, 1997 Meeting

P. Graham, T. Haynes, J. Jeng, A. King, R. Marker, M. Page, A. Montanaro, L. Sak, R. Schwartz, H. Hemmasi (recorder)

1. T. Haynes distributed copy of minutes from 5/1/97 meeting SACOTAS minutes posted on P. Graham's webpage.

2. P. Graham reported:

a) Summit Conference held 5/8/97

attended by librarians J. Consoli, P. Graham, M. Gaunt, L. Mullins, also N. Winterbauer, J. Seneca and 15 faculty members representing various disciplines highlights of conference:

b) budget planning for coming year indicates flat budget

c) several library lines are being filled (Alex, Douglass, Kilmer) and several are being held vacant for planning purposes

d) JSTOR process is well underway

e) Betty Turock will be granted a University service award for her work through ALA

2. R. Marker -- Cataloging

a) number of titles in official backlog is being reduced

b) volumes from Loeb Classical Library are being added to RUL collection

3. P. Graham, et al -- LIS

a) final copy of contract sent to SIRSI

b) SIRSI has sent software to systems

c) Acquisitions and Serials had joint meeting in which they acknowledged the fact that it will not be possible to migrate data from Innopac serial and order records; instead, the data will need to be keyed; M. Page will commence a pilot project to determine the process to accomplish this task; potentially a swat team may travel from Central tech services to unit libraries to assist with the work of this project; Acq and Serials will also review consistency of coding in order and serial records

d) LIS Implementation and Steering committees met for lunch and sharing information

e) orders for next year will be held until SIRSI is up; package plans, gift and firm receipts (items which have records in Innopac but not records in IRIS) will need to be transferred from Innopac to SIRSI

f) call number configuration (upper or mixed case) discussed; a call number search across all libraries is not possible in SIRSI unless the search is done as a keyword search (enter class number followed by {050,090})
!!! note need to enter curly brackets as shown !!!

4. R. Marker -- Misdirected transfers

a) SACOTAS was referred to p. 3, section "Relocs and Transfers" of Technical Services Processing Roles and Responsibilities (10/7/95)

b) it was agreed that any item being transferred which has a call number but no full online record should be sent to Database Management. R. Marker will issue this notice as a policy statement.

c) reminders were made that units should report all activity involving changes to the printed shelflist to Database Management

5. Questions about and brainstorming on future of SACOTAS

a) will there be a SACOTAS?

b) all SACS have been organized along faculty by-laws

c) how will unit technical services be organized; as part of Access Services?

d) is it appropriate to have librarians, supervisors, or staff who actually do the work at meetings? there is a need for all groups -- policy/function and because information is not always effectively communicated among the groups

e) changes in by-laws are likely to come after actual changes in structure and functions

6. M. Page - welcome to LSM; recently attended NASIG (North Am. Serials Interest Group) conference at the Univ. of Michigan

L. Sak - distributed draft of SACOTAS annual report; asked that revisions be returned to her by 6/20/97; cataloging of all 1996 serials completed

7. Future meetings scheduled:

7/16/97, 1:30 pm, LSM
8/14/97, 9:30 am, Camden

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