Minutes of SACOTAS July 16, 1997 Meeting

Theo Haynes, Tessa Evans, Rhonda Marker, Mei Ling Lo, Al King, Harriette Hemmasi, Nancy Hendrickson, Ann Montanaro, Judy Jeng, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Page, Peter Graham, Ray Schwartz, Rebecca Gardner (recorder).

1) AUL/TNIS Report:

Reported on cabinet meetings 6/24/97 and 7/8/97:

The NJ Committee on Higher Education heard testimony proposing a 2nd State University in New Jersey. Rutgers will need to respond.

Rutgers received a 4.3% budget increase this year.

Bond issue expected to pass to fund VALE (Virtual Library of New Jersey) Organizing meetings underway.

Recommended amount of ICI funding came through. Will go towards funding the IDEAL databases. Voucher money needed for smart classrooms came through.

RU Board of Governors voted for a 5-6% tuition hike.

RUL budget is assumed to be level but we will be getting extra collections money.

There will be faculty meetings to plan for the Long Range Plan in the fall.

2) TAS Departmental Reports and Questions:

a) Acquisitions (Tessa):

Still plan to go live with acquistions on Aug. 4. Would like to begin preorder searching before then. Order request forms and codes are not changing yet; continue to use them. Continue to send reserve requests to acquisitions dept. Will probably begin regular ordering again with every libraries' priority orders first. There are still some acquisitions decisions that need to be made after more is known about SIRSI. Tessa will be in contact via email.

b) Cataloging (Rhonda):

In terms of number of items cataloged, the cataloging dept. had the 2nd best year of the past 5 years. Due in large part to the flexibility of the staff. Backlogs of materials in cataloging and processing are small and getting smaller. There is no more original cataloging backlog. Made good progress in effort to catch up with database management backlog.

Harriette reported that 4,000 items in the Music Library were given full cataloging (recon).

c) Systems (Ann):

There have been some glitches with the SIRSI dataload. Not clear where problems are coming from. Need to move Rutgers data into the test database. May be delays with this since Dave Hoover has been working full time on the first problem. Holds will not transfer, therefore will not do any recalls in the 2 weeks preceeding the transfer. Unit tech. services departments with holds should go into the patron record that was created for the department and print a list of items on hold. Will have to re-do the holds in SIRSI.

Systems people have started installing equipment in the units. Responsibility for decisions about allocations of machines will be moving from the AUL/TNIS to the New Brunswick Library Director.

3) LIS Status Reports:

a) Acquisitions and Fund Accounting:

All Innopac invoices have been entered for 1996-1997. July 11, 1997 is the end date for FY '96-'97. Final Innopac reports will be run and mailed this afternoon. Nancy changed some funds on some monograph records from state to nonstate funds in order to be able to pay them.

Nancy has lots of invoices waiting to be entered into SIRSI when possible. Not sure yet when '97-'98 allocations will be made. Fund codes and vendors must be in place before any orders can be placed. Still lots of unanswered questions. Need to experiment with the system.

The acquisitions/fund accounting group and the serials group need to get together and review policies being set up to ensure that both groups mesh and all needs are being met.

b) Webcat:

Harriette gave a description of what the Webcat group has initially decided the individual Webcat pages will look like. Similar to Emory's pages. Peter and Harriette suggest also looking at Virginia's site, "Fastcat". How the "930" info will display is still a question. ("930's" are something that we created in GEAC--did not come from RLIN cataloging--how to do in SIRSI?) Can specify what fields appear on a record with "brief" "full" or "all" queries. Please forward questions or recommendations on appearance to Harriette.

c) Cataloging:

Training has been broken down into 3 modules. Everyone who gets cataloging training will need to be trained in all 3 modules. It is not always very obvious who needs to know what in order to work on records. Demise of "Plan C"-- no such thing as "circ on the fly" in SIRSI. Will create "brief" record in circ upon check out and catalog the item upon its return. (In many cases this means just adding the item to a record in the unit's tech services dept.)

d) Serials:

Serials will be a challenge. Need to do extensive experimenting in SIRSI to see how to handle irregular titles, claim cycles, etc. Will be doing a pilot project using Physics titles. Require the test system in order to do that. Need to decide about "930's". In order to use summary holdings, serials people must use MARC tags to put holdings in the record. Therefore need to consider new workflow issues; could very well impact who will be allowed to have what level of access to the system. Will continue to use Innopac till we start checking in on SIRSI.

d) Circulation:

Scripts are done, training groups are ready.

5) Holdings Statements for Online Materials:

Problem: no indication on IRIS that full text is available online. (Nothing is retrieved when search by title)

Lida has some sample records that read; "RU Online" ready for SIRSI. Question as to where to put these statements. Should they be included on the paper record or should a separate record be created for online titles? Pros and cons for each. Question will be put on next SACOTAS agenda for discussion and decision.

6) Round-robin:

Harriette: The steering committee on Local Technical Services/Government Publications Processing will be meeting with Marianne and Ryoko on July 23rd.

Future SACOTAS meetings are scheduled for:
Thursday Aug.14th 1:30pm, LSM
Friday Sept. 12th 9:30am, Camden

A tour of LSM's new 1st floor was offered after the meeting.

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