Minutes of SACOTAS September 12, 1997 Meeting

Rebecca Gardner, Peter Graham, Theodora Haynes, Albert King, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Mei Ling Lo (recorder), Ray Schwartz, Gracemary Smulewitz (for Ferideh Tehrani)

1. Agenda and minutes

2. AUL/TNIS Reports

Reported on Cabinet Meeting (9/9/97)

Dr. Seneca attended the cabinet meeting. Instructional technologies is one of his priorities of the year. He sees the library play a role in it. He also expressed thanks to the librarians and staff who helped implement LIS.

PG will look into the structure of TAS and see how SIRSI has affected the workflow of acquisitions and cataloging. Rutgers received 4.3% budget increase this year and has the largest incoming class and more out-of-state students.

Michael Carroll from Virginia Tech is now the head of the Foundation.

JB will schedule a long-range planning meeting for three standing advisory committees in late Sept.

A grant was received to preserve the flat map collection. About 700 maps will be preserved. A state fund of $500,000 was given to cover the serials inflation.

FP is on the committee working the ADA issues of university library facilities.

$5,000,000 from the state will be available for the Virtual Academic Library Project (VALE) to fund state wide databases.

Cabinet approved SCC as another library.

PG's report:

PG asked for comments about the Proposal for Digital Archiving. Not only should we make the information available, but we should also plan for long-term maintenance and archive.

Because of the timing of implementing SIRSI, we have not been able to reduce the searching of RLIN.

3. TAS departmental reports and questions:

3.1 Acquisitions (TPE on vacation)
3.2 Cataloging (RJM)

In WebCat, one can click on Electronic Access to go to the full-text display. To return to the previous screen, do not use the BACK button on Netscape. Instead, click on GO from the command line, and select WebCat Gateway.

Any paperwork sent to TAS should be dated so that TAS will be able to track the response time.

As part of learning experience, 63 records in SIRSI do not have copy information due to the fact that the staff did not run "load order" when the acquisition session was done.

To transfer title, in order to preserve the circulation information, delete only the copy information and do not delete the title. Then add CAL to create the library. RJM will provide documentation on how to transfer items.

3.3 Systems (AM)

Eric Sakowski was hired to replace Armen's old position.

AM asked the staff and librarians not to run Unicorn Reports unless they had been established as part of normal workflow. The Report function in Unicorn is designed to enable librarians and staff to run reports and obtain information about the database. But the Report function is also potentially destructive. It could be used to reset flags, change and delete records from the database. As time permits, training will be developed for running reports. Meanwhile, call systems for assistance if reports are needed.

4. LIS Implementation - further reports and discussions

There are 'A' team and 'B' team which act upon MDS requests [, which in] New IRIS is proving to be much more labor intensive than the old system. As a result, TSB is several days behind. Statistics for the pending requests will be sent to faculty and staff mailing lists. SIRSI does not have quick fix, but is interested in hearing our needs. Within the next couple of weeks, staffing levels will be high enough to restore the former response time rate.

928 tags were not loaded. A contract with SIRSI was done to load the 928 tags.[This has been done since the meeting. --pg 9/22]

5. Copy numbers: New IRIS, book labels (RJM et al)

SACOPS and circulation subcommittee has decided to use barcode, instead of copy number on the book as identifier. Acquisition will not put copy number on labels.

6. Last copy withdrawals

Last copy withdrawals will be done at Database Management at TAS. The staff there will pull shelflist out and delete the records in RLIN. To withdraw an item, send the printout of the record with RLIN number and the requestor's initials to TAS.

7. MARC holdings format and serials on LIS

MP's note to PG suggested we implement MARC holdings to solve the issue of serials holdings on public display. PG will appoint Lida Sak, Gracemary Smulewitz and Mary Page to form a MARC holdings group. The group will learn the MARC holdings tags, and determine how the holdings information in GEAC can be converted to SIRSI, and how the new holdings information can be entered into SIRSI.

8. Brief circ records: what to do with these?

We need guidelines we can agree on.

Circulation desk creates brief records when no records are found in INFOVIEW. When the books are returned, the brief records are sent to technical services dept at each library.

RM suggested the following procedure: If there is a second pre-existing brief record in IRIS, add the brief record to the pre-existing record and delete the brief record, then send the brief record to TAS for enhancement. If there is no second brief record in IRIS, send the brief record directly to TAS. For government titles, RM will discuss with DOCSIG about whether the bibliographers should be notified.

9. Current locations for TSB:

Currently, items that have been received are "in process" in IRIS. Items that have been cataloged are "in library" in IRIS. Since some of them have not been labeled and are not in the library yet, we agreed to put down "in process" for all the items until they actually arrive at the library. The library will then change the status. [This procedure will first be proposed to Cabinet as it involves additional work in the libraries. --pg 9/22/97]

10. CD-ROM Work Group Report will be discussed when Mary Beth comes back from vacation.

11. Ejournal sets (Ideal, JSTOR, LSM list): Cataloging and Web refs (PG)

WAC will discuss the style and design of the E-journals list. During the next few years, users can access the e-journals via the web pages [as well as from the catalog. Links from the catalog will also be provided (see below) and the catalog eventually will be the primary mode of access; for a year or two, the additional Web page will be a service to users while E-journals are still a novelty.]

Lida Sak has begun cataloging the e-journals. The 776 field includes the uniform title of the electronic version. The 856 field points to the URL of online equivalent.

12. Round-robin from attendees

RS: SROA projects were approved: Arts video server, CIIT cognitive sciences initiative, improving information literacy in the central high schools, and the web instructional courses offered by the faculty.

RJM:A conference about statistical resources will be held on Oct. 24. On Nov. 14, NJLA Technical Services group will offer workshop on "Issues on the cutting edge of acquisition". Next Spring (April 29 - May 1), NJLA is going to discuss about using library records that are created by other libraries: "Whose record is it?"

submitted by Mei Ling Lo

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