Minutes of SACOTAS October 2, 1997 Meeting

Tessa Evans; Peter Graham, conducting; Theo Haynes; Harriette Hemmasi; Al King; Mary Page; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Ray Schwartz; Grace Mary Smulewitz; Mary Beth Weber.

1. Materials in TSB show the location "on-order," "in-process," or "in-library." As of Monday, October 6, Cataloging will stop changing the location to "in-library" and that change will be made in each library to show the actual location of the item. For the present Special Collections materials will be changed to "in-library" in TSB. [In fact this decision was postponed due to several objections from libraries. --pg]

2. Mary Beth Weber led a discussion of the CD-ROM Work Group Report. Several issues were raised:

Jewel boxes and Tattle-tape for CD-ROMs could be purchased at TSB so CD-ROMs could be shipped ready to shelve. They would be needed for CD-ROMs received at units - standing orders, documents, direct receipts, and grant-funded purchases. The quantity is unknown.

Work sheets are an acceptable substitute used by libraries to send CD-ROMs > for cataloging. If the CD-ROM is sent it will be processed promptly and returned with a label and Tattle-tape.

The report is being referred to SACOPS for advice on several sections of the report. What are acceptable sublocation names and shelving/location practices. Are additional fields or notes needed for more assistance in locating materials? Are jewel boxes and Tattle-tape needed for all CD-ROMs? How should accompanying documentation be handled? Are the replacement policies adequate?

Sections 3B and C of the report are not complete and need to be reviewed by SACCDM.

2. AUL report. Peter Graham

Email was sent to everyone requesting Unicorn reports not be run. Libraries will need access to reports for essential processes and training and access will be provided.

Lida Sak, Grace Mary Smulewitz, and Mary Page were asked to review the MARC Holdings Format for serials. [see below. --pg]

Changing the Unicorn current location in TSB from "in-process" to "in-library" will stop and that change will have to be done at individual libraries.[see 1, above. --pg]

Document cataloging is being explored to determine which circulating items should be cataloged as routine work.

3. Acquisitions. Tessa Evans

Training for Acquisitions and Fund Accounting is scheduled for October 8 and 9. It will include instruction on reading order records. Catalogers will be among the first to be trained but multiple sessions are being planned.

The workflow for monographic orders has been established.

13,000 current serial titles need to be entered in Acquisitions and that will be done as the invoices are received. Data entry will not slow the payment process. The title will be printed from Innopac and entered individually in Unicorn.

1997-97 monographs ordered and paid on Innopac will be reentered in Unicorn.

BNA has increased the firm order discount from 15% to 18%.

4. Cataloging.

The August production statistics are way down because of Unicorn implementation. Additionally, the Request function is pulling away staff to process requests.

5. Systems. Ann Montanaro

The fatal timeouts are causing significant concern as staff have to reboot each time one occurs and data has to be checked. Systems is compiling information about fatal timeouts for Sirsi.

Another outstanding problem is the mis-reading of smart barcodes. The problem has been reported to Sirsi and solutions are being explored.

The new RLIN databases are being added. The new Ovid databases are available. Life Sciences and Environmental Science will be up as soon as Ovid receives and processes them.

6. LIS Implementation.

A conference call was held with Sirsi about the Request Function. Peter, Bob Warwick, and Mark Witteman participated with two Sirsi staff members. Mark outlined the process desired at Rutgers, but the approach is to suggest a generalized solution that would be acceptable and useable for other customers. Sirsi will review and report back. Some changes may be included in release 10 due in the spring.

Web pages will be updated as time permits. Jeanne Boyle is hiring an editorial design person who will work with WAC to design and update pages.

7. Library reports.

Special Collections has an exhibit opening on October 10 which celebrates Rutgers College going coed.

Mary Page announced that implementing the MARC Holdings Format for serials will mean a tremendous additional workload. Due to the current serial implementation it cannot be started for at least 6 months. She suggested entering the year as part of the call number as an alternative solution. Mary will write a proposal for further review.

The next meetings will be held on November 6 and December 4 at 9:30 in TSB.

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