Minutes of SACOTAS November 6, 1997 Meeting

T. Evans, R. Gardner, P. Graham (chair), T. Haynes, H. Hemmasi, J. Jeng, A. King, M. Lo, R. Marker (recorder), A. Montanaro, L. Sak (guest), G. Smulewitz

1. E-journals

L. Sak brought to the group several questions regarding the cataloging of electronic journals:

2. AUL/TNIS report

P.Graham reported on the Association for Research Libraries meeting on Digital Archiving, the Coalition for Networked Information meeting chaired by new executive director Cliff Lynch, and the Center for Research Libraries visit to RUL.

In reports from Cabinet, he reported on the reorganization update by R. Toyama, the long range planning committee, acceptance by Cabinet of the TAS mission and goals statements, the Rowan-Camden campus/Camden County College-Camden campus/Robeson libraries merger, a planned RUL retirees lunch (possibly Spring 1998), and the Dana project with area schools on using technology. M. Gaunt has asked for physical plant upgrade and maintenance proposals. RUCS has contacted RUL regarding a planned web page on copyright which will include intellectual property issues.

3. Departmental reports

The TAS Contact List was distributed [and corrected, and has been redistributed; it is on the Web at <URL:http://aultnis.rutgers.edu/rul/tascontact.html>].

4. LIS Implementation
The 9.2.0 software release is pending; it has not yet been received but is expected at any time. Installation by semester break at the latest. The LIS-Cataloging Committee is being reconstituted as four subcommittees working on: Advanced searching in InfoVIEW and SmartPort, Review and test the browse and keyword indexes, Implement authority control, and Ongoing troubleshooting and problem solving. If anyone wishes to serve on one of these subcommittees, please contact R. Marker.

5. IN-LIBRARY status at point of cataloging

Because LSM was not represented, further discussion was again delayed until the December 4 meeting.

6. On-the-fly circ records for Documents

SACOTAS agreed that there is good reason to have a review of uncataloged government documents titles upon discharge, after being circulated. The individual library technical services departments are responsible for coordinating this with the gov doc selectors and circulation desks.

7. SAGE records

The problem: we can load SAGE bibliographic records (in batch) but not the associated holdings. Question: how to get SAGE holdings into Unicorn? It was agreed that we need to determine the institutional commitment to keeping these records in our catalog. Then A. Montanaro and P. Graham will work out the technical details, striving to set up a generic holdings statement through automated means.

8. RUL Goals

Reviewed the RUL goals for their relevance to technical and automated services activities.

Next meetings:
Thursday, December 4, 9:30 a.m.
Friday, January 16, 9:30 a.m.

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