Minutes of SACOTAS December 4, 1997 Meeting

Tessa Evans; Rebecca Gardner; Peter Graham, conducting; Theo Haynes; Harriette Hemmasi; Mei Ling Lo; Rhonda Marker; Ann Montanaro (recorder (with some adds by PG), Mary Page; Ray Schwartz, Farideh Tehrani.

1. The project chart designed to show the state of new electronic databases was discussed.

2. Cataloging electronic materials: Lida Sak and Mary Beth Weber attended the meeting to discuss the cataloging of electronic resources. The discussions in the minutes from SACOPS and SACCDM
were reviewed. PG will respond to SACCDM's recommendations, which in general were well received.

Mary Beth catalogs electronic resources and Lida catalogs electronic journals. If an item is owned in print, the electronic form is added to the existing record. Lida will begin cataloging the titles in the Ideal package. Original ejournals are being cataloged in the MDF format although they can be found if a search is limited to serials. New cataloging will be shadowed in Unicorn until the package is announced.

All acquired (paid) ejournals will be cataloged. SACCDM has been asked for advice on what other ejournals, if any should be cataloged; and on the notification process for signalling eligibility for cataloging.

Advice has been requested from SACOPS to define what should go into the holdings record for ejournals.

No cataloging has yet begun for networked electronic resources. Mary Beth will begin cataloging several titles as a pilot project on ways to access. This will be reviewed by the SACs, probably in January.

Stand-alone CD-ROMs are being cataloged when the cataloger is notified of their
acquisition. Concerns about non-cataloging of CD-ROMs may be linked to non-notification as libraries are reluctant to release high-demand items for cataloging.

3. CD-ROM Task Force Report. SACOPS recommended all CD-ROMs be handled like books. Mary Beth Weber and Ray Schwartz were nominated to attend SACOPS to discuss the implications of that decision [Jeanne Boyle has said this will likely be in January rather than December].

4. WorkFlows: Peter provided correspondence from Sirsi regarding Work Flows and the VALE teleconference.

5. Acquisitions Report. The GTI (Get Them In) project will enter 15 - 16,000 serial order records in the next three weeks. The focus is on EBSCO and Faxon records. Other vendors will be done in January. Acquisitions is doing no problem-solving or regular work except for approvals and reserve during the project. No invoices can be paid until the project is finished.

There is no longer physical space in TSB for gifts and they should be held
at receiving libraries. Orders should also be held until the project ends.
Standing orders are a potential problem in Unicorn. If they are cataloged separately they cannot be set up as a subscription. Mary Page agreed to meet with TPE to make recommendations to LISIMP about how to handle them.

6. Cataloging. Personnel changes have taken place within Cataloging and four
vacancies now exist, of which two are posted.

7. Systems. Bob Warwick has transferred to Systems and all lines are now
filled. The new PC Problem Tracking software is being tested by LSM, Kilmer,
and TSB. Windows95 is being installed in TSB. A regional Unicorn Users Meeting
will be held at Rutgers on Tuesday, December 9 under the auspices of the Systems Department.

8. LIS Implementation. Peter and Marianne Gaunt have visited libraries to discuss issues arising from the LIS Implementation. Constructive concern was expressed by clearly dedicated staff, and it is clear that there is a high level of stress caused by the additional, complex tasks.

Extensive work has been done to understand how Unicorn indexing works and how it can be revised to work more effectively. The LIS Cataloging Subcommittee on Indexing with Harriet DeCeunynck, Ruth Dyer, Harriette Hemmasi, Margaret Papai, Bob Warwick and Mark Witteman can answer questions about how indexing works. The database will be reindexed before second semester. Harriette will work with Jeanne Boyle to announce the changes in indexing and display.

If all tests are acceptable, Unicorn release 9.2.2 will be installed in January.

Proposed changes to WebCat should be sent to the LIS OPAC Implementation Committee. The WebCat link in serials titles to earlier works will be turned off.

Serials control records are being created. 2,500 have been created and there are 15,000 to 18,000 to be completed. Innopac maintenance will continue through 6/30/98.

9. New Sage Library records will be added to Unicorn in the near future. Systems is working on procedures for handling the item records.

10. Entomology: Contrary to informal communications TAS had received, there is no formal status change, though many items are being transferred. Newly received materials are still being cataloged to Entomology.

11. "In-Library" status: Materials received and still in TSB currently have the status "in library" in Unicorn. There was agreement that catalogers will leave the status as "in process" to more accurately reflect the location and libraries will change the status to "in library" when they are received to be shelved. As Dana was coincidentally again not represented for this discussion, PG will contact Dana before effecting this decision.

12. All CDPER items for Douglass now have holdings. Kilmer records will be completed in the near future.

13. REFDESK: Robeson (Camden) initiated through Theo Haynes a request for a new shelving location, REFDESK. Rhonda Marker will consult with other libraries about the need and it is likely it will be implemented. Requests for new shelving locations (item types) should be sent to the Head of Cataloging (this is a restatement of present policy).

Future meeting: Friday, January 16 - 9:30; Thursday, February 5 - 1:30;
Thursday, March 5 - 9:30 all at TSB.

Ann Montanaro

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