Minutes of SACOTAS February 5, 1998 Meeting

Peter Graham, Mary Page, Rhonda Marker, Hariette Hemmasi, Rebecca Gardner, Ann Montanaro, Theo Haynes, Ray Schwartz, Farideh Tehrani, Judy Jeng, Al King.

[Thanks to Ray Schwartz for these, which he did as he went out the door and which I have very slightly modified as a result of the 3/5/98 meeting. As usual, these minutes and those of other committees are currently being maintained at <URL:xxxxx>. --pg]


VALE - Discussions continue on the interface. Allocated funds will probably not be spent till next fiscal year.

The Middle States Accreditation teams will be at Rutgers on March 30 and 31. Cabinet and the Long Range Planning Committee will each meet with a team.

Special Collections will have an exhibit on 100 years of printing. It will be curated by Michael Joseph and Ron Becker.

Ryoko Toyama announced the TEC proposal for a New Media Center. This proposal is in conjunction with the SCC.

There was some discussion of how RUL should manage its technical support. A committee will be formed to advise as to what technical expertise is required for faculty lines.

Marianne Gaunt will meet three times a year with untenured librarians as a group to discuss the tenure process.


Tessa Evans is on medical leave. Peter Graham is the interim head of acquisitions.


Dale Stevens has been hired to fill the cataloging position.


Data still needs to be extracted from the GEAC machine.

Systems is requesting to bring down SIRSI for two days during Spring break to test restoring the system.

The Windows95 installation in TSB is complete. The work is taking longer than expected. Kilmer Library is next in the queue.

INNOPAC has run out of order records [this problem has since been addressed and resolved]. [Innopac] will be switched off [after the end of the fiscal year, i.e. July 1].

Systems is working with Blackwell on downloading approval records.

Ann Montanaro handed out a list of tasks to be done by Systems.

Ray Schwartz reported on his and Mary Beth Weber's meeting with SACOPS concerning the CD-ROM task force report. SACOPS decided that there should be at least four sublocations for computer files. They are STACKS-COM, REF-COM, PER-COM, and DOCUS-COM. STACKS-COM would replace COMFIL. REF-COM would replace COMREF. PER-COM would replace CD-PER. SACOTAS will consider how to implement at the next meeting.

Rhonda Marker reported on the problem of brief circulation records not being updated to full cataloging. She will review the procedures concerning this area.


Theo Haynes - Robeson Library's Technical Services Position is still open

Mary Page - There will be a training session on claiming through SIRSI.

Next SACOTAS Meeting is March 5, 1998 at 9:30am at TSB.

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