Minutes of SACOTAS March 5, 1998 Meeting

Peter Graham, Mary Page, Theo Haynes, Hariette Hemmasi, Ann Montanaro, Rhonda Marker, Rebecca Gardner, Al King, Mary Beth Weber, Judy Jeng, Gracemary Smulewitz [recorder]


Cabinet Report -

Middle States Accreditation - 20-25 member team will be at Rutgers on 3/30-3/31/98. There will be an open meeting on Tuesday for the visiting team. Cabinet will meet with a subcommittee and will be available for spontaneous meetings. Subcommittees will meet on Newark and Robeson campuses as well as New Brunswick.

VALE - Negotiations with OCLC and OVID are continuing.

Training: A needs assessment will be done. Francoise Puniello, Samson Soong and Catherine Geddis will work on a more coherent course of action to improve training, system wide.

Distance Education and University of Phoenix - issues to be considered - the degree of collaboration between Rutgers and Phoenix, particularly how much library support should be offered by Rutgers. Does it conflict or compete with the model that Rutgers is developing for Distance Education?

Scheduling of meetings to consider Camden and Newark needs- It is important to assure that Camden and Newark are actively engaged when structuring meetings. It might be helpful to try and group meetings together. Also, it is important to give considerable advanced notice of scheduled meetings. Camden and Newark's availability should be confirmed and minutes of meetings should include a list of handouts available at a meeting.

Copyright Seminar - A day long workshop covering copyright issues will take place in New Brunswick on March 27. More information is forthcoming.

Criminal Justice program at Camden - Gary Golden announced that a Criminal Justice program has been approved for the Camden campus. Are there now issues to consider in conjunction with Newark's Criminal Justice program?

SERC II will be known as ARC building - ARC stands for Allison Road Center

University Card - The University is developing a university card. It will include a picture ID, name and 2 barcodes and will replace the current ID and library card for all staff, faculty and students. It should be developed this spring and be in use for students for Fall ë99. It may serve as debit card for students as well. There is a concept document describing its intent.

Acquisitions Report -

Peter Graham is spending approximately 20% of his time with the Acquisitions Department. The Recurring Order project is 75% complete. There is a high number of firm orders awaiting entry. The department will get them out after the recurring order project is complete. It will then be a good time to look at how firm orders are developed and processed. End processing will be delayed until most firm orders are in. Consequently, End Processing is projected to fall several weeks behind.

Cataloging Report -

Rhonda Marker reported that Contact and Copy cataloging are still catching up on backlog. Documentation is being reviewed. Official GEAC language is being removed. Much of the cataloging documention is now available on Bob Warwick's home page. An official homepage for the TAS departments is soon to be available. Those using the TAS web pages to access Systems, Acquisitions and Cataloging information should give feedback to Peter Graham.

The CONSER guidelines for electronic journals suggests cataloging the ejournals in a serials format. Lida Sak has begun to catalog new electronic journals as serials.

Ejournals cataloged in MRDF are being evaluated for recataloging in serials. There are very few if any disadvantages except for difficulty in determining whether an electronic document is a serial.

Systems Report -

Ann Montanaro reported that March 17th is Ergonomics day at TSB. All library staff are invited. There will be speakers from OHS. Small examples of ergonomically correct items to improve work environment will be on display as well as other material. More information is forthcoming.

Systems has established a priority service list which is on the Systems' Web Page. On that page one can find the schedule for the installation of Windows 95.

Systems is evaluating the different types of barcode readers (guns) that are on the market including one from SIRSI that is considerably cheaper (approx. $200 cheaper). The new University ID cards which will include library patron barcodes have to be taken into consideration when purchasing the new guns. The guns must be able to read them.

March 18th has been targeted as a date when everything server related will be down. The intent is to get the electrical work in the machine room done so that GEAC can be removed. Everything will be down one additional day in order for the work to be completed. It is projected to be some time in May. [CHANGE: the server will not be down in March, but only in May. --pg]

LIS report -

Unicorn98 and Workflows

Unicorn98 is the next release. We are now at 9.2.2. From now on releases will include the year to identify them. We will be getting "Workflows" as a new client which will take the place of the "Infoview" configuration. It will be a true Windows format. SIRSI will be releasing "Wizards" which will allow someone to design a workflow for an operation. This new release will not operate on 486 PCs. There are about a dozen 486 PCs that will need to be replaced. If Windows 95 is not installed in a PC > that PC can not operate "Workflows". "Workflows" is network aware which means there will be no need to update programs or screens in the future.

CD-roms and Computer File Sublocations -

General procedures for new sublocation requests - they should be presented to the Head of Cataloging. After appropriate consultations, she will submit request to Systems and they will update lists.

Current changes will proceed as follows:

  1. Rhonda Marker will ask Mark Witteman to add the four new categories to be used for newly cataloged material. They are: STACKS-COM, REF-COM, PER-COM, AND DOCUS-COM.
  2. Bob Warwick will create a list of libraries using the old cd categories.
  3. Library technical services staff will look at these lists and analyze the current collections to determine if a swap from the old sublocation to the equivalent new sublocation is appropriate.
  4. The technical services staff will communicate issues to Rhonda Marker.
  5. There is an apparent problem with existing Summary Holding Statements regarding the new cd sublocations. CDPER appears in the note field for many titles and is in conflict with PER-COM. Ann Montanaro will report on how many records now have CDPER in them. Then appropriate action will be taken.
  6. Cataloging monograph-like networked material -

    Theo Haynes raised the matter of cataloging of monograph-like networked resources. The AULs are developing a "chart and table" to describe the progress made in implementing particular networked resources at Rutgers. It will enable someone to determine at any time what stage the implementation is in; however, it deals primarily with ejournals and data bases. Meanwhile, Jim Nettleman has raised issues regarding the cataloging of monograph-like resources, in particular some non-profit networked reports of organizations the University belongs to.

    These are Collection Development issues. Things to consider: what do we acquire and/or make available? If we catalog what is soon to disappear from a network, the implications and maintenance of this material is significant, specifically the responsibilities for Rutgers University Libraries. An example of this problem: 1997 State of the Union Address given by the Governor of New Jersey was networked and then was replaced by the 1998 address. Can the maintenance issue be indicated in the record itself? Jim Nettleman has been asked to take this issue to SACCDM as well. SACOTAS agreed that cataloging should get examples and explore process and problems on an experimental basis.

    Round Robin -

    Rebecca Gardner reported that Kilmer library is putting Recreational Reading Collection into online catalog in brief record format or adding to existing records. PG requested that Kilmer be asked not to do this until SACOTAS has had a full discussion of the systemwide impact, probably at the next meeting. There are systemwide implications including for the request service, interlibrary loan, authority control, and bibliographic quality. PG reasserted that the cataloging department has responsibility for the catalog and for policies and procedures associated with it.

    Harriette Hemmasi reported that the project to load scores into SIRSI is complete.

    Next SACOTAS meeting: April 2nd, 9:30 A.M., TSB Conference Room

    Submitted by Gracemary Smulewitz 3/11/98 [with additions and changes by Peter Graham]

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