Minutes of Standing Advisory Committee on Technical and Automated Services
(SACOTAS) May 7, 1998

Ann Montanaro, Rhonda Marker, Mary Page, Harriette Hemmasi, Judy Jeng, Judy Gardner, Al King, Peter Graham (chair and recorder).
Jeris Cassell, Farideh Tehrani, Stan Nash Theo Haynes, Rebecca Gardner, Mary Beth Weber, Tessa Perry Evans (on leave), Mei-Ling Lo (on leave)

Distributions at meeting:

1. Minutes: The previous meeting's minutes were accepted. Mary Page asked that a small qualification be noted, i.e. that in the NB Collections Services area no personnel changes are planned for now; they may be later.

2. AUL/TNIS report (PG): PG reported on recent Cabinet meetings and on the recent formation of the University's Copyright Policy Advisory Committee, on which he and Jeanne Boyle have been asked to serve.

3. Acquisitions report (PG): As the statistics show, the order rush is over and the receipts for firm orders are beginning to arrive in quantity. A major activity of the department now is helping the Finance Office get invoices entered into the system so that payment (already done off the system) can be entered and shown in Unicorn.

End-processing: at previous meetings PG had reported that end-processing, like other non-financial activities, had been given second priority. However it appears that with the voucher help we have hired we got more books out the door in April than in any previous month this year (about 3500-4000). In the process of determining this a potential double-counting in the reported statistics for end-processing was discovered; this will be tracked down shortly and corrected (or better understood; it may simply be a misunderstanding). It may affect numbers for the entire year in the range of about 10%. There remains a considerable number of books waiting for end-processing but the books are in progress.

4. Cataloging report (RJM): Cataloging productivity has consistently risen over the year with a curve of increase better than the previous year; the staff is now up to full complement and fully trained, and familiar with Unicorn.

The backlog (see statistics) was discussed and a terminological problem discovered which will be cleared up in the next version of the statistics. Cataloging intends to do a fresh count of the backlog in the days the system is down in May.

FastCat implementation has begun, with Copy/Contact Cataloging (CCC) taking responsibility for Strand and Barnes&Noble books in hand, cataloging them when copy is available, creating brief records when not, and entering order information.

A new Lib. Assoc. I has been hired: Mary Alice Cicerale, formerly of RUL and in recent years at the library of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She is expected to start June 8.

Collection-level record usage has been expanded, due to the efforts of Michael Joseph, to include non-rare cookbooks for SpCol/A; this will obviate a certain amount of original cataloging.

Some large records that were oversize in Geac have now been combined for entry into Unicorn. CAS and the Thomas Register, with over 800 items each, now display properly in Unicorn.

Marjorie Li attended an East Asian conference at LoC discussing Pin-Yin conversion and other matters, including NACO and SACO. She will soon do a brown bag lunch on the implications of the conversion.

Several questions were asked: Q. are all backlog items in Unicorn? A. Yes, most have records, either order records or other brief records. Systems is identifying a couple of thousand records in Innopac that need to be moved to Sirsi before Innopac is brought down. Q. What percent of the backlog is current materials as opposed to older materials? A. About 85%; it's important to note that though the backlog numbers recently have appeared to be constant, in fact the materials are moving out of the backlog about as fast as they are moving in; the backlog is turning over every three months. It was suggested that our statistics should show the oldest item in the backlog. There was a discussion about the merits of moving backlog materials to the shelves with only classification; the consensus was that at this time the backlog problem is on the way to solution and such a process is not now necessary.

Recon: HAH asked if this would be a good time to begin talking about using resources for recon; the committee agreed that with changes in workflow, and the clear interest in recon expressed in the long-range plan, that this would be a good idea. At the next SACOTAS meeting we will brainstorm how to proceed in recon in some effective way.

Cataloging RUL Web resources: HAH asked if the Libraries' subject pages should perhaps be cataloged, and if the e-journals page should be cataloged. There was general agreement that TAS could do this and we would welcome public services and other suggestions. HAH will take the matter to SACOPS for their discussion and recommendation.

5. Systems Report (AM): Two micro support staff have resigned; for the near term two full-time temporary staff have been hired. May 27-28, as previously announced, all RUL systems in TSB will be down: Ovid, Unicorn, WebCat, Web pages, etc. This will allow rewiring and removal of old (Geac) equipment and reconfiguration of the machine room. RUL servers and facilities in other buildings (e.g. LSM, SCC) will not be affected, nor will email (except for TAS).

The Windows95 upgrades for staff systems are mostly down; some machines are awaiting memory upgrades now on order. By the conclusion of the upgrades there should be no more non-Pentium machines (except in Newark).

Innopac will go off maintenance July 1, 1998, as announced. We will continue to run it until it fails or it is no longer useful, but critical data should be moved off it before that date.

6. LIS Matters: RJM reported that workshops in advanced Unicorn searching are being scheduled for all 3 campuses. In NB, groups should be encouraged to sign up and attend together, as the interactions back at the shop are improved.

7. Microcomputer support in the Libraries (AM): Ann presented the draft document which had been previously distributed. In the discussions the following was concluded:
--the references to PCWG will be struck as it is a separate issue and other discussions may affect the organization of support outside of Systems;
--the document does not describe standards (i.e. which word processor is to be used); that is a separate matter;
--a number of minor changes were suggested;
--after the next draft, PG will take it to Cabinet for discussion and approval.

8. SAC Structure (PG et al): The Faculty Coordinator (MP) had sent a message to the AULs and others asking for comments on the Coordinating Committee's early proposals about changing SAC composition. The following emerged:
--the Cataloging Head, left off by mischance, should of course be on SACOTAS;
--some provision for election of representatives should be found;
--the AULs need the flexibility to appoint useful people from time to time, while there is some concern about potential "packing" of the SACs; but there was a consensus that only 2 AUL appointees was probably low;
--it would be useful to assure that heads of other RUL cataloging agencies are on SACOTAS (e.g. Music, Jazz);
--non-faculty (i.e., staff) may certainly be among the SAC membership;
--the SAC composition should further communication in both directions, i.e. bringing important concerns to the SAC and the AUL, but also transmitting information and decisions from the SAC to the libraries;
--everyone should make their concerns known to the Coordinating Committee by responding to the Coordinator's memo.

9. Round-robin:
RJM (TAS) will be on sabbatical July-December; Mary Beth Weber will act as Head of Cataloging.
Al King (SpCol/UA) reported another use of collection-level records in SpCol/UA, i.e. for the WW II poster collection.
Mary Page (NB) reported on Terry Appignani's retirement as of the day.

Next meeting: Robeson Library (Camden), 9.30 a.m., Thursday, June 4.
The following meeting will be at 1.30 p.m., Thursday, July 9, at TSB.

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