Minutes of SACOTAS 8/6/98 Minutes

Harriette Hemmasi (chair), Judy Jeng (recorder), Theo Haynes, Marty Kesselman, Al King, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Margaret Papai, Roberta Tipton, Mary Beth Weber

[Thanks to Mary Beth Weber who helped revise the minutes.]

1. Chair Report -- Harriette Hemmasi

Harriette welcomed two new members to SACOTAS: Roberta Tipton (elected member), and Margaret Papai (Music Library representative).

Jane Sloan was named as the acting Head of Acquisitions.

The positions of Communications Coordinator and WebMaster have been filled. Harry Glazer, the Communications Coordinator, has joined RUL. The WebMaster and Communications Coordinator will begin in September.

President Lawrence has named the next academic year as the "Year of Network." A committee for public relations was formed. Some 90 key buildings at the University will be networked as a part of the RUNet 2000 project.

Marianne Gaunt was elected as the chair of VALE Steering Committee. There are currently 45 NJ institutional participants in the VALE Project.

Materials budget for 1998/99 was discussed at Cabinet and SACCDM. RUL will have to cancel some $250,000 serials. The focus will be on titles duplicated in print and electronic formats. The Libraries will receive a half million from Reinvest Rutgers. There is also a possibility of receiving another half million, but these monies will not be available in time to offset serials price increases.

There are some 2,000 titles in ProQuest Direct, including 1,300 full-text. Of these, 295 new titles need cataloging records. Lida Sak will catalog those titles as well as update holdings on the other 1000 ProQuest titles already cataloged by RUL. CD-ROMs which duplicate ProQuest titles will eventually be removed from Kilmer and Douglass Libraries.

The roll-over of outstanding order records from fiscal year 1998 to 1999 is now completed. Acquisitions is up-to-date with priority one orders.

2. Head of Cataloging Report -- Mary Beth Weber
A success. Issues discussed included workflow, cross training and, retrospective conversion. Several good suggestions were made by the staff.

The backlog count for the Annex has been changed.Beginning from 8/98 statistics, "Items in Annex" means total cataloging backlog held in Annex. This is different from the previous reporting where "Items in Annex" included only new backlog added to Annex in the month.

Two candidates will be interviews later this month for the Librarian V position. The vacant staff position in Database Management has been posted. A temporary librarian has been hired to help with some clean-up projects in cataloging. This position is for 8/98 to 12/98.

Two additional voucher positions will be filled to help with RRS. Ruth Dyer will serve as the Temporary Requests Coordinator while Bob is on vacation.

400 books remain to be cataloged for the McDonnell Collection gift.

There is a large list in Innopac (over 1000 titles) of uncataloged materials. The list must be organized before the titles can be searched. Cataloged titles will be deleted from the list. Uncataloged titles will be posted on a page maintained throught the Systems Web page.

CJK cataloging procedures have been updated and revised. Two things are taking place: (1) procedures were developed for upgrading about 3000 brief acquisitions records for books stored in the Annex; the project will begin Sept 1; (2) Marjorie Li will begin contributing CJK cataloging records to IRIS; only the English transliterations (not the vernacular) will display since Unicorn is not yet configured to display non-Roman alphabets. The benefit is that access will be created for CJK materials. On July 22, Marjorie began to SmartPort records she cataloged on RLIN into IRIS. Previously, CJK records had been in a "save" mode on RLIN. During that time, brief records were created by the Circulation staff whenever CJK books were checked out. Database management will work with Marjorie to merge and delete brief circulation records.

The possibility of using Blackwell's MARC Plus service to provide RUL with complete cataloging data on both approval books is being explored. The service also includes adding table of content notes with authors and titles (MARC tag 505). This field is searchable via the keyword search in IRIS. The estimated cost of MARC Plus service is $1.25 per book. Mary Beth will work with BNA on more details. The possibility of using this service for firm orders via slips will also be investigated.

3. Systems Report -- Ann Montanaro
Dave is currently working full-time on VALE project. Unicorn 98.2 will be installed in the evening of 8/12. The system will be up late on 8/13. There are currently a shortage of two staff at Systems. Newark and Camden now has one student each to handle system maintenance.<

4. LIS Updates -- Mary Page
Gracemary is attending a MARC Holdings Workshop in Atlanta sponsored by Solinet.

The MARC Holdings Implementation Group, comprising of Mary Page, Gracemary Smulewitz, Bob Warwick, and Lida Sak discussed ways to implement this labor intensive and complex project at RUL. Training of staff to read MARC formats will be essential. There are also implications for public services staff.

5. Items sent for Priority Cataloging -- Hemmasi

No more than 10% of items sent for cataloging should be marked for priority cataloging. The new Acting Head of Acquisitions will work on revising current processing slips to help distinguish between priority ordering and priority cataloging.

6. Gift items sent to Acquisitions -- Hemmasi

Units should ship gifts and direct receipts in separate boxes. They receive different priority in the workflow.

7. Sage records

Concerns regarding the loading of Sage records into Unicorn include the need for RUL staff to add holdings records to each title.

SACOTAS agreed that the decision to continue providing access to SAGE records is more a public services and collection development concern. RUL has not collected heavily in religion since access to the SAGE collection is readily available. A question was raised whether it would be beneficial to RUL to request SAGE materials via RRS. SACOTAS would like for SACOTAS and SACCDM to comment on whether RUL should continue to load SAGE records into IRIS.

8. Retrospective Conversion -- Hemmasi

Harriette requested that each campus representative to send her a list and count of collections that have no catalog records, either print or electronic. If the collections have had some treatments such as finding aids, they should be so marked. Mary Beth will work with Harriette to create guidelines to distribute to campus representatives for wider solicitation of input. A working group on RECON will be established thru TAS. The group will be expected to devise a RECON plan before the end of the Fall semester.

9. Government Documents Records in Unicorn

There are currently some 14,000 circ records for government documents records in Unicorn. These records are not available in the OPAC. All are shadowed in the staff side of Unicorn. TAS will provide full cataloging for these items if they circulate again and if they are sent to TAS for cataloging.

10. Review and Ranking Goals in Long Range Plan

Retrospective conversion and related issues received unanimous agreement as the top priority.



3 categories:

# 1 = 3 points
# 2 = 2 points
# 3 = 1 point

9 people present, casting one vote in each category
total # of votes = 54

23 create electronic records for all items existing in Rutgers collections
7 improve existing records to assist in more complete and effective retrieval
6 create finding aids for specialized materials
5 create mechanisms to link catalog records to the digital full text or to library holdings
4 provide information services electronically to remote users
3 continually assess impact of library technology and realign and expand staffing as needed
3 begin digitization projects
2 implement user-initiated services, such as self-checkout of library materials, and journal article and interlibrary loan requests
1 expand and refine human resources development program


As the discussion progressed, SACOTAS members were interested in providing more rankings for additional goals. Most of these goals are found in Long-Range

Plan; some are more free form.


provide information services electronically to remote users
2 on-going commitment to keeping technical skills of staff and librarians current
2 invest in and encourage staff; provide greater opportunities
2 envision and create future developments
2 authority control
2 expand collection resources to an appropriate level for current programs in order for Rutgers to gain a competitive edge for faculty and students
2 continually assess impact of library technology and realigh and expand staffing as needed
1 preservation of electronic resources
1 preservation of all materials
1 collaborate with other institutions for collection development
1 improve remote access, both within and outside RUL
1 focus collection support in areas of emphasis as outlined in the university Strategic Plan, with particular attention to the areas in which Rutgers collections are currently weak, such as global and international studies
1 continuous funding for technological upgrades

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