Minutes of Minutes of SACOTAS, December 3, 1998

Harriette Hemmasi, conducting; Judy Jeng; Marty Kesselman; Al King; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Mary Page; Jane Sloan; Roberta Tipton; Mary Beth

AUL report.

Harriette encouraged committee members to submit suggestions for topics for future meetings.

The Authorities Committee is in the process of confirming their selection of an authorities vendor. Samples of the database will go to the top three vendors and a selection will be made after the results are reviewed. It is projected that the work will be completed in the Summer of 1999.

Questions about recon were sent to four vendors and their responses are being reviewed. New funding is required to support a recon project.

The Networked Resource Request Form is being used and reviewed. It will eventually be a web form available to be completed and printed. Harriette has received many requests which are being reviewed and processed.

There was a discussion of the role of the SACs and whether they should continue or whether one committee should be formed. Concern was raised about representation, opportunities for non-tenured faculty, and the need for additional sub-committees and/or task forces. There was agreement that, for the time, being it is useful to have the AULs attend all Standing Advisory Committee meetings.


Jane reported that they are working on procedures for handling recurring orders.

E-journals should be ordered and paid from periodical fund codes. The Blackwell's visit on December 1 was very successful and Acquisitions is reviewing their procedures to take advantage of Blackwell's discounts and services.


Mary Beth announced that the line for Special Projects cataloger is still open. Cataloging and Acquistions are working to streamline procedures for handling Camden Strand purchases.


Ann announced that the existing Novell servers will each be replaced in the near future. Unicorn WorkFlows is being reviewed for use in Acquisitions and should be installed there soon and in Circulation departments during Spring break.

* The LIS Implementation Committee will discuss the recommendation for the LIS Training Coordinator position at the afternoon meeting.

* The Annex Working Group document was reviewed with special attention paid to the sections on selection and criteria for preparing materials for storage.

* In Unicorn the CAT DATE default is NEVER. The date should only be changed by catalogers when the item is cataloged. That date will be used as the selection field for sending bibliographic records to RLIN. Records with the date of August 16, 1997 were loaded from Geac. A constant date will be established for all items cataloged in Unicorn before November, 1998. All items cataloged after November 1, 1998 will have the exact date in the record.

Brief records will have the default NEVER in the CAT DATE.

Annuals. Currently annuals received in Acquisitions are not being processed immediately. Jane will work with Mary Beth to work out procedures for handling them upon receipt.

Archiving electronic resources.

University departments are discussing having e-journals housed at RUL. There was a brief discussion of the issues involved : Should the archive be at RUL or RUCS? What is the library role? Is the library a publisher? Distributor? What are the intellectual property issues throughout the university?

Five year plan strategies.

The committee discussed ways of addressing the SACOTAS goals from the Five Year Plan. It was agreed that the following goals would be reviewed at the January meeting and that, as a group, recommendations would be made about how to fulfill the goal. Goals to be discussed at the January meeting are:

  1. Create electronic records for all items existing in Rutgers collection.
  2. Improve existing records to assist in more complete and effective retrieval.
  3. Create mechanisms to link catalog records to digital full text or library holdings.

Round Robin.

Jane announced that Blackwell's invoices will be changed and there will be one per box and not one per book.

Bobbi said the Financial Training was well received in Newark. When orders were viewed questions were raised about rush orders. How are they processed, what happens when they are received, and what is done if they are not received. Jane is working on documentation detailing the procedures.

Mark Witteman will present a demonstration of WorkFlows for cataloging on December 9 at 9:30 and 2:00 in the SCC Information Handling Lab.

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