Minutes of SACOTAS May 6, 1999

Haynes (recorder), Hemmasi, Kesselman, King, Marker, Montanaro, Papai, Sewell, Tipton

Handouts distributed: Monograph and Serials order request/change forms; 930 cleanup project webpage; Draft: Networked Resources Evaluation/Selection Teams

  1. AUL/TAS Report (H. Hemmasi)
    • Vale is now available with a new interface; all questions regarding Vale and its databases should be sent to AAL.
    • Y2K contingency plans: a draft document is to be prepared and will be discussed by SACs and other groups w/in RUL
    • brief review of CNI meeting and activities; distributed URL by email for access to document, "How to be Fit" for electronic competencies [secretary's note: Is this like the document Coordinating Committee tried to come up with?]
    • brief report on attendance at ARL Licensing Workshop
    • SIRSI User's Group Meeting will be the 1st week in June. A. Montanaro, R. Marker, MB Weber, G. Smulewitz, J. Gardner, N. Hendrickson, and H. Hemmasi will attend.
  2. Acquisitions Report (J. Sloan)
    • Cataloging all currently received and paid for government documents: monographic series, recurring orders, UN and World Bank
    • changes at Blackwell's: bought Academic Press, then put AP people in charge of domestic operations; Steve Sutton has resigned; Pat Adams is our local representative
    • RUL will reexamine approval plans including slip plans.
    • J. Sloan is working w/selectors to revise approval plan profiles
  3. Cataloging Report (R. Marker)
    • Anna Ashikhmina, new catalog librarian V, begins June 1
    • Lonnie Johnson, RUL intern, is working in TAS this summer due to graduation of current Gas, 2 cataloging graduate assistant positions need to be filled; Limon Teh will begin working with L. Sak on July 1 as the serials GA
    • implementation plans for authority control are under consideration; training and work flow issues are major considerations
    • in response to the document on RU-Online and use of the 856 field, additional procedures that apply to monographas as well as serials are being written and will be posted to the web page
    • brief report on attendance at "Cataloging Now Institute;" L. Sak, MB Weber, and R. Marker attended this Cooperative Cataloging program or use of the CORE record; the core record is a set of standards agreed upon as an alternative to the AACR2 full record description; discussion included how core record is being used at LC and other places; more discussion will take place at RUL, but probably the core record will not be the default and it won't have much impact on the original cataloging since we do little.
  4. Systems Report (A. Montanaro)
    • finished installing and upgrading Novell servers; all machines are Y2K compliant
    • 2 open lines in Systems
    • K. Ananthan and B. Warwick will go to Huntsville for API training; this training allows staff to create customimzed changes and reports thru Unicorn
    • test catalog tape sent to LTI for authority processing
    • still working with RLG to upload RUL cataloging tapes to RLIN; tedious, tag-by-tag process
  5. 930 Cleanup Discussion (H. Hemmasi)
    • list distributed. It is available at on the staff pages.
    • Music and Robeson agreed to fix their records
    • for some records listed there may not be a real problem; all titles will need to be checked
    • Hemmasi asked individual libraries to communicate with her if they will need help with this project
    • it was agreed that even if gaps cannot be noted, beginning dates for each 930 should be entered
    • use of the kardex or inhouse serials list (Dana) might prove a useful tool to determine beginning date
    • if there is not enough local staff to complete project, submit TAS may be able to provide assistance
  6. Acquisitions Order Form (J. Sloan)
    • for monographs, use just as at present
    • new forms allow units to batch bibliographic descriptions of items to be ordered, and attach only on order form for each group with same fund code and instructions for serials
    • back issues/replacements need an order form, as a firm order, so use form to document the order new serials orders must go first through unit TS/CS departments
    • unit TS/CS creates brief bibliographic record in IRIS & unit TS/CS creates a serials control record; otherwise title's non-receipt is not systematically noticed
  7. Impact of not uploading to OCLC (H. Hemmasi)
    • question about impact of proposed involvement of state with Ameritech ILL system; will this mean that the state will not need OCLC for ILL, but will instead allow the search of each institution's catalog?
    • asked if discontinuing upload would affect price of searching OCLC; OCLC is an important resource for bibliographic and authority records; we would not want to lose access to this information
    • do we have an obligation to the state to continue uploading; what other research libraries do not contribute to OCLC?
    • noted importance of having RUL's presence on world's largest bibliographic database
  8. Networked Resources Evaluation/Selection Teams proposal (H. Hemmasi, B. Sewell)
    • there is some overlap between work of the teams
    • teams should determine the resources to evaluate or respond to demand
    • collaboration seems like it ought to be possible
    • all will do the same type of evaluation; all are standing committees
    • Rapid Response Team will be supplemented by subject selectors, as needed
    • Rapid Response Team will reply to Bob Sewell in a short time frame
    • discussion included suggestion that we use subject selector groups already in existence
    • recommendation made that a generalist selection group is needed for evaluation: perhaps could use instructional services committee
    • charges for Rapid Response Team should include content; other teams need to include usability
    • how prescriptive does the document need to be?
    • AULs will send revised document to faculty coordinator for larger faculty review
    • if SACOTAS members have additional comments, send to Hemmasi
  9. Round Robin:
    General discussion:
    • need for differentiation between electronic resources on our web site; suggestion to add dollar sign next to items for which we pay
    • user tends to use common search methodology regardless of interface
    • there is a need for a common interface and more tutorials.
    • B. Sewell: the RUL Library Budget Advisory report will soon be completed; it will recommend an increase for a 5-year period for collections and will recommend funding for recon.
    • M. Papai: Hungarian Foundation web page was distributed and is now available online.
    • A. King: Special Collections has an exhibit on the History of Medicine in NJ; exhibit will remain for 10-12 weeks. Panel exhibit currently in Alex as well; this will tour the state soon.
  10. Next meeting: June 10, 1:30 p.m., TBS.

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