Minutes of August 5, 1999 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Howard Dess, Theo Haynes, Harriette Hemmasi, Linda Langschied, Rhonda Marker (recorder), Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Lida Sak, Robert Sewell, Jane Sloan

Howard Dess was elected as the Technical Services Council (TSC) representative to the Coordinating Committee. Lida Sak will be the alternate/backup.

AUL/TAS report: (H. Hemmasi)

The job description for the New Jersey State Library-funded position for VALE has been written and will be posted soon. It is a one-year, grant-funded appointment, with the possibility of renewal. It is posted at the Systems Programmer III level, Range 26.

The 1998-99 achievements, goals, etc.of SACOTAS have been posted with the minutes of the SACOTAS meetings. The inventory of uncataloged collections will soon be posted to the TSC web pages.

The Collection Development Council is reviewing the document proposing the Selection/Evaluation Teams for networked resources.

Acquisitions report: (J. Sloan)
Acquisitions is moving through the roll-over from 1999 to 2000. The 1999 records should be purged by the beginning of next week Purging will effectively remove the duplicate records that now exist for all the 7000+ orders that were rolled over into 2000. An accidental by-product of rollover has been that last year's expenditures on subscription orders will appear as a commitment (encumbered) for this year.

Cataloging report: (R. Marker)
The Cataloging Department is reviewing a large number of special projects that have come to the attention of Database Management this summer. A high priority has been given to eliminating duplicate flex keys before the database is sent out for authorities processing later this fall. Another large project is phase 2 of the shelf list weeding. A deadline for that project depends on how much funding the Libraries receive for recon.

Cataloging and authorities wizards will be a part of Unicorn release 99.2, which is being installed in the test database now. Rhonda will give an informal preview/demo of the wizards next week. Training will follow.

Authority control implementation continues on schedule. The hit rate for the processing of the test database (over 19,700 bib records) was 97%. The LIS-Cataloging/Authority Control committee has reviewed the bib and authority records, and the reports from LTI (authorities vendor).

Systems report: (A. Montanaro)
Karen Oster begins on 8/9/99 as Unicorn Systems Administrator. She comes from Carnegie Mellon University, which has already installed the 99.2 Unicorn software upgrade.

Armen Varjabedian has resigned as of September 7. Other open positions in Systems include the VALE position and a Unix administrator.

We will begin using InnoculateIt as our PC virus checker.

Systems will be changing client software on PC's to support RUNet 2000, beginning in LSM on August 5.

A new payroll systems is coming, probably by the first of September. Actual implementation is slated for mid-semester.

Use of Error Report Form
The Web-based online error report form in IRIS may be used at any time but, in general, is not intended for routine cleanup of the database. The reason for this distinction is that the reports do not generate an email message (such as with Ask A Librarian), rather they must be run as a Unicorn list or report. As such, they are difficult to distribute and to provide individual responses. Error reports are first sent to the Database Management Section in TAS, not to the local technical services departments.

Holdings problems should be reported to unit technical services staff; bibliographic errors should be reported directly to TAS or through the online error report form. When doing a local project (e.g., updating 930 holdings, transferring items from one collection to another), errors and discrepancies should be filtered through the local technical services department.

Workplan to Carry out TSC Goals
Goal #1: Create electronic records for all items existing in Rutgers collections
WHAT: Identify particular collections to be cataloged (e.g. Gov Docs) among the uncataloged materials at RUL; these are titles that do not have full card catalog nor online records
HOW: General agreement that government documents are our highest priority A committee with Gov Docs and representatives from all the Councils should recommend how to rank priority of gov doc materials
WHAT: Identify gov docs records in IRIS which do not indicate complete holdings of the major depository collections (Alex and LSM)
HOW: Systems will run a report to count and list these; bring the report to TSC for analysis
WHAT: Purchase recon records and add all RUL duplicate copies to existing online records
HOW: TAS responsibility, with TSC consultation
WHAT: If not able to pay for vendor to do "adds" recon, begin this process in-house
HOW: TAS responsibility, with TSC consultation
WHAT: Purchase records for US depository documents, 1976-present
HOW: TSC ranked this as a higher priority than recon. The Government Documents Committee should put together a plan (with Systems input) by February/March; plan should include numbers, cost, and recommended process.
WHAT: Identify groups of materials appropriate for collection-level records with finding aids and make existing finding aids available on websites
HOW: This should happen soon. Investigate possibility of listing finding aids on the RUL web page: WAC-SC/UA-TAS responsibility. Write agenda article and hold a public presentation on this
WHAT: Assess duplication of journal backruns and weed before creating or updating records
HOW: TSC recommends: if the title is on JSTOR and there are duplicate backruns in New Brunswick, weed the duplicate backruns in New Brunswick. Refer to Collection Development Council for further refining

Goal #2: Improve existing records to assist in more complete and effective retrieval
WHAT: Implement authority control in IRIS
HOW: In process; Cataloging/Systems/PAC responsibility Will be complete by January 2000
WHAT: Upgrade brief bib records to full-level cataloging records
HOW: Lower priority than US depository gov docs catalog records, converting unique titles, and adding holdings to existing IRIS records Some of this is being done in-house: 3,700 last year in DBM, 3,000 in Music. There are about 150,000 brief records in IRIS
WHAT: Expand holdings records with added copies (e.g. Gov Docs) cataloged for CAMDN and KLMR; also listed above)
HOW: See above
WHAT: Continue to explore impact of implementing MARC holdings
HOW: Present UUGI program, first to TSC then to RUL faculty/staff
WHAT: Expand purchase of cataloging records for all orders (including firm or slip orders); quick receipt of records and table of contents enhancement important benefits
HOW: In process; Acquisitions and Cataloging responsibilities
WHAT: Explore possibility of importing full bib records to be attached to order records, instead of the brief bib records currently created
HOW: In process, will begin seeing these in the next few months; Acquisitions and Cataloging responsibilities

We will continue to review the other goals in future meetings.

Other reports:

Theo Haynes: Robeson has made most of their government documents weeding decisions. No new information on library construction

Ka-Neng Au: Mabel Williams (Dana T.S.) will be leaving soon

Bob Sewell: SC/UA is actively recruiting to replace Jan Reimer (preservation specialist). Mary Page has been appointed to the

Collection Development Council

Lida Sak: Ken Karol (GA in Cataloging) has found a professional position and has left the Cataloging Department/Serials Section

The next TSC meeting is tentatively schedule for Sept 2, 9:30 a.m., TSB Conference Room

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