Minutes of December 2, 1999 Meeting

K. Au, J. Boyle, H. Dess, T. Haynes, H. Hemmasi, A. King (recorder), M. Li, A. Montanaro, M. Page, J. Sloan


**Associate University Librarian (H. Hemmasi)
Hypertext links within RUL cataloging records for various commercial database packages were demonstrated and discussed. Examples reviewed included packages from a single vendor which bundle several titles together, without some of the component parts being clearly listed. Also discussed were packages in which links do, can, or will exist, within the package itself, to online versions of titles (including two packages in which links appear even if the local user's institution has no access to the linked titles). The need for subject selectors to be more involved, from the beginning, in supplying suggested notes and links for use in cataloging commercial database packages, and possibly in creating descriptions of them for use on web pages, was articulated during the discussion. (Handouts distributed: an IRIS cataloging record for CIS Statistical Universe and a 12/1/99 draft, one-page statement by H. Hemmasi: "Links to Full Text Through Web of Science.") Current and future access modes for both Beilstein CrossFire and its Autonom product, two chemistry-related databases, were reviewed by H. Dess and A. Montanaro as part of this discussion.

**Acquisitions (J. Sloan)
The timetable (showing deadlines, etc.) for the acquisitions cycle within a typical year will soon be sent to selectors in a somewhat revised version.

Routine online claiming was reviewed (after 21 days for priority 1 orders, six weeks for priority 2 and three months for normal orders). It was noted that most vendors don't reply to online inquiries about unfilled orders. Some orders being reviewed are older than six months; in the future, six months is expected to be the cutoff point at which orders will be canceled and either given to other vendors (about half of the canceled orders represent titles which can be located elsewhere through online searching) or returned to the selectors (for their information and possible further input).

A new (spine) labeling program using WORD on a PC is up and running in TSB. It uses the same, two-layer labels as before, but with different (more efficient) machinery. The dot matrix printer for the pin-fed labels is not quite as clear as a typewritter, but adequate. Minor problems are being worked out (e.g., smearing, text size), so that the system is not yet ready to be considered for use elsewhere in RUL. It was further noted that when labels do not fit on a volume's spine, they are no longer being cut to fit, but rather placed at the top left corner of the volume's front cover.

A printed copy of the online order form ("Monograph/Firm Order Request"), mentioned at a previous meeting, was distributed. It was noted that the form, which can accommodate more than one title per submission, is primarily intended for use in "cut and paste" situations where the original data about the item(s) to be ordered is in electronic form. Acquisitions continues to prefer to receive paper documentation for titles which are identified by selectors from printed sources.

H. Hemmasi noted that today was J. Sloan's last meeting. A search for a person to fill the acquisitions librarian's position will take place. In the meantime, H. Hemmasi will be working closely with Janet Howard.

**Cataloging (M. Li)

Priority cataloging allocations: A reminder was made that selectors need to comply with existing allocation ratios to avoid having the entire system of priority cataloging break down. (In the aggregate, priority 1 cataloging requests are expected to be no more than five percent of all requests and priority 2 no more than 15 percent.) The familiar colored slips should be used to indicate a title's status, if other than priority zero.

H. Hemmasi noted that Rhonda Marker is due back December 15th.

**Systems (A. Montanaro)

A shutdown of IRIS/UNICORN to begin January 2nd (expected to last about six days) will allow for two projects to be completed: installation of Unicorn release 99.2 (with staff function enhancements) and implementation of authority control. Web page access to online databases, etc., will not be affected during the shutdown, nor will access to RLIN--in which RUL record loading is current. (J. Boyle noted that she will be coordinating publicity re. the system shutdown.)

A job announcement for a one-year position in support of VALE has been posted.

The payroll system is up in test mode. Methods to speed response time are being investigated.


The Council reviewed sample pages from two system-generated reports identifying over 22,000 titles of U.S. and N.J. documents cataloged in IRIS with no holdings listed for LSM or ALEX, despite the documents' likely presence in one of the two libraries. (These materials had previously been identified as problem items, at times, for New Brunswick-area patrons and therefore the possible focus for a coordinated project of "adds." The number of such items had not previously been known.) It was decided to refer the reports to the revived/new Government Documents Special Interest Group (which is to report to the Technical Services Council); this group will hold its initial meeting soon.


    "CD ROM Materials at RUL," a two-page discussion document (12/2/99) by M. Page, was reviewed, together with a printout reproducing four relevant sample MARC records from the test system. A consensus emerged that just to identify new sub-locations for the items remaining in the now obsolete "COMFIL" sub-location was not adequate. It was felt that many issues concerning CD ROMs (including both handling concerns and public access issues) were still not being adequately addressed within RUL. It was concluded to revisit the entire issue, while the number of CD ROMs held by the library system is still comparatively small. H. Hemmasi and J. Boyle will discuss setting up a group to perform the review.


    "Recon at Rutgers University Libraries," a four-page draft publicity document (12/1/99) by H. Hemmasi, was reviewed and feedback solicited. In a condensed form, this text is targeted for the RUL Agenda.

    It was noted that stepped-up, pre-recon efforts to weed the central shelflists (by removing machine-generated cards) will take place during IRIS downtime in January.

    Percentages of titles for retrospective conversion by location were reviewed. It was the consensus of those present that beginning recon efforts with ALEX (53% of titles to be reconed) should be the priority.


    A review of the goals and workplan for 99/00 was deferred to a future meeting due to the late hour.

    Next meeting: January 6th, 2000

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