Minutes of the November 18, 2013 Meeting

The newly formed Committee on Universal Inclusion, charged with creating an inclusive Libraries community and a workplace that is based on respect and an appreciation of individual differences, had its first meeting on Nov. 18, 2013. Marianne Gaunt gave the group its official charge (full text copied below) and, with Lila Fredenberg, discussed past diversity and inclusion committees, task forces and other efforts at RUL. Members agreed that a broad approach to creating a culture of inclusion at RUL was necessary, and that some measures of success may not be possible to capture as simple statistics.

A plan of action for tackling the group's short timeline was addressed, with the following items prioritized:

Begin to Develop a Universal Inclusion website, to include information from across the University about inclusion and diversity initiatives and resources at various schools, offices and centers, as well as information from other university libraries and library professional organizations. The website will serve as a repository of information on fostering inclusion at RUL, and will include information on best practices, handouts, events, etc. The launch of the website will be in January 2014, and will be announced over RUL_Everyone.

Begin planning for twice-annual Universal Inclusion events, either sponsored or co-sponsored by RUL. The first event will (tentatively) be held by the end of January 2014.

Begin to develop a portal in RUcore for Rutgers-produced research on diversity and inclusion. The final portal will showcase the research being done across RU in areas such as diversity in healthcare, inclusive pedagogy, etc. and will help position RUL as a central organizing force for information on diversity and inclusion within the university. This portal can then be highlighted on the Universal Inclusion website, as well as on the websites of other centers around RU.

As the committee undertakes this work, all personnel are encouraged to become involved in the conversation about fostering inclusion and diversity, and are invited to share their thoughts about building an effective and inclusive community at RUL with any committee member.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the committee,

Committee Members

Committee on Universal Inclusion Charge - October 22, 2013

The Committee on Universal Inclusion is charged with dedication to the creation of an inclusive Libraries community through service and resources, as well as a workplace that is based on respect and an appreciation of individual differences. This Committee will assume the work and the mission of the former

The Committee on Universal Inclusion will be further charged as follows:

Develop a Universal Inclusion/Diversity Plan for the Libraries with specific and measurable goals by February 28, 2014 from which future work and assignments for the committee and the Libraries will be derived

Create a Universal Inclusion/Diversity website by January 15, 2014

Sponsor at least one system-wide Universal Inclusion/Diversity activity or program by January 15, 2014

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