Minutes of July 17, 2008 Meeting

K.Au, S.Bartz, S.Beck, E.Berger, N.Borisovets, J.Cassel, K.Denda, V.Dent, J.Gardner, T.Glynn, M.Kesselman, T. Kuchi, F.Puniello, C.Radick, W.Ren, R.Womack.

1. K.Denda called the meeting to order at 10:02am and the agenda was approved.

2. After introductions of everyone present, K.Denda conducted the election of the Chair. The two nominees were J.Cassel and M.Kesselman; J.Cassel was duly elected by a total of eleven votes to six. J.Cassel thanked K.Denda for convening the meeting and then proceeded to take up the remaining agenda items.

3. The group unanimously agreed to appoint M.Kesselman as the Council's representative to the Planning and Coordinating Committee.

4. V.Dent initiated discussion of the goals and purposes of the new Council. S. Bartz and J. Cassel shared information from the faculty by-laws. S.Harrington offered to provide a refresher on the background to the creation of the new Councils at the next meetinng. Also for the next meeting, V.Dent will share some of the key and ongoing issues that had been discussed by Public Services Council, the precursor to the User Services Council.

M.Kesselman raised concerns about the nature of reference statistics and questioned the practice and justification for collecting such statistics. S.Beck pointed out the recent availability of definitions of a reference transaction from RUSA:

There was a brief discussion on communication channels and the group agreed on distributing meeting agendas and minutes to the RUL_Everyone list. The group also requested that the Chairs of both USC and LRC meet on a regular basis to coordinate affairs of both Councils.

5. The meeting schedule was tentatively set for the fourth Thursday of each month, pending room availability. The next two meetings will be held on July 31 and August 28, 2008, from 9:30am to noon, in the Pane Room

The meeting was adjourned at 11:06am.

Submitted by K.Au

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