Minutes of August 28, 2008 Meeting

S. Bartz, S. Beck (recorder), J. Cassel (Chair), M. De Fino, J. Gardner, R. Gardner (for K. Au), M. Kesselman, T. Kuchi, C. Sterback, W. Ren, R. Womack.
E. Berger, N. Borisovets, V. Dent, S. Harrington, T. Glynn, F. Puniello, C. Radick

1. Preliminaries

Approval of Agenda approved as distributed
Distribution of Minutes (process)

Outcome: We agreed to get the minutes out in a timely fashion. Once they are approved by USC they will be sent to RUL Everyone List and Sam McDonald and to put up on our page by the recorder for the meeting.

2. Discussion of Prioritizing Goals and RUL Cabinet Focused Themes for 2008-2009

Expected Outcome:

Sharing of Group Issues and Priorities
Development of Goals and Action Plan

Supporting Documentation:

Jeanne Boyle's email from August 14 regarding themes (attached)
RUL Strategic Action Plan-- Year End Status of Activities

Outcome: After a detailed discussion of the Goals identified at the previous council meeting. The USC will focus on clarifying the following topical areas:

S. Beck and M. Kesselman volunteered to work further on the writing of the goals ensuring that they conform to the thematic rubrics established by Cabinet for the year:

The deadline for their work is September 12. The goals will then be distributed to the Council for comment. The expectation is that Council will begin the next meeting with a clear articulation of the goals. The deadline for USC comment will be September 19.

3. Maintenance of Searchlight

Expected Outcome: Action Plan

4. Database Default Settings

Expected Outcome: Action Plan

Outcome: Both of the above items were merged into one decision. The Council concluded that it is extremely important that a working group be developed to focus on these issues. The Council instructed the Chair to pursue the establishment of a Joint Working Group with recommendations of both Councils called the Database Interface Group (DIG). J. Cassel will create the charge and share it with M. Fetzer and proceed with further planning.

5. Next Meeting and Agenda Items

Expected Outcome: Confirmation of next meeting date

Outcome: USC will meet on September 25, 2008

Development of key agenda items for next meeting the agenda will continue to focus on the articulation and development of our goals.

6. Other action items not on the agenda:

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