Minutes of December 18, 2008 Meeting

Cassel, DeFino, Dent Goodman (notetaker), Beck, Bartz, Borisovets, Womack, Puniello, J. Gardner, Kuchi, Radick, Ren, Sterback, Glynn, McDonald (guest), Harrington, Au
Berger, Kesselman

1. New Books Demo (Bartz)

Following a live demo in the TLH, Stephanie Bartz asked the group to email her with any further feedback.

2. Marketing/PR Team (Glazer/Barbalace)

Harry Glazer and Rose Barbalace visited and talked about various ideas related to public services and marketing. Ka Neng Au was identified as the USC rep to the Marketing/PR Team. (Susan Beck added a comment that each USC agenda should have the USC goals listed at the bottom.) Harry reviewed the history of the marketing group. Rose talked about where users might go on the web site or otherwise to leave feedback, complaints, or compliments. She asked how we handle current feedback and mentioned that Ask A Librarian is the primary means for leaving feedback. Harry mentioned that he had touched base with Jeanne Boyle, who thought there might be some other way to gather user feedback or allow users to leave suggestions. Questions were asked about which ways might be more intuitive and more broadly based for users. Rose suggested that an analysis of the questions funneled through Ask A Librarian did not yield any really meaningful data. Triveni Kuchi suggested the concept of a suggestion box. Sara Harrington suggested using templates within Ask A Librarian to allow librarians to respond uniformly to certain questions about facilities, hours, physical states, parking, giving out change, etc. She also mentioned that there are a wide variety of issues that we cannot do anything about, but, users still deserve a response to their queries/complaints. Rose and Harry concurred saying that users must at least feel that they are being heard. Susan Beck talked about a program she knew of from another campus called "14 Days To Have Your Say", which involved soliciting feedback from users for 14 days, then using that feedback to compile a document which indicated how certain user concerns were going to be addressed. A number of librarians agreed that for those issues that are frequently brought up - for instance, providing change for users - those concerns should be able to be addressed and some solution put into place. Rose suggested gathering feedback from users for a longer period of time, perhaps 30 days, both virtually and at various service desks. Francoise Puniello mentioned that the role of the marketing committee is not to "fix" user problems, and that the gathering of the information has to be done collaboratively with those who do have the authority to address and rectify these issues, such as Facilities and RIS/Public Services.

Rose talked about the plans for Rutgers Day. Sara Harrington stated that she would like to be involved as the Art Library has been designated as one of the locations for the day's activities.

Jeris Cassel asked Harry for an update about the library's Facebook page. Harry explained how he has been using FB, mostly to reach out to users and publicize library-related events and resources. He mentioned it is still experimental in nature. Susan Beck asked if it was possible to embed IRIS in the FB page. Harry replied the page is not yet intended to mimic the library's own resources pages.

3. USC Role in Web Ethnography Project (Dent Goodman)

Valeda Dent Goodman reviewed the current planning for the web ethnography project. The team members will be announced later. The role of the USC will involve having a rep on the Core Team for the project, as well as providing ongoing feedback (for instance, on the development of survey tools, interview questions, etc.) during the project. Also the USC may be called upon for usability follow up as the research produces ideas about improving the web interface.

4. Instruction Vision/Philosophy development (Cassel)

Jeris Cassel Continued the discussion about the transformative role of the Instructional Services Committee. She noted that the ISC is currently reviewing the instructional vision, goals and philosophy of peer institutions, and will have a report ready for review shortly. This will provide insight into what others are doing and how they frame their instructional efforts. The intent is to present this document at the January meeting. Valeda Dent Goodman asked about a timeline for developing the vision/philosophy, noting that the end of the Spring term should be the goal. It was suggested that we have a draft instructional vision/goal to present to the faculty at the faculty meeting in March 2009.

5. RUCore User Services Working Group (Kuchi)

Triveni Kuchi shared updates and suggestions from the last Planning and Coordinating Committee meeting regarding the role of liaisons and how to facilitate better communication about RUCore. Such questions as what level of detail should be shared with faculty were raised. Jim Niessen will work with the Scholarly Communications committee to bridge information gaps between the USWG. The idea is to identify and pull together tools that might help the committees share information more broadly. Topics include open access, scholarly communications, intellectual property, etc. V. Lucas is on board to help with developing those tools that will be most supportive of fostering communication and collaboration.

6. General Updates/Announcements

Francoise Puniello shared that facilities projects are ongoing. Facilities department is really struggling with budget cuts, and this is impacting the library. Four group study rooms in Alex are finished and only need a final paint job.

Valeda Dent Goodman shared that the budget update is the same. Cabinet discussed at their last meeting the open lines and how to release them. Susan Beck asked about the outcome of the State of the Libraries and all the feedback that had been gathered from staff, and whether or not this would be shared at some point with all. Valeda responded that Marianne had mentioned putting some type of summary document on the staff site.

Chris Sterback shared information about server downtime.

Melissa DeFino shared that Jane Otto is onboard as the new eBooks and Multimedia Cataloging Librarian.

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