Minutes of May 28, 2009 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Stephanie Bartz, Ed Berger, Natalie Borisovets, Jeris Cassel (chair), Valeda Dent (recorder), Judy Gardner, Tom Glynn, Marty Kesselman, Nancy Kranich (guest), Triveni Kuchi, Francoise Puniello, Ryan Womack
Susan Beck, Melissa De Fino, Sara Harrington, Carolyn Radick, Wen-Hua Ren, Chris Sterback

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Jeris Cassel provided opening announcements for the group.

Security Notification

Shared a printout of a security notice to that is posted in RU libraries. This template was generated by Counsel's Office and has standard wording. It notifies entrants that they can be required at any time to show proper identification, and also, may have their belongings searched.

There was discussion regarding the fact that the wording for this notification is not the same on every campus. Newark for instance states this notification very differently.

Attendees wondered whether a preamble should be added that clarifies why folks might be asked to produce identification, i.e., for their own safety. Also folks suggested that the language be a little less foreboding.

Nancy Kranich mentioned privacy issues, and the fact that folks need to be notified that they are being videotaped.

Natalie called for clarification with the signage - do we want to just have it on hand to refer to when needed, or are we trying to standardize this signage RUL-wide. J. Cassel responded that the major issue is to have signage to refer to when needed.

Since the signage is addressed to non-Rutgers users, the Community Users Task Force will address this matter.

USC Membership and Related Groups

Grace Agnew will join USC in the next fiscal year

USC will soon elect a new chair. Some members proposed waiting to do this until new members are confirmed. Jeris asked representatives from the different committees to confirm whether or not their membership will continue. (Response to a subsequent email indicated only two changes in representatives-Committee on Scholarly Communication and Instructional Services Committee, so the election process proceeded via email.) Planning and Coordinating Committee will discuss the size and membership of the USC for the future. The Committee on Rules and Procedures is also looking at the composition of all the councils.

A new task force, Virtual Chat Reference Task Force, to investigate the future of chat reference and new software options has been created for a specified time period. The members are Tao Yang, Stephanie Bartz and Natalie Borisovets (chair). A report from the group is expected for the July meeting.

Reference and Information Services

A lively discussion about the future of reference and information services was held. Jeris started the discussion with a few key questions - how should we evaluate virtual vs non virtual options for reference? How should our vision of reference be changing? Should we continue with reference services in the same way?

Others mentioned some key concerns - the fact that chat reference is still "voluntary" and not treated the same way as "mandatory" reference desk hours; staffing needs are changing due to user trends and the impact of the budget; the fact that in some locations Access Services have been filling service gaps for reference and information services, and what this means for staff already stretched thin; the importance of keeping the end goal in mind - putting the user in touch with the best person to help them, regardless of how/where/when.

Questions included should virtual reference hours be increased? How can we balance virtual and non-virtual services? Is it ok to have different models at different libraries? How are the stats that are collected used (Natalie, Tom Glynn, and Susan will work on a report on this issue to be completed by August)? How do we create a more user focused model?

Suggestions included investigating new software to capture statistics, testing new services models at specific locations, pushing services to where users are - for instance, having Meebo available on a department's homepage.

Marty Kesselman volunteered to investigate whether LSM might pilot an all-virtual reference model for a semester/year. He will complete and submit a pilot proposal form to the group for further discussion and evaluation. Consensus was that this should be the protocol for future pilot reference projects under consideration. Jeris suggested using the pilot project form developed by Valeda or at least using it as basis rather than re-creating a form.

There was some discussion about the changing role of the departmental liaison and whether those roles should become more embedded in the departments.


Au - As part of the ethnographic study, WAC is currently involved in coding the results from the 2600 graduate surveys and will be coding data from the 3600 undergraduate surveys next. The codes map to repeating themes, ideas and comments from the students. Seventeen individual interviews have been completed to date. Interviews range from 45 minutes to an hour in length. Anyone interested will have the opportunity to participate in co-viewing sessions which will be held on all three geographical campuses in June. This involves watching interviews recorded on DVD and providing comments and observations regarding the interviewees' actions and feedback. He encouraged submission of proposals for the new web site.

Marty - The Planning and Coordinating Committee will be reviewing the membership of the Councils.

ARL is encouraging collaboration and coordination across institutions. In this spirit, Columbia and Cornell are coordinating subject liaisons. Suggestion: Bring individuals from the two institutions to talk about this.

Judy - Access Services updates:

Implementing open URL in Illiad so there will be a link for requesting interlibrary loans in the public WorldCat. The same feature will be available for databases.

Continuing to work on with VALE in its commitment to adopting the open source OLE open library system as a statewide integrated library system.

Reviewed and revised the Annex manual policy statement.

Testing NetID as unique identifier to replace SSN and RUID in patron loader (in My Account) for Fall.

Nancy - Working towards developing a privacy policy.

Jeris - From an follow-up assessment update from Jeanne Boyle:

RUL is moving forward with LibPas with the hopes of having it available July 1.

The in-library survey originally planned as a pilot done for the Busch sciences libraries as part of planning for the proposed new science building was postponed due to another university survey taking place at the same time. The survey will be done systemwide instead of a pilot for the science libraries.

A polling application for posing a question on our website and tracking the yes/no responses was suggested at a Planning/Coordinating Committee meeting. Jeanne found an application from Duke University and has consulted with Sam and Au how to proceed.

Jeanne plans to hold sessions regarding IRB human research certification during the summer.

Next Meeting-Thursday, June 25, 2009.

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