Minutes of June 25, 2009 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz, Ed Berger, Jeris Cassel (chair), Melissa De Fino, Judy Gardner, Tom Glynn, Sara Harrington, Marty Kesselman, Caryn Radick (recorder), Wen-Hua Ren, Ryan Womack
Ka-Neng Au, Susan Beck, Natalie Borisovets, Valeda Dent, Triveni Kuchi, Francoise Puniello, Chris Sterback

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Jeris Cassel provided opening announcements for the group.

Discussion Items

Form for Reference Pilots

The RIS pilot project proposal form developed by Valeda Dent was reviewed as a model for a reference pilot proposal form to be forwarded to USC. Discussion focused on why the form was needed and how it would be used. The conclusion was that the form should be used when contemplating a pilot that might be adopted systemwide by RUL, but not to announce local changes in practice. The form should be submitted to the User Services Council for discussion and review. Suggestions were also made regarding additions and changes to the form (so that it could be submitted via e-mail/Web)

Draft Statement Streaming Instructional Video Working Group (SIVWG)

Jeris distributed a draft charge statement for the SIVWG for review. The group's purpose includes sharing knowledge to enhance the development of instructional videos within the library, setting priorities regarding making videos, and forwarding issues and making recommendations to USC . The discussion focused on the groups and units that the SIVWG will align with (i.e.., Systems who will work on getting the videos on the Web and their maintenance) or may want to consult with (i.e., WAC). A general statement regarding working with other group that these should be added to the charge . Meetings of SIVWG will be open and announced so that interested groups can attend and provide input.

The Draft Statement for the Libraries' Instruction Philosophy/Mission

Among the factors discussed were the focus/target of the philosophy (students, students and faculty, lifelong learners), what message USC wanted to convey about information literacy, and how to make the statement "active." After much discussion and a number of revisions, the final statement was:

"The Libraries' instruction program teaches members of the Rutgers community to transform information into knowledge."

The statement will be proposed as an RUL faculty agenda discussion item to the Planning and Coordinating Committee for the next faculty meeting.

Future Agenda Items:


The newly formed RUL Privacy Task Force has three USC members among its members: Natalie Borisovets, Judy Gardner, and Chris Sterback

Caryn announced staffing changes in Special Collections and University Archives. Bonita Grant, NJ Bibliographer, is on sabbatical until January. David Kuzma will be taking over her duties until then. Also, Cindy Hammell, the information assistant, will be leaving as of July 1. Although SC/UA is trying to find coverage for the information desk, they are not sure how this may affect service in the reading room.

Jeris announced that New Brunswick/Piscataway new students orientations began the first week of June and run through the second week of August.

The members of Council thanked Jeris for her service and hard work as Chair of User Services Council.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Thursday, July 23 at 9:30.

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