Minutes of July 23, 2009 Meeting

S. Bartz, S. Beck (via teleconference), E. Berger, N. Borisovets, M. De Fino, T. Glynn, S. Harrington (recorder), M. Kesselman, F. Puniello, C. Radick, W. Ren, E. Stec, C. Sterback, R. Womack

The meeting came to order at 9:35 a.m.


The USC will meet jointly with Library Resources Council on Wednesday, August 20, 2009 to hear a presentation on NJVid.

Meeting Schedule

Council members discussed moving the regular meeting slot to the first Thursday of each month, to avoid conflicts with Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and ALA midwinter. Those present tentatively agreed, but it was stated that we will consult via sakai with members who were unable to attend.

Meeting Procedures


1. Update from the NetID/LDAP Working Group (C. Sterback)

C. Sterback distributed a summary document entitled "Toward a More Secure Integrated Library System." The NetID/LDAP Working Group (NILWG) has been working for approximately nine months. The goal is to eliminate RUL use of University ID numbers, thereby reducing the risk of identity theft. University IDs are used to match and load faculty, staff, and student records in Unicorn; RUL will now employ the NetID. (NetID's are uniquely assigned and, to our knowledge, are not reused.) The group is also working with Access Services in regards to changes in procedures for patron registration. C. Sterback sent a message regarding "Converting to NetID in Unicorn Patron Records" to the RUL everyone listserv on July 20, 2009.

C. Sterback asked for the Council's feedback on SirsiDynix's LDAP configuration option. SirsiDynix's LDAP configuration is a software option that allows sites to authenticate users in the OPAC with their NetID and password via a university's LDAP server. For those without NetIDs, the traditional barcode/pin login would be available. Discussion centered around whether we want to ask remote users to log in to use IRIS, and then ask them to log-in a second time for access to electronic resources such as electronic journals and e-reserves. It was agreed that we don't want to make it more difficult for the public to use IRIS. After a bit more discussion, C. Sterback summarized the Council's position. The Group should work on implementing NetID, and allow open access to IRIS. If a user chooses "My Account", the group is aiming for a solution where users will see options for both NetID and barcode/pin log-in. It would be ideal if that single log-in could be carried through so that a duplicate log-in is not necessary; however, C. Sterback could not commit to this. C. Sterback along with NILWG team members will keep the Council posted as work continues.

2. Preliminary Discussion of Goals for the Coming Year (The full Council)

The Council began a discussion of 2009-2010 goals using several documents as source material:

The Council’s charge:

The User Services Council (USC) is responsible for enhancing the effectiveness of research and instructional services for students and the development of facilities as learning spaces. The Council:

Council members are expected to analyze, synthesize, and communicate information to the groups that they represent. Likewise, faculty members are expected to communicate regularly with Council representatives on all matters that Councils should be addressing.

The USC goals for 2008-2009:

The Themes for 2009-2010:

The list of items for which the USC was assigned “primary responsibility”in the RUL Strategic Plan Goals Action Plan FY 2009/2010.

Using this large number of ‘inputs,’ Council members began a wide-ranging discussion of possible goal statements. There was some support for establishing narrower rather than broader goals, which would perhaps allow for more measurable progress. The discussion began to coalesce around the question, “What’s falling through the cracks?” and the group generated a list of items worthy of possible exploration, including:

Possible working methods include harnessing existing groups related to USC to advance work, or identifying an ‘issue leader’ for those topics the Council has deemed worthy of study. Educause’s “7 Things You Should Know About”: http://www.educause.edu/ELI/ELIResources/7ThingsYouShouldKnowAbout/7495 and SLA’s “23 Things Blog”: http://wiki.sla.org/display/23Things/Welcome+to+23+Things!+(1%2C822+SLA+members+registered+so+far) were deemed models for consideration.

Several broader issues were broached, including the intertwined issues of volunteerism and workload. One member proposed a possible SWOT analysis of the Council as a whole.

The Council will finalize its goals at the August 2009 meeting.

3. Discussion of USC-related groups from whom the Council would like to receive informational reports (The full Council)

Council members indicated that they would like to hear from the Database Interface Group and Virtual Chat Reference Task Force. The Virtual Chat Reference Task Force may present a report at the September 2009 meeting.

4. Discussion of issues that the Council would like to explore (The full Council)

There was no further discussion, as this was largely covered in the goals discussion.

5. Next steps for instructional mission statement (The full Council)

Marty Kesselman and Sara Harrington will write up formal statement for the Planning and Coordinating Committee’s review to seek endorsement of the Council’s newly developed instructional mission statement.

The meeting was adjourned at 11 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sara Harrington

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