Minutes of April 1, 2010 Meeting

Sara Harrington, Natalie Borisovets, Stephanie Bartz, Susan J. Beck, Melissa De Fino (Recorder) Mary Fetzer, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, Marty Kesselman, Françoise Puniello, Wen-Hua Ren, Eileen Stec, Chris Sterback, Ryan Womack
Grace Agnew, Caryn Radick
Kayo Denda, Beatrice Crassous

1. Approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved with one addition, that Melissa Gasparotto and Rebecca Gardner would discuss the proposed revisions to the Public Services Policy Memo #9.

2. Approval of the minutes

The minutes of the March meeting were briefly reviewed. Sara Harrington asked that additional revisions be sent to herself and Natalie Borisovets by April 7th.

3. Organizational Review of Reference (Kayo Denda)

Kayo Denda reported on the Organizational Review Steering Group created by Cabinet. The steering group has been charged to review reference, materials delivery, and grants. Denda presented the report and recommendations developed by the group. Corrections were made to the data in the report. A discussion on the recommendations followed.

Harrington will write a response to the report and recommendations based on USC’s discussion and will present it to the council for approval.

4. Presentation and Discussion on Online Tutorials (Beatrice Crassous)

Beatrice Crassous gave a presentation on her study of online tutorials in university libraries. She provided an overview of the online tutorials available in Rutgers' peer and aspirant institutions, and compared them to RIOT, Rutgers' own online tutorial.

Harrington announced that Crassous will give a longer version of this presentation on April 14th at 1:30. She will also give a brown bag presentation on French libraries and French library school on April 29th at noon. Both presentations will take place in the Pane Room.

5. Discussion of brochures in print versus electronic format

Due to time constraints, Harrington tabled this agenda item. The discussion will instead take place on Sakai.

6. Public Services Policy Memo #9 (Gasparotto and R. Gardner)

Gasparotto and R. Gardner reviewed updates made to the Public Services Policy Memo #9, which addresses Rutgers University Libraries communications policies.

Harrington called for a motion to approve the changes to Public Services Policy Memo #9. The motion was approved by voice vote.

7. Updates / information sharing from AULs serving on Council

Mary Fetzer thanked everyone who sent her a midyear report. She announced that the LibGuides Task Force will be meeting for the first time on April 9th and will be convened by Judy Gardner.

8. Information Sharing

Harrington has reached out to QandANJ for discussion, but has not heard a response as of yet. She announced that Marie Radford is planning a presentation on chat reference on Thursday, May 13, 2010 from 10 a.m. to noon in the Pane Room.

Gasparotto reminded the group about the panel presentation, “None on Record: Stories on Queer Africa,” which will be held on Tuesday at 4:00 pm.

9. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 11:35 pm.

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