Minutes of July 21, 2010 Meeting

Anderson, Bartz, Borisovets, Carton (guest), Cvetkovic, Fetzer, J. Gardner, R. Gardner (recorder), Harrington (guest), Kuzma, Mardikian, Mulcahy, Puniello, Purger, Ren, Smulewitz (guest), Springs (guest), Sterback (guest), Sun, Tipton.
Agnew, Gasparotto, Glynn.

1) Approval of Agenda

Agenda was approved.

2) Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the June 2010 meeting were approved. Minutes have been distributed and posted. (The word "draft" will be removed.)

** Round of applause for outgoing Chair, Sara Harrington**

3) Update on NetID login to IRIS

Chris Sterback gave an update on the status of a proposal for logging in to IRIS with a NetID and password. There will be two methods for logging in to IRIS. In the first option, a user may search IRIS and only need to enter a NetID and password (or barcode and PIN) if and when they wish to access My Account, Book Delivery/Recall, etc. In this case, the user will not remain logged in throughout the session, but will be prompted to log in each time they move through the various functions, similar to the way "My Account" operates currently. This option may be useful for quick IRIS searches, such as when helping a user search for an item in the catalog. In the second option, a user would choose to log in to IRIS with a Net ID and password (or barcode and PIN) up front, before they started searching, and would not be required to enter their credentials for the remainder of their session. (The log in would not, however, carry over to the proxy for accessing e-journals or Indexes and Databases, etc. A user would be prompted to log in to the proxy as needed.) The proposal was approved by USC and should be functional in the fall semester.

The question was raised as to whether there will come a time when a user would be able to log in to IRIS and the proxy with a single sign on. Tibor responded that there is an initiative at the University to completely overhaul identity management, hopefully with a goal toward more seamless logins. In the meantime, we will take as many small steps toward improvement as we can.

4) Sharon Fordham Lab

Stacey Carton gave an overview of the Sharon Fordham Lab. Stacey is the lab manager and invited USC members to tour the lab at their convenience. She requested that potential visitors contact her ahead of time so that she can be sure to be onsite while they are there. Among the many production tools available at the facility are screen capture programs and equipment to create short videos. These programs can be used to create training materials, especially for our student workers. Stacey demonstrated a video that was produced for Rutgers Day which was created in the lab. This video is available on YouTube. The lab computers are available to all Rutgers students, staff, and faculty via NetID login. Users are encouraged to learn the various programs themselves, using the tutorials, message boards, etc. available to them.

5) Migrating from Serials Solutions Software to EBSCO Service Suite

Gracemary explained that we are moving from Serials Solutions software to EBSCO Service Suite to manage and promote our electronic resources. In particular, the A-Z journal list, the link resolver, MARC records, ERM system and federated search (Searchlight) will be affected by this change. DIG (Digital Interface Group) will be spearheading the process. The A-Z list and the link resolver will transition quickly and the rest should be complete by the middle of August. EBSCO has been asked to provide training for us in August and September.

6) Mobile Devices Task Force Recommendations: Updates and Next Steps

Gene and Katie reviewed the recommendations of the task force which are posted at the USC sakai site under Resources/Agendas and Supporting Documents/July 21st, 2010. It was anticipated that some recommendations will need to be rolled out in the new "release format" which the future RUL Web Board will require for changes to the website. USC endorsed the report and suggested that there could be a phase one implementation of low or no cost features, such as enabling content that we already have. Other major features could be part of the second phase. In the future, we may also wish to consider alternatives to meebo for SMS text capable chat reference. Natalie and Tibor will consult with members of USC and the current meebo participants to discuss how to proceed with investigating alternatives to the service. Mary, Tibor and the USC co-chairs thanked the task force members and congratulated them on an excellent report. The timeline for implementation of the recommendations was discussed further. OIT may be asked to provide information regarding how many Rutgers users actually use university resources from mobile devices. We may then be able to judge at what pace we should provide these capabilities. Tibor envisions collaborating with OIT in providing some of the recommendations. He stated that it is probably best to create a framework, and then have already enabled databases such as Ebsco and PubMed available first. Mary suggested that the report go to Cabinet for endorsement. Tibor stated that it would be useful for cabinet members to have more information such as the "who, when, how" of the resources needed for implementation at the time of the discussion so that the recommendations could then be acted upon quickly.

7) USC Goals 2010-2011

Members of the council listed several activities that might be considered this year, including the formation of the new RUL Web Board and investigation of chat reference options, and continuing work on library spaces, implementation of services for mobile devices and reviewing whether there may be services that we might no longer provide or provide differently, such as discontinuing e-reserves and helping faculty move their reserve materials to sakai sites. USC may continue to use some of last year's broader goals and put each of the above activities into the appropriate slot in the strategic planning grid. Jeanne Boyle will be meeting with Sara, Kevin, Natalie and Judy to discuss the planning process. After the meeting with Jeanne, USC will be better able to clarify the goals for the coming year.

8) Updates from AULs serving on Council

Mary stated that the PSPMs (Public Service Policy Memos) revised by USC members will go to Cabinet for review. Kayo will hopefully present the portion of the Organizational Review Report dealing with reference services to Cabinet soon. She would like to table the team matrix idea suggested in USC for librarians providing these services until the report is distributed and discussed. Mary had a productive meeting with Anne Butman, chair of the Learning Spaces task force. The Task Force will hold focus groups with students to determine their desires concerning space issues in late September. Anne may be invited to attend the September USC meeting.

Francoise reported that Alexander library is on the fast track for having a café built near the periodicals department. New windows and possibly more new carpet will be installed at Alexander. Energy efficient light bulbs and more electrical outlets are being installed in various libraries.

9) USC Meeting Schedule and Representatives to Other Groups

Tom Glynn volunteered to represent USC on Planning and Coordinating Committee.

Wen volunteered to represent USC on DIG.

Vib volunteered to represent USC on the ethnographic study project.

The council decided to meet regularly on the second Wednesday of the month. The next USC meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 11th.

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