Minutes of September 8, 2010 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, David Kuzma, Jackie Mardikian, Sam McDonald, Kevin Mulcahy, Francoise Puniello, Tibor Purger. Teleconferencing from Camden: Katie Anderson, Vibiana Cvetkovic, John Maxymuk.

1) Approval of Agenda

2) Approval of Minutes

3) Web Board update - Tibor Purger

Letters of invitation for the new Web Board sent out, and so far all invited have accepted. There is still an open seat for Camden. The intention is to begin meeting in late September or early October. The board will be very active, and representatives are expected to solicit comments and input from their constituents. They will bring those issues back to the board. Tibor reiterated the fact that the new website updates will come in the form of releases/phases.

He also briefly discussed the Drupal camp, which several people from TSB attended at NYPL recently.

4) LibGuides statistics (Tibor Purger and Sam McDonald)

Tibor asked how we want to utilize/publicize the stats that are currently being collected on LibGuides usage. Should they be posted? Presented in some way? Emailed?

Sam noted that we currently have 3 months of statistics from LibGuides.
The numbers below reflect all guides, published or unpublished:

180 guides
1295 pages
2590 content boxes
54 accounts
The following statistics are for the published guides only:
6057 homepage views
17,787 guide views

Sam mentioned that a Google analytics account can be put into LibGuides, and he will do that when guides go live at the end of the month.

Tibor mentioned that adding additional data collection functionality to the site means that we will need a written privacy policy addressing this. He will work with Nancy Kranich and others as suggested by co-chairs Kevin and Natalie, and will come back to USC with a draft policy.

Sam will be putting a note at the top of old research guides pointing to the new LibGuide for that subject. The content will stay at the old URL along with the note until the selector notifies Sam otherwise. Also discussed was the possibility of generating benchmark statistics based on usage of old research guides; Tibor and Sam will determine if this is feasible; if not, instructions will be posted allowing selectors to run data themselves for individual guides.

5) AUL updates

Mary Fetzer: The RIS annual report has been distributed.

Francoise: Same projects as before are continuing. There are new security issues as well-- cameras at Art Library are being installed, and Special Collections will be getting some swipe access readers for added security.

6) USC activities, goals and objectives

A draft plan for USC Activities in Support of Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives was distributed and discussed. The draft document is copied below, incorporating revisions approved at the meeting:

USC Activities in Support of Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives, 2010-2011

1. Support incorporation of streaming media (reserves and instructional material) into RUL web presence, with marketing through news releases, web announcements, BIs, etc.

Outcome: increased usage and improved instruction.

Indicators: usage statistics; faculty feedback (individual and aggregate); assessment of instructional materials.

In support of IB, IC, IJ.

2. Assess Chat Reference service and evaluate software currently available, including social networking,; determine if a new platform is feasible and suitable for RUL at this time.

Outcome: Recommendation to USC to maintain Meebo or adopt new software.

Indicators: Analysis of competing products; ongoing assessment of current service through usage, patron feedback, and other measures.

In support of IG, IJ.

Mary will meet with Natalie and Kevin to formulate a charge for a task force to pursue this activity.

3. Support and respond to Cool Spaces Task Force analysis of student needs and preferences through focus groups and other information gathering techniques.

Outcome: Identifying better utilization of existing space and begin implementing improved use.

Indicators: Recommendations leading to plans.

In support of IIA, IIB.

4. Work with Web Board to establish appropriate policies and procedures; establish schedule of releases; implement first release.

Outcome: Improved management of website.

Indictors: Usage statistics; user feedback; successful releases.

In support of IB, IG, IJ.

5. Work with Web Board to implement the first phase of Mobile Devices Task Force recommendations: providing mobile friendly core content for Reference, Buildings/Hours, User Services, and Databases.

Outcome: Improved Mobile Device Access to RUL Web Pages.

Indicators: Increased usage via mobile devices; user feedback

In support of IB, IG, IJ, IIB.

6. Monitor and support the implementation and promotion of LibGuides; evaluate effectiveness and use of LibGuides; establish baseline usage data.

Outcome: Better research guides, with strategies for continued improvement.

Indicators: Usage data (by guide); user feedback; updated guides for all programs.

In support of IB, IG, IJ, IIIC.

7. Work with IPAC to investigate new open source public interface for VALE & RUL catalog.

Outcome: Initial steps toward new catalog

Indicators: Preliminary Report/Recommendations

In support of IB, IG, IH, IIIE.

These 7 goals have been endorsed by the council pending a couple of revisions. It was noted that information literacy has inadvertently been left off the list, and that last year's item on information literacy (Explore instructional effectiveness and efficiency in order to transform teaching and learning) could serve as a starting place. Kevin and Natalie will send out new copy of the document incorporating the discussion and edits.

It was also agreed that it would be helpful to have a chart detailing which groups and task forces fall under USC purview. This will help determine goals for the year.

7) Information Sharing

Mary: suggested a presentation by Mei Ling and Jill Nathanson at a future USC meeting to share their work on developing materials in support of distance education. It was further suggested that we invite Richard Novak, Director of Special Projects for Academic Affairs in the Office of Continuous Education, to discuss university plans for distance education and the role of the libraries.

Kevin noted some agenda item ideas for next month:

Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted,
Melissa Gasparotto

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