Minutes of November 10, 2010 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets (Co-Chair), Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Judy Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, David Kuzma, Jackie Mardikian (recorder), Kevin Mulcahy (Co-Chair), Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Jane Otto, Grace Agnew, Li Sun, Tom Glynn. Teleconferencing from Camden: Katie Anderson, Vibiana Cvetkovic, John Maxymuk, Teleconferencing from Newark, Bobbie Tipton.

1) Approval of Agenda and Minutes

The agenda was approved

The minutes of the October meeting will be approved at the December meeting.

3. Streaming Media - G. Agnew/J. Otto

Grace distributed the slides of her presentation (posted on sakai). Grace, Jane Otto and Tibor discussed the Media plan and the roles of each of the media team players in detail. They are making progress on all 4 fronts;(Collection Development, Collection Management, Access and Infrastructure). Many of the technical concerns and challenges were presented including the complexities in handling digital files and managing the entire process. Video and audio publishers are not as far along as Serials publishers, but licensing terms and conditions are as complex as Serials. Commercial licensing of videos are purchased as single titles [not sure what Jackie means by this]. RUL has to work with OIT on many fronts including the examination of rights management solutions. Infrastructure is also a problem and bandwidth is not sufficient which can create access problems. We also have to find a way of letting users know that they can see the video from IRIS. There is also an identity management issue: Vendors use the proxy server and Rutgers uses the Net ID platform. Jane Otto discussed some of the reorganization and workflow issues in her area of responsibility. An online toolkit taking staff step by step through the entire workflow process is being developed. Tibor discussed 6 areas including format issues, the server platform, the archival and repository platform including storage issues. He also discussed bandwidth issues and informed us that while OIT has improved outside bandwidth, Rutgers on-campus bandwidth varies from one building to the next. Sometimes it is of concern to OIT and sometimes it is of concern to the Libraries [not sure what this means]. Better access control issues need to be investigated. The main goal here is to have a single sign-on. We are currently dependent on the LDAP server run by OIT. A new identity management platform is currently being worked on by OIT. The sixth issue Tibor outlined is the importance of developing a search and find feature.

4. Streaming Media Reserves Report - J. Sloan

Jane discussed the "Report of the Video Reserves Working Group" (posted on sakai). Reserves is just one of the various types of streaming videos that are available. Audio reserves are better established than video reserves. One of the concerns is how to prioritize which one of the streaming videos to show first [not sure what Jackie means here]. The product may have been purchased or a subscription established (such as "Journey to Planet Earth") without access having been established. NJ Vid, a project that creates a statewide digital video repository and portal with tools and services, providing "lectures on demand," licensed commercial videos, and locally owned videos for use by member partners residing on the NJEdge website, is a good learning-on-demand platform. There is also a growing demand for indexing pictures such as in the area of visual history archives.

The group examined the list of members on the RUL Media Team and determined that an additional member from public services is needed. Vib Cvetkovic agreed to serve on this committee. Any requests for streaming video should be directed to Jane Otto. In the near future an RUL media team will be established, modeled after the RUL serials team.

5.Virtual Reference Update - N. Borisovets

Natalie distributed "RUL Virtual Reference Statistics for 2009-2010". The group answered close to 16,000 questions on Ask a Librarian and Meebo. Rutgers undergraduates were the largest users (39%) of the Ask a Librarian service. The Meebo service was extended to 31 hours last October. Statistics for Meebo are reported by the 21 librarians participating in this service on a Google.docs spreadsheet. Other instant messaging products are being investigated by the Chat Reference Task Force.

6. Charge to Web Advisory Group - USC Co-Chairs

Natalie distributed a draft charge to WAC. Since the new Web Board has not had its first meeting yet, it was suggested that it is best to wait and see how this new committee will evolve before charging WAC, but after a lively discussion about the roles of WAC and the Web Board (both reporting to USC), the Councildecided on the following interim charge to WAC:

"Members of WAC advise the Web Board (and any Web management teams designated by the Web Board) on making new electronic resources available and solicit, provide, and revise content for the Libraries' web pages. At the same time, members advise on web page design, editorial standards, and guidelines and support their use.

The Web Advisory Committee reports to the User Services Council, and members are appointed by the Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services.

7. Link Resolver Update L. Sun

Lin Sun reminded us of the Link Resolver and federated search brown bag lunch at noon today. After two months of use, issues remain with the Link Resolver, but DIG, DTS, and other bodies are working to improve the situation.

8. AUL & IIS Director Updates - G. Agnew, M. Fetzer, F. Puniello

Mary reported that the Lib Guides Task Force working group will continue, and that Jeanne will be posting the new action plans soon.

Grace reported that RUL is one of 6 academic libraries involved in the VALE OLE project to implement a statewide public catalog. This opportunity will help us clean the data in our own catalog. Stephanie and Chris are the RUL representatives on this committee.

Tibor reported that Kilmer is the next location on the schedule for the telephone system. He also mentioned the Zimbra transition and the training. We now have a new Libraries blogging system. It is called "blogs.libraries.rutgers.edu".

9. Information Sharing

No new items were reported.

10. Adjournment

We adjourned at noon.

Respectfully submitted,
Jackie Mardikian

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