Minutes of June 8, 2011 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Katie Anderson (remote, recorder) Natalie Borisovets (Co-Chair), Joseph Deodato, Mary Fetzer, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, David Kuzma, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy (Co-Chair, Presiding), Françoise Puniello, Tibor Purger, Gene Springs (guest).

Joseph Deodato was welcomed to the council.

The agenda was approved.

The minutes for April were approved, with corrections to the number of seats purchased for RefChatter and a correction to the attendance list

The minutes for May were approved.

Adobe Connect Now Demo

Tom Glynn gave a demo of Adobe Connect Now which provides the ability to connect with students via audio/video and chat. In addition, files can easily be sent and the student can share her/his screen with the librarian with the librarian taking control for demonstration and search purposes. A shared notes field provides a space for cutting and pasting search terms. Adobe Connect Now can be used one on one; the University has a site license for Adobe Connect Pro which can be used with groups.

The council was interested in pursuing this as another way for students to connect with librarians. Since there is a bit of a learning curve, Tibor suggests training for those who will be using it. Kevin and Natalie will coordinate with Tibor to set up training for anyone who is interested before Fall. There were discussions on use, training and publicity.

Reference Statistics

Kevin Mulcahy provided a demo of Gimlet, a web-based tool for recording information desk statistics program. Information can be entered by library, type of question, duration of question, time of question etc.

New Brunswick will use Gimlet this coming fiscal year in order to determine its effectiveness. Data will be brought back to USC. Librarians will be looking at what the most useful aspects of Gimlet, collecting ideas and requirements. Perhaps this information can be used for RUL to build a similar tool ourselves.

Bookmarks for Undergraduate Orientation

Kevin presented a draft for a proposed bookmark that could be used for undergraduate orientations as well as for classes and library sessions. Discussion involved use of the tri-fold vs bookmark, what is needed for handout etc. USC members should send Kevin corrections/suggestions by Friday afternoon.

AUL/IIS Director Reports





Mobile Devices Update

Gene presented information on mobile devices. There is a mobile team on the Web Board which is charged with incorporating the suggestions from the mobile devices task force in order to create a mobile presence and add applications. Gene is creating a LibGuide that will provide lists and descriptions of the databases that are available for mobile. More vendors are going mobile. The suggestion of a mobile federated search will be brought to DIG. There was a discussion on how to promote mobile access. The university has renewed their effort to coordinate a university-wide mobile presence.


Discussion topic from Jane Sloan, Swank Media Streaming for feature films. Maximum cost of $93.00/film. Good for on-line courses. Through VALE. The council agreed to take a look into this and will get more information and add to a later agenda.

2010-2011 Goals Review

It was determined that the review for the goals will be moved to the next agenda. Kevin will resend the goals with his comments and the council will provide comments for this discussion.

USC Chairs for 2011-2012

There was a discussion on possible chairs for next year. Taking into account any changes in the membership, the discussion will be tabled until the next meeting.

The next meeting was set for July 20. 9:30-11:30.

Agenda items will include : Swank video streaming, LibGuides review, Extensible (OLE), Reference Statistics (with Jeanne Boyle), Goals, Chairs, and Streaming Instructional Media.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Katie Anderson

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