Minutes of September 7, 2011 Meeting

G. Agnew, K. Anderson, S. Bartz, N. Borisovets, J. Deodato, M. Fetzer, J. Gardner, R. Gardner, T. Glynn, Q. Hu, D. Kuzma, J. Mardikian, J. Maxymuk, K. Mulcahy, C. Pecoraro, F. Puniello, L. Sun, G. Thompson

1. Agenda was approved

2. July 20, 2011 Minutes

Approved. Agreed that draft minutes should be gotten out quickly, ideally within one week, and then promptly approved via Sakai

3. Proposed USC Activities for 2011-2012

  1. Sections of the strategic plan referenced refer to the current (old) strategic plan.
  2. Activity 2 reworded to "Implement first release of the RUL web-site. Work with the Web Board to establish appropriate policies and procedures for the library web-site; establish schedule of releases; provide feedback whenever solicited; review usage and feedback."
    1. Future agenda item: Have Judy and Tibor do a presentation reiterating what kind of feedback they need
  3. Activity 6: As Outcome add: "Improved use of reference resources." As Indicator add: "Development and adoption of consistent standards."
  4. Activity 8: Under Indicators, change to "faculty and student feedback."
  5. Activity 9: Kevin will bring to LRC for endorsement.

4. Joseph Deodato will be the added to the Streaming Instructional Media Implementation Group.

5. LibGuides Proposal (Deodato and Anderson)

  1. Previewed proposed new home page developed by the LibGuides Working Group.
  2. Rearranging portal to separate course guides from subject guides.
  3. Subject guides available as both A-Z list and arranged by discipline
    1. Some guides on A-Z list do not appear on the discipline list; need to reconcile lists before going public
  4. Course guides arranged by campus and subject
    1. Have tagged all currently existing course guides
    2. Course identifiers should be added
    3. "All" should be added as campus

6. Draft Strategic Plan (Discussion)

  1. Recommendation: Move "activity a." as currently listed under Goal 2 ("Implement a discovery tool and make our resources more visible and usable on the Web and through mobile services…") under Goal 1 as "activity c."
  2. Recommendation: Remove the word "authentic" from Goal 2.
  3. Recommendation: Move "activity b." as currently listed under Goal 3 ("Develop creative and distinctive spaces that enhance student learning and research") under Goal 2 as "activity b."
  4. Recommendation: Reword Goal 3 to "Bring distinction to the university and libraries through innovative library research and services.
  5. Recommendation: Add "activity b" to Goal 4: "Develop consortial services and facilities that create economies of scale."
  6. Recommendation: Add "activity b" to Goal 5: "Become an active partner in any university transformative initiative."

7. New Database Workshops

  1. A number of new databases have recently been added. Would be good to combine 2 or 3 for a "tips or tricks" brown bag, perhaps in late October or November. Something on Policy Map would be especially useful. Kevin, Cathy, and Katie will work on putting something together.

8. AUL Reports

  1. Mary Fetzer:
    1. Cabinet has been discussing improving communications. Want to define what and when things should go to Cabinet.
    2. No public services budget yet.
    3. Jeris has asked for funding to update RIOT and the Nursing tutorials.
  2. Francoise Puniello:
    1. Hurricane Irene: Bottom floor of Kilmer was flooded; librarians and staff displaced, and instructional alcove now unusable. In Alexander the Undergraduate Reading Room and the Atrium has water. Some water damage at Douglass as well.
    2. The third floor at LSM has been finished. LSM Special Collections is now a multi-functional space.
    3. At Douglass, the Douglass and Music Collections have been flipped. Librarian offices are now much more accessible.
    4. The Math Library has been refurbished.
    5. At Alexander the patio is 90 percent finished; the café is now opened.

9. Announcements

  1. About 34 librarians received RefChatter training; 10 new librarians will be participating in chat reference.

nxb 9/20/2011

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