Minutes of December 7, 2011 Meeting

K. Mulcahy, K. Anderson, S. Bartz, N. Borisovets, J. Deodato, M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, T. Glynn, Q. Hu, J. Mardikian, C. Pecoraro, F. Puniello, L. Sun, R. Tipton , G. Thompson, T. Purger, J. Gardner (recorder), G.Agnew, V. Cvetkovic (videoconference), Harry Glazer (guest), Glenn Sandberg (guest)

1. Approval of Agenda

The sequence of agenda items was revised and the agenda was then approved.

2. Demonstration of New Staff Directory

T. Purger demonstrated the new Staff Directory. It can be easily searched, sorted, and updated. HR staff has access to the directory and will make updates. Changes in position titles must be cleared through HR. HR is also working to standardize how locations and department names are expressed, and to eliminate repetition. Staff and librarians will be able to create their own profile pages in future.

3. IIS Director Report

T. Purger reported that RUL's mobile website is now available at m.libraries.rutgers.edu. Users can search the Library Catalog, obtain library hours for today + the next 5 days, find library locations via google maps, and contact librarians through direct dial, AAL email, and chat when it is available. The Libraries will also be a presence in the official Rutgers mobile app when it becomes available next year.

On November 17th new repository hardware was installed. It increases storage capacity, reduces downtime during upgrades, and brings RUcore's development and production platforms in sync.

4. Marketing/PR Team

H. Glazer and G. Sandberg represented the Marketing Team in place of Tracey Meyer. H. Glazer reminded USC that the Marketing Team is available to work with us to produce PR materials and he distributed samples created for Study Abroad and NJDH . The Marketing Team looks for major events where the libraries should have a presence, for example alumni weekend and new faculty orientation, and H. Glazer asked that when USC members learn about such events that we alert the Team. H. Glazer then asked if we had any feedback from users that the Marketing Team could use to market the libraries. USC members responded with marketing requests and suggestions. M. Fetzer would like to market Reference services to students where they are located and suggested signs on buses. Bus signs would also be good for promoting the Libraries mobile website and app, as students might try looking at the site while riding a bus. H. Glazer will investigate-- if campus buses offer sign space, the cost and budget, and bus sign possibilities on the Camden and Newark campuses-and report back to K. Mulcahy, K. Anderson, and M. Fetzer. R. Gardner suggested the Marketing Team talk to students who work in the libraries for feedback. N. Borisovets suggested asking students what they know about the libraries now that they wish they had known before they starting working for us. J. Deodato mentioned the possibility of adding a contest on Facebook that would get users to the new mobile site. A Targum article or ad on the mobile site during the first week of spring semester was also recommended.

5. Revision of Food & Drink Policy

J. Gardner presented proposed editorial updates to the food & drink policy, which include a more positive tone and a reference to food in cafes. USC members suggested additional changes which will be incorporated into a second draft.

6. Update from ILIAC

R. Tipton reported ILIAC's research is progressing. With IRB approval, the group has contacted teaching faculty through email, focus groups, and telephone interviews. The group is now reviewing their data. Two preliminary themes have emerged-library instruction is most needed in research intensive classes, and the teaching faculty perceives a wide range of critical thinking skills among students and an overall deficiency. R. Tipton commented on the value of hearing from faculty in their own words and vocabulary. G. Agnew asked if ILIAC had asked faculty how they would do information literacy without the library. J. Gardner suggested looking to the new SAS curriculum in NB, and courses that have been certified for cognitive skills and processes, to see how faculty are addressing this now in their courses. R. Tipton agreed that ILIAC's final report would be completed by March 15, 2012.

7. Discovery Layer/OLE

G. Agnew presented background on the next generation ILS management system, OLE. Her powerpoint (OLE_USCPresentation) is available on the USC sakai site. Benefits of OLE include enabling economies of scale and sharing common activities, integrating library workflows with university enterprises, designing for digital operations and collections, open access, and community driven. OLE joined Kuali, a community that builds open-source administrative software for higher education, and Kuali OLE partner libraries are building the new system. A roadmap and release schedules describe when key features of the system will become available.

VALE is committed to implementing OLE and is calling the initiative VALID, VALE Information Discovery. VALE has organized groups and committees to plan for implementation. VOSC, the VALE Steering Committee, is co-chaired by Anne Ciliberti and Marianne Gaunt, and will oversee implementation, timeline, policies, a business plan and costs. VOIT, the VALE OLS Implementation Team, will monitor Kuali OLE developments and test releases, recommend hardware and software, install the discovery layer, develop customized applications, and assist participating libraries migrate to OLE. Christopher Sterback is a member of VOIT and Grace Agnew is an ex-officio member and VOSC's representative to VOIT. In addition, VALE standing committees have been charged with implementation tasks. The VALE Reference Services Committee (VRSC) is charged with identifying and configuring a discovery layer for the catalog; Natalie Borisovets is a member of VRSC. VuFind, XC, and Blacklight are the systems currently under consideration. VOIT is loading test versions of these systems, with representative local holdings, for demonstration at the VALE conference in January.

To facilitate USC input to VRSC's selection process, N. Borisovets will lead a discussion about what we want and need in the next generation Library Catalog discovery layer. This discussion will be on the agenda of USC's next meeting, which will be re-scheduled for a date after the VALE conference on January 5, 2012.

8. AUL Reports

M. Fetzer reported on Cabinet ideas to improve communications-- hold meetings on Newark & Camden campuses; proactively seek input from faculty and staff; plan thematic Cabinet meetings; assign campus library directors system-wide responsibilities; and deliver more timely debriefings to librarians, staff, and groups following Cabinet meetings. M. Fetzer urged USC to let cabinet members know of our issues as well. Preliminary work has begun on the UMDNJ/RWJ and Rutgers merger. The Libraries Integration Team, composed of UMDNJ Libraries and RUL librarians and staff, met and will be working in 9 groups covering areas such as human resources, collections, services, access & authentication, and facilities. An announcement of a new art librarian is pending. Increase in library exit statistics has been observed this fall.

F. Puniello reminded us that the dedication of the DeChavez conference room at Kilmer Library will be held on Fri., Dec. 16th at 10am. Bond issue committees have been set up in New Brunswick. Construction of librarian offices at Douglass is moving along. SpColUA needs new HVAC and TSB a new generator. F.Puniello will be serving on the RUL-RWJ Facilities merger committee.

G. Agnew attended a 3-day ARL e-science institute capstone with Ryan Womack and Aletia Morgan. RUL's infrastructure compares favorably with peers, and we are consulted by our faculty about their data more than our peer institutions are contacted by their faculty. Scalability and need for closer involvement with OIT were identified as RUL concerns.

9. USC activity proposals for Strategic Plan

J. Boyle reported on status of the Libraries strategic plan. Five strategic goals have been finalized and she is consolidating and reviewing over 100 activity recommendations related to the goals. Goals #2 and #3 are light on service activities and J. Boyle asked that we consider submitting more. USC discussed two broad areas-expand strategies for instructional media, and increase integration of content and services with course management systems. K. Mulcahy and K. Anderson will write up further revisions of our proposed activities and send a 2nd draft out for review.

10. Announcements

J. Deodato reported on the next steps DIG will be taking to ameliorate problems with the link resolver: 1) introduce a trouble reporting system, 2) design an assessment tool, 3) create a list of contacts for reporting problems, and 4) complete a report for the vendor.

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Gardner

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