Minutes of February 1, 2012 Meeting

Hu, Glynn, Deodato, Kuzma, Pecoraro, RGardner (recorder), Sun, Fetzer, Mulcahy (co-chair), Bartz, Tipton, Puniello, Borisovets, JGardner, Anderson (co-chair), Agnew, Mardikian.

[This was a shortened meeting as it was delayed due to a UMDNJ presentation earlier that morning attended by most USC members.]

Kevin began the meeting by acknowledging that this was the last time that Mary Fetzer would be attending as interim AUL for RIS. He thanked her on behalf of all members for her dedicated service to the Council over the past 2 Ĺ years. A hearty round of applause ensued.

1. Approval of the Agenda

Due to time constraints, item number 4, "Discussion of Academic Health Sciences Workshop", was omitted.

2. VALE Discovery Layer

Natalie is serving on a VALE committee that is trying to identify candidates for a discovery layer (interface) for the new OLE catalog that will be shared by VALE libraries. She distributed a "Discovery Tool Evaluation Checklist" and presented two of the interface options currently being considered: VUFind and XC (extensible catalog). VUFind is developed by Villanova, XC is developed by the University of Rochester and is based on Drupal. Functions and features of both are very customizable.

There was general agreement that either option would be better than our current catalog. We may choose to implement one before all of VALE is ready. It was stressed that we must consider our usersí needs before selecting a product. Also need to evaluate "what comes out of the box" as well as what our customized add-ons might be. We should determine what our criteria are and rank them.

A subgroup of Stephanie, Joseph, Natalie and Li will work with the LCC (Library Catalog Committee) and review our various user surveys such as the ethnographic study and Counting Opinions to look for input regarding the catalog. It was stated that we work with students and faculty every day and should be able to seek their opinions on features they would like in a catalog, but it was also noted that IRB approval is often required for such. Natalie may develop an instrument to survey students in BI classes which should not require IRB approval. The subgroup will report back to USC next month and the committee as a whole may brainstorm further.

3. New Access Services (E-Books on Reserve, Media Clipping Service, Expanded Streaming Audio and Video Reserves)

Access Services has been looking at how to put e-books on reserve. They have revised the reserve forms and procedures. A new box; "E-Book Acceptable if Available" has been added to the form. Acquisitions staff will investigate whether a title is available. Some qualifiers are that it must be available from a vendor with whom the libraries currently do business, and it must allow unlimited users. The "Reserve Services, a Guide for Faculty" webpage has been updated to include a section on e-books. It was stated that teaching faculty who request e-books are not aware of some of the restrictions we have when obtaining these materials, which can lead to expectations that we cannot meet. We (Access Services staff as well as librarians) need to educate ourselves to be able to explain the issues to the requesting faculty when necessary. Kevin stated that he would bring the issue to LRC for discussion.

Access Services is providing a new media clipping service (audio and moving image). Media will create customized DVDs that can be taken to the classroom or put on reserve to use physically in the library. They are being careful regarding copyright issues. These DVDís will be available through Media Services at Dana and Media Services in New Brunswick. Camden will submit their requests through New Brunswick Media Services. The new service will be discussed in Cabinet and will be added to the Faculty Services webpage when it is ready to roll out.

Access Services is offering an expansion of the current localized streaming audio and video service. It will be system wide now. There will be a new system wide streaming media reserve request form which will request very specific information. This will go to Cabinet for approval and an announcement will follow.

4. Status of ILIAC and Core Reference Responsibilities Task Force

Bobbie stated that at this point there are fewer than 15 faculty participants in the ILIAC interview project. The group is in the process of going through their notes and looking for themes. They hope to be finished by the end of March.

Natalie reported that the Core Reference Responsibilities Task Force has collected a lot of data and need to get together and meet again. A replacement for Susan Beckís spot on the task force should be confirmed soon.

In the interest of time Mary and Francoise will send their updates to USC via email.

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