Minutes of March 7, 2012 Meeting

Katie Anderson (co-chair), Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Joseph Deodato, Mary Fetzer, Judy Gardner, Tom Glynn (recorder), Qian Hu, Melissa Just, John Maxymuk (via videoconference), Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy (co-chair), Cathy Pecoraro, Fernanda Perrone, Francoise Puniello, Tibor Purger.

1) Approval of Agenda- All

The agenda was approved.

2) Welcome to Melissa Just- All

The council welcomed Melissa Just, the new Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services. All of the council members introduced themselves and briefly described their positions at RUL and their role on the council.

3) Report from the Deputy AUL for RIS- Mary Fetzer

The netbook lending program is popular at the three libraries where it is available, Art, Alexander, and Kilmer. Mary had planned to buy additional netbooks for Kilmer, but, in response to student demand, bought laptops instead, at only a slightly greater cost. There is a record in our catalog for netbook which shows all of the netbooks/laptops which are available for lending at the different locations.

Alexander Library is participating in the University's bicycle rental program (bikes.rutgers.edu). All ten bikes at the library were rented out last semester.

The food and drink policy approved by the council in December has been adopted by Cabinet.

The University Librarian hosted a meeting for Robert Wood Johnson librarians at which a number of colleagues made presentations on important aspects of our work at RUL. Mary spoke on reference services, instruction and various modes of collaboration with academic and non-academic departments.

Mary has updated the information on committees and task forces on the public services webpages. Council members and others should review this to insure that everything is up to date. Any changes should be sent to Sam McDonald.

Cabinet has discussed the potential video clipping service that Judy Gardner described at our last meeting. There were concerns raised regarding copyright and whether the software being used is legal.

Although Mary will no longer serve as AUL for RIS, she will continue to take an active role in the council's work. She is especially interested in working with us on instruction, "core reference responsibilities," and implementing the READ scale for recording qualitative reference statistics (readscale.org).

4) Mid-Year Report and Review of Goals and Achievements- Kevin Mulcahy

The following are our goals for 2011-12 (in abbreviated form) and the progress we have made on each thus far this year:

IB. on the strategic plan grid: Adopt or develop tools that provide easy … access to … resources…

IC: Address information literacy competency standards …

IJ: Continually improve services by utilizing assessment …

IIIB: Develop … marketing plans for … constituencies …

5) Extending the E-ZBorrow Loan Period- Judy Gardner

PALCI is considering extending the loan period for E-ZBorrow from four to eight weeks. Judy expects the new policy to be approved. If the E-ZBorrow loan period is extended, we may want to extend our own loan period for undergraduates, which is currently four weeks. Access Services staff will discuss this on March 8. The council agreed that our loan period should be extended to match E- ZBorrow.

6) Information Literacy Discussion at the Planning and Coordinating Committee- Kevin Mulcahy

Kevin handed out a memo from the Planning and Coordinating Committee expressing the committee's interest in productive statistics for the Libraries' instruction program and integrating information literacy into course instructors' teaching goals. The council decided to instruct ILIAC to include in their final report "measurements of the number of library classes offered for each department, documenting trends over the last few years." We also agreed to sponsor an RUL program to discuss the integration of information literacy into the courses for which we provide library instruction. It was noted that syllabi now include course goals which incorporate departmental goals. The Planning and Coordinating Committee's memo comes at an opportune time, since the RU Executive Council for Assessment recently requested from every unit, including the Libraries, annual reports on outcome assessment activities. Jeanne Boyle will be working with the campus instruction coordinators on implementing assessment mechanisms.

7) Report from the Subcommittee on the New Catalog- Joseph Deodato, Natalie Borisovets, Stephanie Bartz

At our last meeting Natalie provided a demonstration of some of the user interfaces under consideration for the new VALE statewide catalog. Natalie, Joseph, Stephanie, and Li Sun were then charged with developing a list of important features for the new catalog based upon an assessment of our users' needs and expectations. The group analyzed comments on our current catalog gathered over the past three years from Counting Opinions and the ethnographic survey. No single issue represented more than ten percent of the total comments. The three most requested features were smart searching, self-services, and a single sign-on. Relevancy ranking, faceted browsing, and library maps were also highly ranked. Surprisingly, Web 2.0 functions, such as recommendations and even mobile access were ranked very low. Their full report is available on the council's Sakai site. The subcommittee also plans to solicit input from librarians and staff with an online survey and submit a final, prioritized list of criteria that can be used to guide product selection.

8) AUL for Facilities Report- Françoise Puniello

Compact shelving will be installed in Robeson Library today, and most of the books will be moved there by the end of the month. The new public library will move into the building in early April. During the summer, Robeson will add new furniture and convert some space to group-study rooms.

The OIT computer lab in Kilmer Library had added a number of new computers. We hope to convert the former media center to study space.

The Library of Science and Medicine (LSM) is weeding its reference collection. The space freed up will be used as a public area in which food is permitted and will include vending machines.

The librarians and the unit computing specialist at Douglass have moved into their new offices on the ravine level, in the space formerly occupied by the instructional classroom. There is a problem with noise. The offices don't have walls reaching to the ceiling and are immediately adjacent to a study area. Note: The problem with noise in the new offices has been remedied and a redesign of the space made the librarians offices offset from the public.

Chang Library has added a new group-study room.

New Jersey will vote on a billion-dollar bond issue for higher education in November. The university is in the process of prioritizing projects in the event that it passes. The Libraries' requests include additions to the LSM and Dana Library, and major improvements in a number of the other libraries.

9) Report of the Director of Integrated Information Systems- Tibor Purger

Tibor met with Mary Fetzer, Kevin Mulcahy and Tom Glynn to discuss problems with the teleconference lecture hall (TLH) and the third-floor information handling labs (IHLs) in Alexander Library. NetOps will be upgraded throughout New Brunswick towards the end of the semester, sometime after the instruction "season" is over. The student PCs will be reconfigured so as to prevent the screens from going blank in the middle of a NetOps session. Tibor has requested money to replace the projection screens. There are also issues with the instructional alcove at Kilmer which Tibor will be addressing.

Tibor has submitted a proposal for a complete overhaul of the teleconferencing system in the TLH. This is a large, on-going project that will cost approximately $150,000 in total. TAS must decide whether to proceed in an incremental manner or to attempt to complete the improvements all at once.

TAS has started a feasibility study for purchasing a back-up generator.

Tibor has submitted a purchasing request to buy replacement desktop computers; more than 110 are over six years old and have 2GB of memory.

The Web Board has been meeting more frequently of late to plan for the Libraries' new web presence. Last week it conducted a usability study on the prototype that focused on the site's search features.

10) Marketing Plan for Promoting Reference Services- Harry Glazer

The Marketing Committee has requested feedback on their plan to promote reference services. Harry attended the meeting to discuss both the message and the media proposed. The message will be short and sweet: "Research woes? The Libraries can help, fast!", followed by a list of the different ways that students can get help (reference desks, email, etc.). The media will be: signs on campus buses in New Brunswick; notices on e-bulletin boards in Rutgers buildings near the libraries; and via a Facebook page and Twitter account. The plan will be carried out in April. The council pointed out that it would be useful to establish metrics to assess its success.

11) Announcements- All

Francoise: The lobby of Alexander Library will be retiled in the first week of June. There is a mold problem at the Physics Library because of a leak in the ceiling.

Katie: Colleagues in Camden continue to disseminate useful information regarding the ill-advised plan to split Camden off from Rutgers.

12) Agenda for our Next Meeting- All

The agenda will include:

Submitted by Tom Glynn

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