Minutes of July 31, 2012 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Katie Anderson (co-chair, recorder), Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Joseph Deodato, Mary Fetzer, Bonnie Fong (remote), Judy Gardner, Tom Glynn, Melissa Just, Kevin Mulcahy (outgoing co-chair), Fernanda Perrone, Cathy Pecoraro, Francoise Puniello, Tibor Purger, Roberta Tipton (remote)

Agenda: The agenda was approved

Minutes from June Meeting: The minutes from the June 8th meeting were presented. The minutes were approved with changes.

USC Chair/Co-Chairs for 2012-2013: Katie asked for interested parties to serve as co-chair. Bobbie Tipton volunteered. USC approves Bobbie Tipton and Katie Anderson as USC co-chairs for 2012-2013

USC Representative to Planning and Coordinating: A representative from USC to Planning and Coordinating is needed, Tom Glynn agrees to serve in this role.

USC Meeting Times: It was determined that USC would meet on the 4th Thursday of the month. Katie proposed a 10:00am start time (change from 9:30) and this was approved. Conflicts with holidays etc will be addressed and meetings may occur on the 5th Thursday when possible.

Guide on the Side: Joseph Deodato presented a demo of University of Arizona's Guide on the Side.






USC Activities 2011-2012: Year End Status

The year end status of our activities was reviewed and confirmed for a final report. This discussion led into the discussion of next year's goals as some of them carry over.

  1. Promote and Assess LibGuides: USC continues to assess and evaluate LibGuides by exploring minimal core standards, suggesting promotion and marketing and working towards increased discoverability.
  2. Implement first release of the new RUL web-site: Refresh of website completed. USC continues to work with Web Board for imminent website redesign.
  3. Establish RUL mobile presence through input into the creation of RUL mobile pages (WebBoard) and promotion of new and already available mobile resources: Completed, Ongoing. Mobile Website released. USC continues to provide recommendations for updates to the existing.
  4. Explore instructional effectiveness and efficiency in order to transform teaching and learning: Completed. ILIAC report received and endorsed. Creation of working group to implement the report recommendations.
  5. Review core responsibilities of reference librarians: Task force has met and completed their report. Report will be presented in early 2012-2013.
  6. Assess current reference statistical practices, including what we collect, how we collect it, why we collect it; and investigate relevance for RUL of Reference Effort Assessment Data Scale (READ) program: Completed. READ Scale assessed and recommended. USC endorses implementation.
  7. Investigate new open source public Interface and discovery layer for VALE & RUL catalog, with appropriate committees/groups: Completed. Investigation conducted via a survey of RUL staff and faculty. USC will continue to be involved with the implementation of the new open source public interface and discovery layer in 2012-2013.
  8. Support incorporation of streaming media (reserves and instructional material) into RUL web presence, with marketing through news releases, web announcements, BIs, etc.: USC continues to support the goal of integrating streaming media to one platform by working with appropriate committees and groups. New webserver being purchased for this purpose.
  9. Investigate expanding remote access to restricted databases to Rutgers alumni if vendor contracts permit without additional expenditures): Completed. Not feasible right now as it is funds dependent.

Discussion of 2012-2013 USC Goals

  1. LibGuides: promote, make more discoverable, minimal core standards, assessment, working group, editorial oversight, clarity of purpose. Review and rewrite charge of LibGuide group covering ongoing responsibility and oversight, include annual goals.
  2. Website Redesign: ongoing, review of one refresh a year, work with WebBoard which will bring redesign to USC for final approval.
  3. Mobile website: ongoing, set yearly goals for updates; addition of My Account
  4. Instruction Goal: action items and specifics to be determined.
  5. Core responsibilities of reference librarians: action items from group report.
  6. Implement READ: come to a consensus on data by the end of the year.
  7. VuFind- partner with VALE for implementation. Set up implementation team.
  8. Streaming media: roll out streaming media platform by the end of the year. Explore analytics.
  9. Contextual Help: determine needs, develop internal "Guide on Side"

Draft of goals will be written by co-chairs and presented to USC in the August meeting.

During the discussion on goals, the feedback on the new search interface was discussed. We are receiving positive feedback from users. All of the feedback (from the search interface itself and from the WebBoard site) is being consolidated. USC asked to see the comments. Comments will be made available. Feedback on the search interface will be addressed in the August meeting.

AUL & IIS Director Reports






There was a reminder about the Proquest Webinar.

Judy: Some staff changes at ILL- loss a lending line.
RELAIS upgrade on August 9th for E-Z Borrow/PALCI which will result in improved availability display and the request action closer to the top of the screen.

Items for August Agenda

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