Minutes of January 31, 2013 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Joseph Deodato, Mary Fetzer (recorder), Judy Gardner, Tom Glynn, Melissa Just, Kerry O'Rourke, Cathy Pecoraro, Fernanda Perrone, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Li Sun, Bobbie Tipton (co-chair), Katie Anderson (co-chair; via teleconference); Mei Ling Lo (guest)

1. Approval of the agenda

After original approval of the agenda, items number 2 and 4, each pertaining to LibGuides, were discussed one following the other. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved via email. Also, Kerry O'Rouke, UMDNJ/Director, Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Library, was introduced as UMD's newly designated representative to USC.

2. LibGuides CMS

Mei Ling Lo provided an explanation similar to what she presented at NBISG in December. LibGuides cost is $3,258/year (price will not increase with integration of UMDNJ), but for an additional $1100, we could get their CMS. She reviewed elements that we might want from the CMS, e.g. the ability to support Java scripts to allow RefChatter windows to appear in the guides and to allow pullouts. LibGuides have the advantage of easy use, provision of direct access by their authors, and provide a sense of community. Deodato said that he hopes to have some LibGuide standards in place by the end of the year. Technically, each author could have his/her own chat box now, but this could be a future agenda item. Purger said he would like to analyze the integrational aspect of anything new, e.g. the CMS component. Enough interest in the CMS was shown and it was agreed that Lo will arrange a trial.

3. LibGuides Stats/Assessment

This agenda item aligns with USC's need to provide the mid-year status for the Action Grid. We reviewed the extensive LibGuides Usage Report, 2011-2012 that Deodato prepared using Google Analytics and distributed. Acquiring the CMS would provide us with even more robust statistics however. He will distribute the report via email and remind authors how to get data from the existing system.

4. Streaming Media for Reserves

Tibor Purger provided a PowerPoint on Wowza, the streaming media software we have adopted and that will be available spring semester. There is not much content at this point however, so the service needs to be publicized more widely. Wowza is a replacement for the Helix Real Player Audio Server, Darwin, and possibly for NJVid. Direct links can be embedded in faculty syllabi, but require a password code to ensure compliance with copyright. Purger said the service is available RUL-wide. Gardner said that Access Services will train other campus staff in February. Agnew indicated that we are not quite ready to deal with commercial video; we will eventually use RUcore functionality to serve commercial video (we have already done it for "Journey to Planet Earth.") A FAQ for streaming video was suggested and will be worked on, but answers may not be simple.

5. Mobile Site-My Account, other

My Account is not high priority in terms of the integration effort and will not be worked on until the next school year. The UMD app provides library directions and how to obtain appropriate apps, but is very targeted. USC should retain enhancing our mobile site as a goal and maintain statistics on its use.

6. AUL and IIS Director Reports

Just provided an integration update. The University is moving forward rapidly with the goal to have a draft strategic plan by June. President Barchi has asked for feedback from all departments; he is trying to lead a very focused process in putting together a five-year plan and wants to tie it to budget. TARU, or Top American Research Universities, is being used for benchmarking. T. Glynn, G. Springs, and Just responded to the survey put out by the NBFC. It was stressed that our entrance into the CIC (Consortium for Institutional Cooperation) should not be seen as a magical solution to our budget woes; CIC opens up new opportunities but requires our money and buy-in. The integration teams are all meeting together today to make sure everyone is moving in the same direction. Initial goals include a shared library catalog and having the RU branding on our website. We hope that we will have mutual access to all RUL/UMD databases, but need to wait until PWC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) gets back to us. UMD librarians have now been placed on all our major RUL committees/councils. Decisions still need to be addressed concerning Endnote and RefWorks.

Purger reported that our test catalog has imported all UMD records and work is in progress to make sure that all the records can be properly integrated. There is about 33% overlap in collections. Branding is also being discussed. Our website now exists in near-final shape, and the goal is to release the new site by June. It will be previewed by the Web Board and Cabinet. We have final decisions for everything except the top banner and footer. There will be an "open house" preview in February. Purger also reported that the RFP for a back-up generator is on track.

7. March meeting

The USC meeting originally scheduled for March conflicts with the Planning and Coordinating Committee meeting, so we will probably move the USC meeting to Wednesday, March 27. Anderson reviewed today's decisions:

We need to revisit chat widgets, discuss our Mobile app, LibGuides, and READ. Please send additional items to Anderson. Meeting adjourned at 12:07 p.m.

Submitted by M. Fetzer

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