Minutes of February 28, 2013 Meeting

Katie Anderson (co-chair), Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Mary Fetzer, Bonnie Fong (recorder), Tom Glynn, Melissa Just, Kerry O'Rourke, Fernanda Perrone, Jane Sloan, Mary Beth Weber (guest)

1. Approval of the agenda.

For item number 2, the order of discussion was reversed, with RDA implementation discussed first, followed by the use of the 590 field. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved via a Sakai poll.

2. RDA Implementation.

Mary Beth Weber introduced RDA via a PowerPoint presentation (that will be posted on the USC Sakai site). RDA is designed for the digital world and includes new/modified MARC fields. A few of the more noticeable changes are the move away from abbreviations (which should help users), the acknowledgement of inaccuracies (with typos fixed in the 246 field), the assignment of roles (e.g., Author), and new fields with General Material Designation (GMD) - 336 for content type, 337 for media type, and 338 for carrier type. RUL will wait and see what happens after the 3 national libraries implement RDA. RDA records from vendors (e.g.,MARCIVE) are already being loaded into the catalog. Although OCLC is not requiring RDA, they will be changing legacy records to RDA. RUL staff is currently undergoing training about authority records. In the next month, RUL's authority control vendor will begin distributing RDA compliant authority records for name and series. Concern was raised about separate indexing while authority records are being changed over.

Use of 590. Mary Beth Weber provided an overview of the history of how the 590 field has been used at RUL. Although it had been a catch-all before, it was recently cleaned up so that it now serves as a space for local notes such as special collection notes and donor information. PDA information is now listed indicated on the 591 field. If there is interest in adding information to the catalog about award winners, field 586 should be used. This can be done right away for Caldecott winners, for example. In terms of other labels beyond the current use (Special Collections, Gift Collections) such as books featured on the Daily Show, TedXTalks, etc - that will have to be further investigated.

3. Contact information on RUL pages.

Tom Glynn explained how the new central New Brunswick phone number (848-932-6000) will work and sought feedback on how contact information could be displayed on our website. Minor edits were suggested, including the removal of fax numbers. USC will bring this to WebBoard.

4. Mid-year Goals.

Katie Anderson led the discussion on how the Council is progressing towards meeting its goals for the year.

5. Future agenda items.

Additional items should be sent to Katie Anderson.

6. AUL and IIS Director Reports.

Melissa Just:

7. Announcements.

Fernanda Perrone invited everyone to attend:

Meeting adjourned at 11:31 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie L. Fong

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