Minutes of July 25, 2013 Meeting

S.Bartz, N. Borisovets, J. Deodato, K. O'Rourke, M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, R. Tipton, C.Pecoraro (recorder) B. Fong (teleconference), J.Maxymuk (teleconference)

1-2. Agenda and Minutes of June 27, 2012 Approved with correction.

3. USC Goals - Tipton led discussion to review each Goal and make changes where necessary.

One goal was completed and removed from the list: Promote and Assess LibGuides. It was noted that J.Deodato did a great job on this goal and provided the LibGuides Author Manual at: http://libguides.rutgers.edu/manual . These Guidelines as well as LibGuide usage are to be reviewed annually.

Changes/Updates to Approved Goals for 2013-2014

1. Contextual Help - (on-going)

c. Contextual Help Beyond Box- J. Abraham designed a database banner and is ready to present it at Cabinet, but the review is on hold for now

c.2 Adding chat function to Course Management Software- keep as goal, consider all of the different systems used at Rutgers for this goal: Sakai, Blackboard, eCollege, AMP (Academic Management Program), Moodle

2. Implement READ - (in process, moving forward)

3. Mobile Website: (on-going) Keep integrate 'MyAccount' functionality as goal, this was put on hold due to website priority. J. Deodato suggested focusing on 1.Quick Fixes and 2. Getting Drupal set up. Then statistics can be reviewed by WebBoard and analysis can be done. Information about mobile apps available for new acquisitions should be communicated to J.Deodato. K. O'Rourke noted that the 'Health Sciences Mobile Site' needs to be maintained and J. Deodato confirmed there is a link to the separate site.

4. Website Redesign (on-going)

(add ) Plan information exchange meeting for Rutgers and Biomedical Health Sciences websites; complete usability studies (fall 2013).

5. Discovery Service: [changed from Layer] (on-going revised deadline Aug. 15th)

a. USC will participate in the review and evaluation of a new web scale discovery service (changed from layer).

[new goal] 6. Open Source Catalog: (table until we find out what's going on with Valid/VuFind)USC will participate in the review and evaluation of an open source catalog alternative (Valid/VuFind)

7. Streaming Media (on-going) changed wording from 'Support the incorporation' to: 'Continue to explore streaming media platforms and options.'

For advertising and promotion of the service (J. Sloan is working on this; there is a message on Sakai to tell Faculty about SWANK and also a notice in eCollege. R. Tiption will talk to Blackboard contacts about a news feature.)

8. Citation Tools - from PlanCo - USC Goal: 'Define Libraries Role in Citation Management Software': USC needs to decide who supports citation tools and what level of support. Discussion of creating a list of about six librarian contacts as a possible method for responding to questions. Roles need to be defined and a possible sub-committee formed to address this goal.

9. Scholarly Networking- from PlanCo-should be CSC goal

R. Tipton will talk to T. Izbicki about this item to determine if this should be a CSC goal

4. WebScale Service - J.Deodato

J.Deodato reviewed the status of the WebScale Discovery RFP and gave a Demo of the three active trials: Ebsco's EDS, Serials Solutions' Summon, and ExLibris' Primo.

J.Deodoto distributed a spreadsheet for 'Webscale Discovery Comparison' and did a few searches to show the difference in results. USC members should use this spreadsheet for testing broad and more narrow searches to help focus on aspects about the products to evaluate. Keep in mind Serials Solutions is still working on loading our catalog records as of 7/25/13 and they will not be included in results, also note that the PRIMO AtoZ knowledgebase holdings are loaded but not activated on title level for each resource.

M. Fetzer, N. Borisovets, and R.Gardner commented on the inordinate number of search results from each trial and expressed concern about whether such results would be useful and valuable for our patrons. Some of the searches resulted in hundreds of thousands of "hits", if not more. J.Deodato reminded the group that there are facets to narrow down results and they are useful, but N. Borisovets commented 'hopefully the full text limit is not the only one they use'. N.Borisovets noted that since there were so many results it was probably a lot of newspaper article hits and we 'don't want' that

Discussions should have happened prior to the RFP, but J.Deodato suggested reviewing the information and documentation to get more familiar with the products- because even in his own testing, there are features that are being discovered and a better understanding of the products and capabilities are being made more clear.

K. O'Rourke noted the LinkResolver is another aspect that needs to be discussed. Until we have one single collection, we need 2 link resolvers.

Some other comments from the live testing:

PRIMO has the ability to create 'scoped' searching such as 'Books and local content' or 'Articles and licensed resources' R.Tipton questioned the ability to limit by MeSH headings - J.Deodato responded we may be able to if there are unique identifies, but we need to check with the vendors.

SUMMON easily allows you to create customized search widgets (choose subject and discipline and create a search box that you can embed anywhere)

J.Deodato did a few more searches and compared the results- of searching and browsing books

EDS is metadata driven (dumped a book metadata search into the search box and searched for all words)

PRIMO is usage driven- bX recommender based on other SFX customers

Summon- to an extent Librarian driven for choosing ranking of databases

Since we were running over time, J.Deodato suggested using the rest of the list to give you a better sense of how the product should work. It was decided to cancel the next regular USC Meeting scheduled for Aug. 22, 2013 and replace it with a USC group testing meeting in an E-Classroom on Aug. 15th, 2013

Final comments about Discovery Service in general:

In view of the price and performance of these discovery services, some members questioned whether we actually need one. The discovery service is not a replacement for the catalog, but rather another search option for users. This option needs to be placed and promoted appropriately. Federated search might still be needed as well, depending upon the implementation. The group will participate in further testing to give the three trials a fair evaluation. Involving users in testing for the final choice is desirable before release.

J.Deodato- Please do a Google Search for 'Summon 2.0' it is to be released very soon by Serials Solutions it gives a different impression of Summon with very nice enhancements- once this is released we will have access to this version

5. Committee Co-Chair and Future Meetings

Tipton will wait for full membership for full assignments

6. AUL-RIS & IIS Director Reports- M.Fetzer

Undergraduate Experience Librarian Search is moving forward and is in progress

7. Announcements and Committee Updates- All

R. Tipton encouraged going to a Workshop at the College of St. Elizabeth about Curriculum Mapping on Aug 5th

Meeting adjourned 12:30pm

Next Meeting Aug 15, 2013 10am- 12pm (e-classroom TBD) Discovery Service Testing
Aug 22, 2013 meeting cancelled

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