Minutes of December 20, 2013 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Adriana Cuervo (remote), Mary Fetzer (recorder), Rebecca Gardner (co-chair), Melissa Just, John Maxymuk (remote), Kerry O'Rourke, Cathy Pecoraro, Fernanda Perrone, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Li Sun, Roberta Tipton (co-chair, remote); guests for agenda item #3: Matt Gallagher, Jane Otto; for agenda item # 6: Harry Glazer, Tracey Meyer

Since Tibor had to leave shortly after the meeting began, he offered some pre-agenda comments regarding RUcore and videoconferencing relating to agenda item 3; we will need to differentiate between content appropriate for RUcore and that which can go elsewhere. A policy will need to be developed. He also reported that all the functionality is now there for videoconferencing and that most of the bugs have been weeded out. The Teleconference Lecture Hall and Pane Rooms at Alexander will be receiving new projectors and they will change the experience significantly.

1. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was then approved as distributed.

2. Approval of Minutes

The minutes as distributed were approved via the Sakai poll.

3. RUcore and conference videos

Upon Cabinet request, Jane Otto, as chair of the Media Team, and Matt Gallagher, project lead for processing videoconferences for RUcore, presented a rough webpage outline for our event recording service and sought an endorsement of the service. At this point, the service applies to New Brunswick (Alexander) only. Copyright issues have been settled. Where the final web page will reside will be determined later. The videotaping is not planned to take any significant amount of additional staff time and does not conflict with digital priorities. USC members agreed to adopt the process as currently outlined.

Several questions were then raised regarding extending videotaping of events beyond Alexander in New Brunswick and to Dana and Robeson and also outside of the Libraries where keynote speakers often present. There will be subsequent discussion regarding details and extending this service to other spaces, though this may not happen until 2015. The Media Team would like to see it expanded to other test beds.

4. Support for citation managers update

Co-chair Tipton reported on behalf of Joseph Deodato and Yingting Zhang that a new landing page has been placed in Sakai for USC members to view. Flow is marked as a beta site in red. A help group which includes Joseph, Bobbie, Theo Haynes, Yingting Zhang, Mei Ling Lo, and Stephen Modica has been formed. They plan to provide as much support as the Libraries can and observed that non-librarians are not teaching the bibliographic aspects of RefWorks.

OIRT feels that ProQuest will pull the plug for RefWorks; they have asked us to evaluate Flow to see if they can move to Flow only in September 2014. Joseph, Yingting, Bobbie, and Theo Haynes will work on evaluation, and Bobbie will send an email to RUL_everyone inviting anyone who wants to test Flow between now and March to do so and asking that comments be forwarded to their group email at citationmgr@rulmail.rutgers.edu. Grace recommended searching Flow's development schedule to make the best use of the group's time since debugging may be done in January. Tipton also made recommendations the placement of links to the landing page; redundancies were encouraged.

5. Status of RU-Online designation

Melissa Just, in replying to a request made by Mary Ann Koruth, described the issues with the RU-Online location and questioned whether it should remain a valid location and whether it means anything to our users. USC agreed that it no longer should be in our list of physical locations (e.g. in the Places & Spaces list). RU Online is, however, the short name for our virtual library in both the Library Catalog and Workflows. It's the identifier that lets us know that something is full-text online and is used to run link checkers and to report out online statistics. In the Catalog pull-down menu it shows as RU-ONLINE: Rutgers Digital Library. Melissa will follow up on our discussion and decision to have RU-Online removed from the list of physical libraries. Further discussion of the use of RU-ONLINE in the Library Catalog may take place at a future USC meeting.

A supplemental discussion regarding the lack of TOC (table of contents) notes in the 856 fields and the lack of TOC (table of contents) notes on some records ensued. Natalie will look for examples and Li will follow up.

6. Marketing for USC

Harry Glazer spoke of the multi-year marketing plan and the mandate that the Marketing Team should keep in contact with the Councils regarding what people are hearing about the Libraries. He extended an open invitation for members to let the Team know of any new projects, elicited comments from RWJ, Dana, and Robeson members especially. He also distributed an updated bookmark on "Libraries services for undergraduate students" and showed a draft brochure on Library Privileges for Retired Faculty. (It was suggested to change the word "Privileges" to "Services.") We might also want to do some marketing of LibGuides, citation managers, and e-textbooks. A promotional video on the Libraries is being undertaken by John Brennan.

Tracey Meyer is attempting to learn what USC members are hearing about the Libraries, especially what is well-liked and any criticism. The Team is looking to reassess the Libraries' brand. Several comments emerged: there have been two articles recently in the Targum regarding library study places in New Brunswick; and comments picked up by Rose Barbalace on Twitter regarding students' unhappiness regarding Sunday hours have led to a decision to open at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays rather than at noon beginning in the spring semester.

7. Addition of UBorrow to Public Services Policy Memo 6 on Cooperative Arrangements

The revised memo had been distributed to USC prior to the meeting and the revision was unanimously approved. Melissa Just will send it on to Cabinet.

8. AUL and IIS Director Reports

Grace announced that we are moving forward assessing the OLE software, and attendees will have an opportunity to preview it at the VALE Conference in January. It will not go live, however, until 2016. For a while, it will run in tandem with Sirsi. Also, a barebones version of a discovery service will be implemented in January, with a major release scheduled for this summer.

Melissa said that an announcement will go out soon regarding an interim Head of Access Services, and a job posting for the permanent position will go out in January. Searches are in progress for the Digital Humanities position and for the Director of Dana Library. A job description for Business Librarian will be going out to the New Brunswick Libraries Faculty for vetting.

She also explained that she and Lila Fredenburg have been tasked with doing a space plan for the Libraries. Opportunity will be provided for everyone's input, and Camden and Newark will also be involved.

9. Announcements and Committee Updates

Mary Fetzer was congratulated on her receipt of the Documents Association of New Jersey's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Co-chair Bobbie Tipton thanked Rebecca Gardner for taking on the extended role of co-chair and for her considerable assistance in that role.

People were reminded of the Unicode migration that should be completed January 9th, and of the upcoming down time for ordering previously announced to RUL_everyone.

10. Review and Future Agenda Items

USC will meet again in January and the agenda will include review of the goals.

11. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

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