Minutes of January, 30 2014 Meeting

Katie Anderson, Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz, Adriana Cuervo, Joseph Deodato, Bonnie Fong, Kerry O'Rourke, Cathy Pecoraro, Fernanda Perrone, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Li Sun, Bobbie Tipton, Natalie Wadley

1. Approval of the Agenda

Agenda was unanimously approved.

2. Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved online prior to the meeting.

Tipton welcomed USC's newest member, Natalie Wadley, who has taken the position of Interim Head of Access Services.

3. Support for citation managers update

Tipton and Deodato provided an update on citation manager support initiatives. A group has been formed within RUL to provide system-wide support for citation managers. Support requests can be forwarded to the group mailing list at citationmgr@rulmail.rutgers.edu. The email address will be included in a new page on citation management tools that has been drafted for the website.

Members of the group met with OIT in December to formally discuss the roles and responsibilities of the various campus departments that provide support for RefWorks. OIT is responsible for licensing, administration, and high-end technical support. RUL is responsible for product documentation, training, and end user support. CTAAR also participates in RefWorks training via campus-wide workshops. Flow is still under development and should be viewed as a beta for the time being. OIT plans to discontinue RefWorks by fall 2014, at which time they hope Flow will be sufficiently mature to stand on its own. The group will meet with OIT again in the summer 2014 to review Flow's development and determine the feasibility of migration.

Flow has a series of upcoming improvements in the works that include Shibboleth support to streamline the account creation process, expanding its list of supported sites, a fix for the WriteNCite/Flow for Word compatibility issue, and the ability to perform a site- wide migration from RefWorks to Flow.

4. Midyear Status of Goals for 2013-2014

The committee reviewed the mid-year status of its goals for 2013-2014:

#1 Citation tools: Define the role of librarians in citation management support.
In process. The role of RUL with regards to citation management support has been defined. A system-wide support group has been formed. Support documentation has been created. An informational web page has been drafted.

#2 Streaming media: Continue to explore streaming media platforms and options.
In process. USC viewed a demo of Swank's Digital Campus. A new charge is under development for the Media Team to more clearly define its goals and activities.

Discussion diverged momentarily to discuss the need for improved internal communication. RUL has a particularly large number of committees, teams, working groups and it's sometimes challenging to find a means of communicating with them. Purger suggested and the committee approved a proposal to create a mailing list directory. This led to a related discussion about distribution of meeting minutes. Agnew suggested that minutes should be easily accessible to everyone within RUL without being discoverable on the open web. Purger noted that plans are underway to develop an internal staff intranet, but the project is currently on hold due to more time-sensitive priorities.

#3 Tools for scholarly networking and discovery: Continue to explore scholarly networking as a service to the Rutgers community.
In process. This is intended primarily as an informational activity. RUL is not necessarily responsible for leading this initiative, but librarians need to be aware of these tools and their impact on research and scholarship. They should also be prepared to take an active role in university-wide discussions on the subject. Toward that end, USC intends to sponsor an event or workshop on scholarly networking to generate greater awareness within RUL. It was suggested that the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC) be approached as a potential co-sponsor. There is currently no representative from CSC on USC. It was suggested that this activity be associated with goal 2A (evolve liaison roles and responsibilities) instead of goal 2B (facilitate search and discovery of library collections).

#4 Contextual help: Continue to identify and create opportunities for contextual help.
In process. Chat has been integrated in two major database platforms (EBSCO and ProQuest). Chat and LibGuides have been integrated into course management systems with plans underway to integrate webscale discovery. A prototype has been developed for wrapping licensed databases in an RUL-branded frame that would include links to chat and other help content. The prototype will be submitted to Web Board for review and testing.

#5 Mobile website: USC will review and suggest updates to the mobile site as needed, set yearly goals for updates. Specifically, USC will review addition of My Account feature.
In process. RUL acquired SIRSI's API and web services, which will allow it to add my account functionality to the mobile catalog. RBHS has been integrated into RUL's mobile site. A mobile version of RUcore is under development.

#6 Website development: Continued communication regarding future updates; plan website information exchange with health sciences libraries.
In process. This activity needs to be revised. It is no longer about web development, but on information exchange with the health sciences. Several tours and site visits have been organized for health sciences librarians.

#7 Discovery service: USC will participate in the review and evaluation of a new webscale discovery service.
Complete. USC participated in product testing and reviewed the final report of the evaluation.

#8 Implement READ: READ working group will be created to develop documentation and guidelines for the use of the READ scale at RUL.
In process. The READ group was created and an implementation plan is expected by the end of the year.

5. AUL & IIS Director Reports

Agnew had no items to report.

Just announced the formation of a task force charged with developing a system-wide space plan to guide the development and use of library spaces. The group intends to hire a professional consultant and invite feedback from the wider RUL community. Just shared her experiences from ALA midwinter where she participated in an ARL session on the future of research libraries. Participants exchanged ideas on several different possible future scenarios. Several more discussions are in the works, the results of which will be compiled in a final report.

Purger reported that IIS has completed work on the Unicode conversion and server migration of the library catalog. He also announced that the new projectors for Alexander Library have arrived and are scheduled for installation.

6. Announcements and Committee Updates

Sloan announced that the Media Center is hosting an open house on February 4th and 5th from 11am to 3pm that will include demonstrations, food, and prizes.

Bartz announced that LCC is modifying the OPAC's 865 field to display a different label based on indicator. The label will read "electronic access" for links to full text holdings, but say "related information" for tables of contents or publisher description.

Just announced the arrival of RUL's new Undergraduate Experience Librarian, Lily Todorinova. The welcome reception will be held at Alexander on February 4th from 3pm to 5pm.

Wadley announced that JerseyCat will get a new interface this spring intended to improve response time, search results, and mobile display.

Perrone announced that Special Collections is opening a new exhibit on February 17th entitled "Unheard of Curiosity: Rare Books on Occult and Esoteric Science."

Pecoraro announced that the majority of database vendors have now been notified of the IP carve out for the hospital IPs previously part of UMDNJ.

7. Review and Future Agenda Items

Future agenda items include planning for brown bag event on scholarly networking, review and testing of the RUL frame for databases, and the implementation of the READ scale.

8. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 12:00pm.

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